Question - ACL Surgery (when can I walk without crutches?)

by Cesar
(Berkeley, IL)

I am going to get surgery on my ACL in 2-3 weeks. After the operation I know that i am going to need crutches I want to know if in 3 weeks I will be able to walk again. Because I know it's going to take a whole 7 month before I am able to play sports again. But just want to know if I will be able to walk in 3 weeks.

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Jul 09, 2008
3 weeks and you should be walking...
by: Bart - SII

Hi Ceasar,

How about those Cubs - good team this year - I am a Cardinals fan myself...hopefully we will be playing each other in the NLCS this year!

Everyone progresses a little differently after an ACL reconstruction, and every physician and therapist has a little bit different time line for when they get their patients off of their crutches - so how I treat my patients may be a bit different from how your doctor wants to treat you.

My patients are usually on crutches for 10-14 days - so 2 weeks, give or take a few days. As soon as they can straighten the knee all the way out using their muscles, and can walk without too much of a limp, I get them off of their crutches - they still wear the hinged brace for support, but the sooner they can start walking normal, the faster they recover.

Some doctors want their patients off of crutches faster, others slower, it just depends on your doctor. So, make sure you ask your doctor what they think about how long you will be on crutches.

You can read more about ACL reconstructions and find information on the recovery timeline, what to expect the first week, early exercises, and more.

Hope this helps - and please come back to the site and post your ACL Story after your surgery - and more pictures would be great!

Aug 15, 2008
Walking after surgery
by: Anonymous

Yeah you should be able to walk within 3 weeks. I had my surgery about eight days ago and I am walking without crutches, but it is imperative to do pre-surgical exercises to strengthen your quadriceps.

Aug 15, 2008
be so careful after surgery!!!!!
by: Anonymous

All I have to say is, be so very careful. NO stairs, or pedal bikes (your foot can slip off the pedal and pull your knee) Listen to everything your doctor tells you. I had ACL reconstruction 13 months ago and 2 debridments, my knee will never be 100%. I have pain everyday and there are so many thing that I use to love that I am not able to do (running is one of them). I slipped on a step 11 days post op and it seemed to be stiffening up on me so I took it upon myself to ride a bike, my foot slipped off the pedal it was downhill, had a couple other pulls on my knee, slip on the ice. YEAH! Now I am to messed up in the head because of how my life changed, I don't even know where to begin to become the person I was before surgery. My best advise for someone having this surgery is no stairs and do what the doctor says. I was very active and in great shape before surgery, now I am nothing......

Sep 28, 2008
Don't let yourself down
by: Anonymous

I want to know your email. The one who is saying be so careful after the surgery

Jan 18, 2009
acl tear
by: Candy Kahany

My son is 14 years old with a complete acl tear. Does anyone know someone who had acl tear surgery at this age? Please help. I need feedback ASAP. tY

Jan 30, 2009
by: Anonymous

i am 15 and had my acl surgery 4 months ago. i am doing fine your a little loopy afterwards but you will recover. i tore my acl lateral meniscus and my medial meniscus so i was pretty messed up. im doing good now

Jan 30, 2009
ACL reconstruction
by: Skatergirl

I am 15 years old. I had ACL reconstruction surgery and both meniscus repaired when I was 14. My surgery date was June 23. I am now 7 months and I am back to full fledge figure skating. The surgery was fine. I was on crutches for 6 weeks and limped for about a month after. Now at 7 months It is sometimes is very sore after a hard core skating session and an hour at the gym. or when I work at my farm in the cold, I limp when I get home because it gets very achy in the cold weather. Other than that I think it was a sucess. Hope this helps

Jan 30, 2009
7 months post op
by: skatergirl

actually...I want to know if anyone has had ACL and meniscus surgery too. Did your knee get sore after a hard workout? does it get sore in the cold? do you limp once in a while? if anyone has answers that would be helpful. I am 15 years old and it is 7 months post-op.

Jan 31, 2009
acl reconstruction surgery
by: dgirl

hi i just had knee arethoscopy(acl reconstruction)surgery on jan 16,2009 i have been going threw hell.i needed 2 people to help me get up and go to the bathroom.when i would step down i had excruiating pain it has been 21/2 weeks now ad i still am useing crutches ans have to wear the brace for 4 to weeks,i cannot bend my knee onl when i use the cpm machine,i am still in pain and up with mucle spasms all night i just keep overdosing on pain killers.does anyone now how therapy will be or when will this discomfort and tighening end

Feb 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

For people that arnt 100% done growing yet if u get the acl surgery can it stop the growing in the leg u get it in. Thats like my only fear im 17 and i dont want to have one leg shorter then the other for the rest of my life that would so suck.

Feb 23, 2009
3 ACL Reconstructions, 4 surgeries
by: Anonymous

I am 22 and have had 4 surgeries on my right knee, three of them being ACL Reconstructions. I tore it when I was 17 got surgery, rehabbed, returned to soccer 9 months later. Played for a year then tore the same ACL again. I got xrays and MRI and returned to the doctor and he told me my bone grew into a bone spur and sliced my ACL in half. The doctor told me he would sand the bone down where it grew into the spur so it would not happen again and did another ACL Reconstruction. I rehabbed again and returned to soccer 9 months later again. I played for 6 months and down I went for the third time. I got MRI and XRAYS went back to the doctor and he retired. I switched doctors and he looked at my xrays and said I was missing to much bone in my Tibial Tunnel. (Was to much drilled out from the second surgery? you guys tell me.) He told me I tore my ACL and I need 2 surgeries. A Bone Graft first then a the third and last ACL Reconstruction. October of 2008 I get a bone graft which is he drilled the torn ACL out, Drilled my screws out, and filled everything in with a bone implant. The tunnel, screw holes, everything. I came outta surgery and wore a brace (I HAVE NO ACL NOW). I don't walk 3 weeks and go back every 2 weeks for XRAYS to make sure the new bone is adhering to my original bone. Its January and the bone graft healed good and I schedule my third ACL Reconstruction for February, making it my fourth surgery on the knee. On Feb. 17th 2009 I just got my ACL Reconstruction. Lets see how this one goes, I hope you all have better luck then me.

Mar 16, 2009

I had ACL surgery for my ACL, Menicus and MCL 13 weeks ago. I felt great until... No problem with my Rehab.. My son had a fathers-son ice hockey game two weeks ago which I played in. My doctor and PT said to not play. I deccided to play and tried to play passively. It lasted about 5 minutes, It felt great to skate with him and I am not sure whether I over-did-it. It felt okay the next day but the past 14 days the knee felt weird and unstable. The slight pain seems to come from the front of the knee cap. I am still able to rehab, bend, etc.. I am concerned I did something to it. I see the surgeon in a week. Anyone have a similiar situation.


Apr 07, 2009
ACL Surgery
by: Jeff

I also had ACL reconstruction on my knee. I am now 11 days out and have begun walking without my crutches, but in a hinged brace. The brace only allows me to bend at 50 degrees, so I still have some support. My physical therapist said a good way to test if you are ready to walk without crutches it to be able to do 10 leg lifts while lying down and if you can do this without too much fatigue or leg shaking, you should be okay. But of course to be very careful. I tore my acl in my other knee 5 years ago and remember it also taking about 2 weeks to be off crutches.

Apr 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

First a comment about the growth issue. Its not the surgery that stops the growth of the leg, its the injury. My father has one leg 1" shorter then the other. Bones grow at the ends, not in the middle (Just Like A Tree). If you damage the end of the bone you may risk having a short leg. My father had the surgery at 21 he grew another inch after surgery.

I am going in for surgery next Thursday and am quite nervous as I have never even been put under. I am a tough guy and I will do just fine. The Doc says about 9 months before I can get back into my Martial Arts. I was about to reach a teaching level, but now that seems a long way from today. I know how that guy who is being all down on himself is feeling. I want nothing more then to teach martial arts. But in a year I should be able to get started again. My best advice is to make yourself see what you want to see. I may specialize in an upper-body form of Martial Arts versus a full body form. That means close combat, not too many schools really specialize in that.

As I said, I am nervous and scared of what the future may hold as I am very active, but you guys got better, I know I can to. (And sad guy, dont try to make the best of it, do make the best of it.)

Apr 23, 2009
my own call for advise
by: curtis mackall

i had acl and miniscus reconsructive surgery and i was wandering what it is like to walk after? i really want to be normal after so i can get back to my sport (basketball) so if anybody has anyadvice for me or no what im going threw or can help i would appreciate it thanks.

May 14, 2009
Its been four weeks and my knee will not lock. Whats up?
by: Anonymous

I had my ACL surgery on April 14, 2009. Four weeks later I am having a hard time getting the knee to fully extend. I can bend it fine, walk fine, however, I can not get full extension. Physical Theripist has been working on it but knee will just pop back up after PT session. What gives? Any ideas?

May 15, 2009
acl repair
by: Anonymous

my got my ACL repaired last Monday May 4 2009 it is know 11 days after and my doctor said I don't need to wear a brace and I am walking fine straight and up and down stairs pretty well. Doctor said I am a month and half ahead of where I should be. Does anyone know how long it might take to start running and be able to play football again?

May 17, 2009
Careful now...
by: Anonymous

Just be careful on doing everyday things, i.e. climbing stairs.

May 21, 2009
by: Ondi J

I am going to have ACL reconstuction this summer (I am driving to/from NY in July so I have to wait til after that trip) but I need to know how long until I can do stairs since I have an upstairs apartment. I mean I know I will have to be out of work for like 2 weeks, but my question is can I stay at home for those two if I literally just go up them once and then down after the two weeks? Please help. Thanks!

May 22, 2009
ACL and Recovery
by: Zarizi

Hi guys,

I had my ACL reconstructed last April 16th. Now, it has been almost 5 weeks post surgery and eventhough still on crutches, i am feeling fine. I have seen some people improving faster than mine. It baffled me a lot as i am quite athletics my self, training futsal 3 times a week (where i tore my ACL),going to the gym and watched what i ate. So i was told by my surgeon that a good recovery does not mean speedy recovery as you need to take good care of your knee. Never put too much pressure and need not to move too much to the extent that you put risk to your knee. Nowadays, doctors are using bioscrew, which is not as tough as those titanium but much better as it dissolve naturally.

So, i my case, walking is adviseable after 6 weeks, physiotherapy is a compulsory daily routine. The stonger the muscle, the faster the recovery.But as i say, you dont want to rush things out. Being impatient will only cause the tendon that replaced your ligament to loose.If it become loose, its preety much like not having the surgery at all only to feel all the agonizing pain and suffering on top of it.

I will be off the crutches next week, on cycling regime after that. Starts jog around after 4 months and intensives mascular training after 5 1/2 months.Should be active again after 7 months.

Those who will undergoing the surgery, rest assured if you follow the instructions, you will be fine. The knee will heal and most of the time, it will be you last ACL repair. JUST DONT BE RUSH. No point becoming the first person to get off the crutches but jeopardizing the healing process inside your knee cap.


May 27, 2009
worst knee tear
by: Anonymous

hey i am really sorry about your acl ya i know how it feels i tore my acl,mcl,and my manaics it was really bad my knee popped out of place and everything this kid ran into me at the ymca and it took me 5 weeks on cruches and one more week til i got out of my brace but hope everything goes well and i can start playing at 5 1/2 months good luck.

May 28, 2009
3 Days
by: Ringletchk

I just had ACL reconstruction surgery on 5/18/09 and on 5/22/09 I was walking without crutches. I still have the brace on and limping but no pain at all and walking just fine.

All comments online says there is major pain after ACL surgery but I had NONE except for a little discomfort and I would kinow since I'm such a baby about pain.

Jun 02, 2009
by: Ahmad

I had my ACL and MCL surgery on the 12th of May 2009, and I was wondering, how long can I walk for? Is there a limitation, maybe say like certain amount of miles? I don't use the crutches anymore and I feel comfortable walking around the mall sometimes. I did the hamstring graft surgery for my ACL. Thanks.

Jun 02, 2009
No Pain No Crutches
by: Anonymous

I just had my ACL surgery on May 18th and on May 21st I was walking without crutches and in 10 days I was walking without the brace.

Everyone says the pain is horrible after the surgery but I didn't have any pain at all.

It's going to be ok and don't worry about the pain or crutches thing.


Jun 02, 2009
What type of ACL Surgery
by: Ondi

I am reading everyone's comments here which are great, but I am curious to what type of reconstruction you chose.. allograft or autograft?

Jun 02, 2009
Test Bank ACL Reconstruction
by: Anonymous

ACL restruction the surgeon used a tendon from the tissue bank. He is the chief of sports medicine at my hospital and said this was the best for the least amount of down time, quick healing and strength for me knee.

I'm so happy I finally got it done. But he says I wont be water skiing this summer but I'm doing everything else (walking, jogging, going to the gym already).

Jun 08, 2009
New ACL Surgery Question
by: Old Man

I had an Allograft ACL Surgery. Did not need a pain medication even the first night. I started walking with an immobilizing brace with a cane instead of crutches the next day.

4 days later, I can straigthen my knee (almost) totally and I can bend little more than 90 degrees with not much of a pain.

Is this normal or I should question if the surgery "really" happened as it should?

Jun 08, 2009
ACL reconstruction Recovery
by: Ringletchk

I know what you're saying. My Dad says they only took me into surgery and didnt do anything (just kidding) since I did so well and needed no pain meds.

I start PT tomorrow and dont think I really need it because I can straighten my leg completely and can bend the knee completely after doing the required exercises at home.

Jun 08, 2009
allograft surgery
by: shari

I am 50 and had my ACL fixed (finally) following a ski accident when I was 21. I was a little sore the first day home, but not enough to even think of pain meds. I started PT after 10 days and can straighten my leg, bend to a little past 90 degrees and walk without crutches three days before the 3 week post surgery mark. I have been walking around with a slight limp and am not sure how much walking is too much. My knee gets swollen if I am walking and standing for more than an hour. Yesterday I heard a pop in my knee - it didn't hurt but felt like a tendon or cartalidge moved, my knee was swollen at the time, right before icing. It hasn't hurt or felt unstable since the pop - but has anyone else had that happen? How much walking at three weeks post-op is too much walking? I know everyone's time-line is different but I wish I had a better idea of what is too much.

Jun 09, 2009
ACL Post Op
by: WillieBman

I am 2 weeks exactly post op tomorrow from my ACL ReCon (June 10th) and so far i have been a step ahead of the curve it seems like in everything (so my PT and OS tell me) but the one thing i still have alot of trouble with is walking. My OS told me to ditch the crutches if i wanted to today so i tried but i just cant bear the weight needed to walk correctly. Instead i have more of a hopping type of limp and it puts alot of stress on my good leg which keeps me from going more than a few feet. I just hope this is normal and not bad news because i seem to read about alot of others walking within that 2 week window. Maybe it will just take me some more time because like i said, im driving a car, riding the bike, ROM is 110 and about 5 of ext.

This is a neat site though, nice to read others feedbacks and experiences. Thanks!

Jun 10, 2009
by: Ahmad

Don't worry about it, you will get past the pain as soon as you put weight on the leg. Make sure you are taking your pain medications and if you cant handle the pain just try one crutch while walking around instead of two. I'm four weeks post-op and can only get my leg to a 95 degree flexion and 1 cm to 0 cm extension. I'm walking around the house without a brace but when I'm out I put it on for long distance walking. With time everything will heal, its different for everyone, its how your body heals and how fast.

Jun 13, 2009
Rapid recovery
by: TrevS

I'm 60 and discovered only recently that my ACL had been destroyed as a result of a rugby injury many years ago. I decided to have the reconstruction because my doctor said that it would resolve the instability issues I've had for years. I was nervous about how well I might recover at my age. Surprisingly, I came out of the theatre with no pain and still haven't had any. Its now three days since surgery. I've been able to straighten the leg easily from the start and can bend the leg to about 110 degrees. The knee feels really good in the circumstances and I have abandoned the the crutches around the house. I was not given a brace. I am conscientiously doing all the exercises I was given but I seem to be way ahead of the norm. I'm pleased about the progress but I know I have to be very careful to protect the surgery until it heals. I think the fact that I have been a very active cyclist right up to the day of the surgery has really helped - I went in with a very strong knee minus ACL.

Jun 13, 2009
Update William
by: Anonymous

This is just a follow up to my first post. I am now 17 days post op and have reached 134 degrees flexion, still right on the edge there of having 0 extension but my PT says it will come, just gotta keep doin those hangs when i come in to see her. In regards to my walking issue, i have since progressed to using just one crutch which the first couple of days has been difficult but im getting used to it. One thing i did notice since walking with one crutch is that i seem to have some increase in swelling around the top of my knee, im guessing just from the pressure and walking motions ive been putting on it? Ive started taking ibuprofen again to maybe help a lil with that. Well thats it for now, ill update as i come along.

Oh and just wanted to throw in my 2 cents to the guy Trev who posted. You no doubt must be recovering so fast due to the fact that your knee and leg has been like that for years and as a result youve built up lots of strength which means the surgery hasnt taken quite as bad a toll on you as most of the rest of us. Lucky haha

Jun 14, 2009
ACL reconstruction and meniscal tear
by: City Girl

I just had reconstructive ACL surgery using my hamstring 3 days ago 6/11. My meniscus was so shredded that they could not fix it, just clean it out. I tore my acl over 20 years ago playing volleyball, and have been running on it and playing softball/volleyball for years on it and just favored the bad knee. I kept very active, but at age 43, I thought I better fix it now before I get too old. Needless to say, surgery went well, but my foot is so swollen, it looks like a huge burrito. I had a cathiter/pain pump which gave me a steady flow of pain medication for the last 2-3 days. I removed it this morning. My question is did any of you have massive swelling in the ankle and foot. Also, if you are female, how in the world did you use the restroom? Just curious..... I hope to be up and around soon. Need to keep up with the teenage kids.

Jun 15, 2009
my experience with ACL/MCL repair
by: Anonymous

I had ACL and MCL reconstruction 5/29/09. I tore them both when I crashed a dirt bike (not going very fast, I am just a spaz), put out my leg (bad idea), and when I landed, my leg snapped almost 90 degrees to the left. I could not put any weight on the leg or it would buckle out to the left.
To the lady asking about swelling - my foot and ankle were also extremeley swollen for about the first week. I had very little feeling, or pins and needles feeling in that foot. I kept the leg elevated (2-3 pillows under it) and kept icing it, and now it's normal size again.
For others waiting for sugery, everyone is different, but here's my experience. Allograft for the ACL, hamstring autograft for the MCL. They did a spinal block on that leg, so the leg and foot were completely numb the first 24 hours. Next day had some pretty bad pain, but once I got caught up with my pain meds, I had no pain at all. Trying to reduce prescription meds, some pain, but nothing worse than a headache.
Saw the doctor four days after surgery, expecting to start PT the next day, but he said to come back in three weeks and he will re-evaluate before starting PT. He doesn't want me to start stretching too soon because the ligaments stretch too far and have no stability. Not sure if that is due to the extent of the injury, or because I've always been very flexible, to the point of having weak joints.
Some advice (check with your doc first) - before surgery, I did some light weight training and pilates to increase upper body and core strenght, as well as a lot of leg lifts on the OPPOSITE leg so I would be able to get up and down more easily. Glad I did, I can get up a lot more easily than I could right after the injury.
2 1/2 weeks post surgery, I am still on crutches and in a brace, set at 30 degrees. Sharp pain and swelling at the end of the day if I put too much weight on the knee, so I use the crutches to keep that pressure off the knee. Some days I experience a LOT of fatigue.
Oh yeah, as for using the restroom, it was a little awkward at first. Sorry for others if this is TMI, but I sit down and if it's too uncomfortable, I use my other hand to lift the braced leg up.
I hope this helps, I was looking for this type of info before my surgery, so I just thought I'd add my experience. Just don't stress out from other people's horor stories. Everyone is different, and my doc said mine would be very difficult, but other than the fatigue it really hasn't been too bad.
Sorry this is so long, I guess I am a little bored sitting out the summer on the sofa. :-)

Jun 18, 2009
ACL Update pt 3
by: WillieBman

22 days post op now and boy oh boy therapy was a you know what today! Ive decided to to ditch the last crutch and start trying to walk without any assistance (except for my brace of course) and it feels weird definatley but im just goin slow with it and tryin to get that weight bearing feeling back on that leg. Once again a good report from my PT. (today was my 6th visit) only thing i got a lil mark on if you will was that i lost a little bit of extension from last week which made my PT work me a lil harder today to get back to that point where i was. I was told to do hangs and pressing down on it myself as often as i can during the day at work, home, etc. Anyhow thats about it, nothin outrageous to share or report, ready for the weekend. I need a drink!

Jun 19, 2009
darker hair on leg after surgery???
by: Cindy

I had ACL/MCL restoration 5/29 (posted here about it as anonymous a couple of days ago).
This is kind of weird, wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
I have dark hair, but the hair on my arms and legs has always been almost white. Now there is a little area around one of the incisions where the hair is dark - just that one spot!

Any ideas? Anybody else seen this? Not a medical problem, but just strange to see after 40 years of invisible leg hair.

Jun 21, 2009
Glad it's over
by: KatiesACL

I had an ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair June 4 after blowing it out skiing in February. NO ONE prepared me for the pain and I have a high threshold. The post op drugs were a must and most important was the Game Ready icing and compression - - if your insurance covers it, DEMAND it from your surgeon. I switched surgeons in order to find one who recommended the unit, it became my best friend during the recovery. I'm now 17 days out and still on crutches. I'm virtually pain free, just a little bit of ibuprofen every once in a while. PT is going fine, this site is an awesome reminder that I shouldn't take it too fast --- I don't want to go through the first 72 hours again ever in my life. It made having three children feel like a day in the park. The crutches are a pain, but it gets easier - and scooting up and down the steps makes it easy to get around. I'll be wearing a T-scope brace for 6 weeks total, my awesome surgeon tells me that I'll be on the slopes next spring. If you are considering surgery, lean toward a surgeon who specializes in sports injuries, I switched from my original surgeon and I'm glad I did - - he's young, he's up to date on technology and he was awesome!

Jun 22, 2009
My ACL Surgery...
by: Heh.

After I had my surgery, my pain was minimal, I was off of the drugs 5 days after surgery. I'm still wearing the brace and I've maxed out the CPM machine. 120 degrees=easy. I had surgery last Wednesday. The swelling is the only annoying part. Also I can already lift my leg for a long period of time while it is straightened.

Jun 27, 2009
9 days post-op
by: Jess

I had ACL reconstruction on June 18, 2009 that resulted from a ski injury. I am now 9 days post-op. I had spinal anesthesia which was definitely worth it. I was up walking the day of surgery and was send home the next day without crutches. Three days ago I went in for my one week follow up. The OS already has me on a bike 2X/day for 15 minutes along with doing minisquats, calf raises, balancing exercises, extension exercises and straight leg raises 3-4X/day. As far as the pain goes, it was worst on the two days after surgery. As long as you stay on top of the pain you will be fine. At 9 days I am down to only 1-2 pain pills per day. The rehab protocol really depends on the OS's preferences. The biggest advice I can give is to push really hard on the exercises you are given and to listen to your Surgeon and PT.

Aug 06, 2009
by: hsrn

when is the right time to paractise walk agains ? I have been go surgery 4 weeks ago. TQ

Aug 12, 2009
6 weeks on crutches for me
by: Anonymous

I had my ACL and meniscus surgery July 7th, 2009 and the doctor said crutches for 6 weeks, because if the meniscus can repair it will be VERY helpful to you

Aug 17, 2009
update on ACL/MCL surgery
by: Cindy

here is an update in case anyone else has both ACL/MCL reconstruction (which is apparently not very common).
Wore the locking brace for 8 wks. Doctor had a hard time getting knee to stabilize during surgery, so he had me hold off on PT for three weeks. During that time, a lot of scar tissue developed (he said this might happen). After several weeks of struggling just to get to 90 degrees, the doctor did a manipulation under anesthesia (MUA). Put me under, bent the knee for me. When I first woke up, it was VERY painful, but the Vicodin they gave me in recovery took care of that.
Now a week later, I am able to ride the stationary bike for the first time since this all started! YAY! Haven't been to PT yet for a measurement, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting at least 105-110 degrees. MUA was a great help!

Aug 26, 2009
ACL Meniscus lateral and medial
by: Anonymous

Just got surgery a week ago.My knee is not as swollen the second week but what is the best exercise starting 2nd week to gain my flexibility and somewhat of strenghth.I can't fully place my foot alone yet.I am using crutches.

Sep 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

I had my surgery monday the 31 and 6 days later have my CPM machine at 90 %. my doctor says that he doesn't think I'll be walking on it by the next friday? thats almost 2 weeks.I really don't want to return to school on crutches.. what do you guys think?
email me

Sep 07, 2009
by: Nick

1. Has anyone experienced a partial tear of the ACL that came before your surgery? If so, could you describe the symptoms of squatting down on the knee with the partial tear?

2. I had my complete-tear surgery on August 25. Tomorrow is my first post-op appointment. I had a patellar tendon autograft, so they drilled through my shin and took a piece out of it and the kneecap. It will be two weeks tomorrow and I'm hoping to get a mobile brace and get off the crutches.

Sep 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

i had my injury on Aug.16th had surgery om my acl on Sept.3rd i hs]ave been on my cpl machine and have been going faithfully to therapy since friday. i want to walk without my crutches as soon as possible.Im 38 years old and this has been the worse injury i have suffered.All i can say is hang in there everyone says it will get better, so i guess we will have to see.

Sep 15, 2009
ACL reconstruction
by: Bradley

Hey, I'm 5 days out of ACL reconstruction, knee feels great most of the time, still a good amount of swelling and the shin is really bruised and still swollen. I am a 19 year old kid and wondering when I will be able to walk without crutches and eventually without a brace. I am only using the crutches for support now, i can easily put all my weight on the leg without pain and bend it to about 70 degrees. I can do a ton of leg lifts without a problem. I am waiting until i go back to my doctor to see what he says about the crutches and brace because I am scared to screw it up after surgery. Don't want to go through that again.

Sep 16, 2009
ACL reconstruction
by: Adam

I had my reconstruction yesterday and I'm curious as to when I'll be able to walk without the use of crutches and the cricket pad splint. I am already able to straighten my leg and lift it off the ground, I can also walk without the use of the crutches and splint, obviously not for long and very slowly. I'm 18 and fresher's week starts on Monday, as well as my birthday; any advice welcome?

Sep 16, 2009
6 weeks out
by: Anonymous

I am now 6 weeks out of an Acl reconstruction (I also had part of my meniscus taken out) and everything is going great. For those of you wondering when you will be able to walk again without crutches it took me about 10 days. I could have walked sooner, but it is very important that when you come off of your crutches that you DO NOT limp or limp as little as possible. Limping can cause damage on your other ligaments as well as joints. At about a month i was able to take the brace off and have been walking fine ever since. My advice is to walk as normally as possible, if it takes you an hour to get where you are walking so be it.
Remember the replaced ligament takes 3 months to reattach itself to the bones, so no sports should be played in the first 3 months. Give your ligament time to heal allowing the vessels and nerves to regrow in the new ligament. Hope i was helpful and good luck to those of you still on the road to recovery.

Sep 29, 2009
How Long (the main question)???
by: Anonymous

Heyy, so I have my ACL surgery on November 11. I am 14 years old and I want to know if anyone might know how long it might take ME to get off crutches, stop using the brace, start running, start sports, etc. I know that it doesn't have a lot to with age but how well you handle the procedure and rehab. I tolerate pain very well; usually people never know if I am hurt. When I tore it, it didn't really hurt, not even to walk on it. I was always advised to not participate in any sports. I had notes to coaches and my P.E. Teacher written by my surgeon. Sports are my LIFE so I ripped up the notes and continued on with sports but not always playing to my full potential for every move. My knee only gave out once. I really want to know a AVERAGE timeling around MY age. I am passionate about volleyball and I want to know how long to play volleyball again. I know that after I have the surgery I should be more careful and try to listen to what my surgeon says. I am also nervous about the pain!


Oct 13, 2009
by: Oldie but Goodie

I am a 48 year old female and tore my ACL sometime around the end of June / 09. I had my surgery October 2, using my hamstring to make the graft. I went home the same day and was quite heavily sedated for the first 5 days. I am now off all narcotic pain meds but take the occasional over the counter anti-inflamatory. I was managing stairs on crutches the day after my surgery. Today I was able to walk a short distance without the crutches at all but still limp somewhat and tend to use one crutch most of the time at this point. I have been pleasently surprised at my recovery as well as relieved that the surgery was far less painful than I had been reading about for the most part. I was advised by my surgeon that I am one of his "older" patients as most are younger people involved in sports. My knee was giving out on me frequently so even though I don't play soccer, I am glad I went ahead with the surgery and would do it again.

Oct 17, 2009
To the 14 year old!
by: Anonymous

My daughter tore her left acl last year and was out for 6 months before she was able to play soccer again. She was worried she would not play as well as before, but after a couple of months she was back to her old self! just remember to take your rehab seriously and work VERY hard :)

Oct 25, 2009
How long?
by: G

I am 16 years old, I have my surgery in 5 days and I absolutely HATE crutches. How long will I need them for?

Oct 26, 2009
ACL/torn Medial Meniscus
by: Denise

I just called to make appt for my surgery. I am 43 years old. I cannot be cleared for work until I can walk without crutches. I am in great shape as I run frequently with my Siberian Husky Duchess, and if you know huskies, I REALLY run. I have three sets of stairs to get to my apt and I am constantly up and down them, along with my occasional gym workout. My doctor keeps telling me that I WILL be on crutches for two weeks and jokingly called me superwoman. I NEED to be up and around without crutches ASAP. I am not worried about pain, I had surgery last year that was VERY invasive and lasted 5 hours then I got up the very next morning and walked around with no pain killers for days so pain is simply something you live with and get over. (The nurses at the hospital STILL talk about me) Any advice at all as to pre-surgery conditioning and post-surgery practice that will get me off those things quick??? Please help me out here!

Nov 02, 2009
So far..
by: Kristin

Hey there :)! I am 14 years old and on October 8th, I had my cartilage repaired and the meniscus. I hurt it first in a volleyball game last year and walked around on it since then. I only made matter worse by not getting it checked sooner. Anyway, It's been almost a month since my surgery and I'm still on crutches :( Hopefully tomorrow will be my last day though. I suggest that anyone who goes through this to NOT push an injury.And remember to take it easy afterwards. I have a little bit of pain yet,I am praying it will get better. Good luck!!!

Nov 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

i had surgery exactly 3 weeks ago and i can walk without my crutches but i have to take my time and walk without a limp.You need to start putting a little weight at a time on it about a week after your surgery the more you walk on it the quicker it will heel but you need to walk right.

Nov 06, 2009
by: Bart - SII

Crutches are a pain, but necessary for a few days/weeks after surgery. "Listen" is right, it is good to put weight on it right after surgery, if that is what your doctor has advised. It will help to make your recovery smoother, and will improve your gait once you get off the crutches.

For Kristin, she had a meniscus repair, where they stitched the meniscus back together, so she has been on crutches longer to let that heal.

Important to realize that every surgery and every person is a little different, and you should always follow your doctors instructions for how long you are on your crutches.


Nov 18, 2009
3 weeks post op
by: Tennis Player

its 3 weeks and two days and im still on crutches. I'm 17 and athletic. Its very annoying not being able to do much right now, but i think the advice of the people on this site is spot on. Be patient, dont do crazy stuff, work your ass off in physical therapy, dont be lazy. You wont wake up one day and just be able to walk right after surgery (unless you are a lucky one). Ive learned that recovery is a progression. Stick with it, and keep your goals in mind.

Nov 21, 2009
ACL meniscuses and bone chip
by: Anonymous

I am 16 and 4 weeks after ACL and both meniscuses surgery and am just starting to run, after 6 days I started to walk and start pool work outs 3 weeks after surgery, I go to the gym 3 days a week and swim 2 days a week and I feel great. no illefects as of yet, and I feel this is due to having my leg strong before the surgery, so for anyone who is getting an ACL surgery make sure your leg is as strong as it can be before you go in.

Nov 25, 2009
acl tear
by: Anonymous

I am 16 and I tore my acl about 3 weeks prior to my surgery which was a autograph from my patellar tendon. Its been a full week since my surgery and I have yet to be walking without my crutches. I have bruising and still swelling in my calf and knee. I use the CPM machine 7-8 hours a day and I've had 2 physical therapy sessions. Everything helps to get back on your feet.

Dec 09, 2009
ACL surgery
by: Anonymous

I torned my ACL and MCL on may 4th 09 of this year, not by playing sports but something else. I was walking on the crosswalk with pedestrain sign on and a car turned left and hit me. I was left w/ third degree tear on my ACL and MCL on my left knee, and some back and neck pain. I haven't gone back to work or play any sports since the accident.
My surgery date was on Dec. 3rd 2009. It's been offically 7 days since the surgery. I only have to wait 6 months to do the ACL surgery so I did not have to do surgery on my meniscus because my meniscus was fine. But for the acl surgery, my surgeon took a hamstring graft on left knee and put the ACL back together.
The doctor prescribed me oxycodone to take for my pain. But I took two of those and it didn't work.
I went back and see my doctors and he said to take Tylenol with the oxycodone. That works. however, I am stil having pain on the incision, back of my knee and as well as the lower back of my knee. My question is, it is normal to have pain on the incision as well as the lower part of my knee? Because right now, I am having problem walking with my crutches. Every step hurts.

Dec 17, 2009
just had acl surgery
by: Steve

I had my surgery 2. Weeks ago. PAIN IS BAD! I've had many other sports injuries and this is the worst so far. just like the pain you felt when you got injured. Its the same in recovory after surgury.have a personal assistant the first week its a must. After one week the pain will somewhat subside. At two weeks I'm walking with cruches with limited weight. I just started physical therapy and it helps. I also had to have a piece of hamstring taken to graph my acl. So stretching is difficult. Good luck with your surgery don't forget get a personal assistant the first week. You wont be Able to lift your own leg. Sucks dude.

Dec 17, 2009
"unhappy triad"
by: a.q.

i hurt my knee dec 10th, and was told i tore my acl, mcl, and meniscus. my meniscus was torn in multiple angles and cannot be fixed. And i guess due to this i have some bone damage. I have to rest for another 2 weeks until the swelling goes down and my mcl is somewhat healed.. at some point im gonna be getting my acl fixed and my meniscus trimmed, though that will be discussed dec. 30th at my next appointment. Has anyone had the same type of injury to all three? After how long hurting the knee did you undergo surgery? And how did your recovery timeline look??

Dec 21, 2009
ACL reconstruction
by: Anonymous

I am a 34 year old woman who has played soccer her entire life. As a recent mother of two children I was mildly out of shape and torn my ACL playing soccer.

I had surgery to reconstruct my ACL using a donor graph and even though the post surgical pain was agonizing I got through it.

I am now in a hinged brace with 0/70 degree inflextion. I am doing great and am on my thrid PT session.

I am just getting off crutches at 2.5 weeks post surgery and have excellent leg extention and normal (poor) retraction (80-90 degrees only.

I am just following the doctor's orders mticulously as I really want to return to soccer. I do the excersises I perform at PT at home as well on the off days and I feel that they are really helping.

Hopefully in 9-10 months I will be back on the field.

Dec 29, 2009
ACL surgery info
by: Jaqua

Here is a great site-- I am trying to find out as much as possible-- ACL Reconstruction Pre-Surgery Exercises

I hurt my knee a week ago-- getting MRI tomorrow but Doc is pretty sure about it being ACL and so -- I am looking at surgery most likely. I found it informative-- including some good pre - op exercises. Thanks for your site-- It gives me hope. One comment-- stay off your knee until it heals-- no exercising until Doc ok's it. If it doesn't heal right you can't do it over. thanks.

Dec 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

hey i am getting acl surgery i just want to know if i will be alright to go on a trip a week later?

Dec 30, 2009
Walking after surgery
by: Jim

How long after surgery to repair ACL & MCL can I walk without crutches?

Dec 31, 2009
painful acl surgery
by: Anonymous

I just had surgery on december 23, and my foot is still huge. The doctor told me either the brace or crutches, but my foot is so swollen i can't bare any weight. does this get any better? and i have major pain in my shin, is that normal?

Jan 04, 2010
acl surgery in a couplw eeks
by: a.q.

I posted a few weeks ago asking questions, here is how its going. I tore my acl mcl and miniscus on Dec 10. I was in a knee brace locked at 30 degrees for two weeks. I was told that is best angle to heal the mcl, which is needed to heal before any surgery. My last appointment was on the 30th the doctor told me i can get off the crutches when it feels comfortable. Today i barely used my crutches, though i only stayed in the house and stayed off it much as possible. It doesn't really hurt when i walk on it, but its still tight so i walk with a little limp. Im starting physical therapy to get ready for surgery, im going to schedule the surgery next week. My next appointment is next Wednesday the 13th and i find out when my surgery is to get acl reconstruction. To anyone who this just happened to just focus on elevating the knee keep a pillow under your calf and try to ice a few times a day to reduce swelling!

Jan 04, 2010
another comment
by: a.q.

another quick comment. i haven't had my surgery yet like i just posted. I was told id be able to walk OUT the hospital after my surgery. I've read people not being able to walk for weeks so im a little confused on that. As for the acl reconstruction im gonna go with a hamstring graft. For the people who got there acl reconstructed what did you use?

Jan 05, 2010
walking after surgery.
by: Anonymous

I had the same surgery that you are about to have about one month ago. yes u can walk right after the surgery, you probably gonna feel very drowsy after all the medication they gave u and plus the anesthesia they injected u with. I was wheel out with a wheelchair right after I woke up. I was able to walk on the repair leg the first day after the surgery. However on the second day after the surgery, I felt like I can't walk anymore. The repaired leg felt so heavy that I couldn't even lift my leg up and I needed someone to help me get in and out of my bed. Because my leg was starting to get all bruised up from the surgery. I started to walk with crutches after the second day till a week later.

hope u have a fast recovery.

Jan 14, 2010
Acl and meniscus
by: whalepilot

I had a chronic acl tear 20 years ago. Never had it repaired. Blame my parents. lol. So throughout the years; i started tearing my meniscus. So to make a long story short. Surgery took place dec 22,2009. I had a repaired ACL using the double bonded allograph graft, and grinded my meniscus on the medial side, and sewed it on the lateral side. First couple days were hell. Didn't know I had a leg there. With the spinal tap; or leg tap. Greatest acheivement was moving my toes. Its been just a little over 3 weeks since my surgery. And I am limited weight bearing using crutches. Looking forward to walking. Luckily I was in good shape before the operation. And my girl friend is a PT, so I've had great help. Its so easy to get discourgage. But be patient the near is end. Will build yourself some character.. I have found patience is the key to success. And building your legs up prior to surgery; will help recovery.

Jan 14, 2010
Hoping to walk soon...without a limp
by: Tlb113

Hey guys and gals. This site has given me some optimism.

I'm 22 and had my right ACL reconstructed on New Year's Eve. It's been 2 weeks today and I wish I had the luck like some you you, and being able to walk without crutches after a week.

I tried stop using my crutches about 3 days ago, but I walk with a bad limp. I started classes at my college again and crutches are a nessecity for me there...too much walking between classes.

My first PT is in 6 days and I would love to get my knee to bend a bit more than it is now. I can bend it 90 degrees (sitting down position) but can't bend it back anymore before the pain kicks in. I can also straighten it about 50 degrees. I plan on taking a pain killer and trying my stretches again and see if there is anymore progress.

I also has some swelling and was wondering how long it took for some of you to reduce it down, and by how much? Does it look like your other knee?

Hope everyone else has a speedy recovery. Best of luck.

Jan 16, 2010
by: a.q.

hello thanks for the help. my surgery is scheduled for tuesday jan 26th, for the acl reconstruction using my own graft. im hoping i can be off my crutches by the following monday so i don't need them when i go to my classes. My doc told me i would need them for at least 3-4 days for balance. And id be receiving the ice water machine after surgery. Does the machine help alot?

Jan 17, 2010
4 or 6 months??
by: Anonymous

Im about 3 months post acl reconstruction. I feel great,and im told im doing very well, but im told my activity will increase at 4 months, and i will be cleared for sports at 6 months. Has anybody come back to their sport in less than 6 months?

Jan 18, 2010
regarding comment abouty ice machine
by: Boomer

Re: does the ice machine work? Yes. I had ACL reconstruction June 25, 2009. I used my CPM machine although it was painful it did help. I loved the ice machine after using the CPM and was glad I had it. I play roller derby and can't wait to get started. I am 7 months out and hoping to put on my skates soon. I have a doc appointment in two weeks and will be fitted for an ACL brace. I don't think I can wait any longer and I'm tempted to just wrap my knee and try it out. Anyone else out theree that skates and has feedback would be great....

Jan 20, 2010
starting therapy tomorrow....yeah ?!
by: Anonymous

Well 3 weeks after my surgery I am going nito my first PT. What really sucks is a few days ago I drove to a house party where my band was playing and as soon I stepped onto the driveway and walked around my car, I slipped and ended up havigng my bad knee get over stretched(my heel kicked my own butt) with all 175 lbs land on it. I immediately went inside and iced it, but I lost a lot of range of motion. After a few days it got a bit better but I am afraid I tore my 'new' ACL agin, so this appointment tomorrow will be interested. To everyone out there who had surgery and is on crutches or just got off them, WATCH OUT FOR SLICK SURFACES!

Jan 20, 2010
by: a.q.

Ouch, thats very unfortunate. Im guessing the knee brace was not locked? Im having my surgery on tuesday im gonna have to be very careful as well. . Keep us updated on that knee!

Feb 01, 2010
had my acl op 2 days ago
by: jameso

hi guys im just writing as i have read things on hear all different, i ruptured my acl a year ago in footie and had the hamstring graft done 2 days ago, i was limping around the bedroom yesterday with no crutches rather easily and am using only one crutch when i go out although it gets hard after a bit and i use 2 then, am i pushing it too far? my doc at the hospital says i should be fully weight bearing with crutches and they no longer use braces so just have a little dressing i have my first pt session wednesday so hopefuly il find alot out then, any tips or info would be very helpful and the stuff i have already read here has been very interesting. j

Feb 03, 2010
by: Devesh

after acl surgery i can ride a bikr

Feb 04, 2010
ride a bike??
by: jameso

devesh, after how long??

Feb 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

I'm a 24 yr old woman and had a acl repaire on the 18th of January and im walking without crutches. I was in alota pain after my operation and had to overdose myself with painkillers... today its exactly 3 weeks later and I can go without pain killers for atleast 2days without being in pain. All I can say it all depends on you, your docter and physiotherapist... just keep on motivating yourself that you can do it.

In the beginning I felt useless and I was hating the fact that I had to ask people to help me (I think that motivated me to get up and start walking)

Feb 09, 2010
3 weeks out of surgery
by: Brushy

I'm 3 weeks post-op from an ACL reconstruction using a hamstring graft. I just thought I'd tell my story :)

The first 2 days after surgery were insane. I was in so much pain and I couldn't keep down the pain meds (I kept throwing them up even if I took gravol with them) so they weren't helping to manage the pain. It was the worst. I was in a straight splint (zimmer) and I had an ice-water cuff (cryo-cuff) on my knee.

I had crazy swelling in my calf/ankle/foot. So much so that around day 5 if I tried to stand up I would get a lot of pain in my calf from the blood flowing down from gravity.

I started physio on my own (doctor's orders) the day of my surgery and went to work with a physiotherapist on day 7 post-op and I'm going twice a week. I have zero degree extension and 90 degree retraction/flexion. My quads are coming back and I can do leg lifts, etc...

At 2 weeks post-op I had a follow up with my surgeon and I told him about my calf pain. He sent me for an ultrasound and they found a deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot in my calf). So now I'm on blood thinners (both subcutaneous injection and taken orally at the same time).

I came out of the straight splint at 2.5 weeks but I'm still using the crutches. I'm anxious to be walking without the crutches, but if I try to put all my weight on my bad leg, it buckles.

I also have a few numb spots (near my knee, on my shin, and near my ankle) that my doctor said should get smaller, but might never go away.

Feb 15, 2010
Complete ACL Tear, Major Meniscus Damage
by: MrJimBrown

I had surgery February 8, 2010 for my ACL and meniscus. Original injury was August, 2008... so its a year and a half later. I completely shredded my ACL wrestling, and the year and a half of instability caused serious meniscus damage. I chose the patella femoral tendon graft based on its improved strength over the original ACL. They removed 40% of both my lateral and medial meniscus, and stitched a small tear back into place.

So the first two days were easy. I had PT the day after surgery and I was 0-94 degrees, with good VMO activity. Day 3 was the absolute worst. Woke up first thing and had to get straight to the bathroom. No pain meds in me since the night before... blood went straight down my leg and I thought I was going to die. I went into shock and didnt stop for about a half hour. All that blood felt like it was going to break through the skin. I almost called an ambulance. If I was blind, I would have thought my leg was blown off from the knee down.

Since then its been good. Pain is limited to the patella femoral donor site (right below the kneecap) and my lower leg from the swelling. Lower leg swelling only started two days ago and should be gone in another few. Donor site pain will probably last past when I can walk. Its a pretty big incision, I dont expect it to heal anytime soon.

I was VERY athletic, even up till the day before surgery and I still take it VERY slow. Remember, its not how fast you get back to walking or playing your sport, its how well the new ACL takes. The new ACL, no matter what type you choose, can stretch if it isnt allowed to properly fix itself. If you push it too early, you may feel great about it, but you can stretch out the replacement ACL and be in the same place you started. This is why the 6 month time period is given to return to sports. Any aggressive cutting before that and it could easily stretch, even if youve been walking, running, and weightlifting. You can do all you want with the muscle, but that replacement ligament is going to set at its own pace.

I dont think any of us want to go through it again. I know I dont.

Feb 18, 2010
Surgery Question
by: Anonymous

Had my ACL and meniscus surgery on Feb 12th and now am almost one week in. I am still using crutches, but can walk in straight lines without them albeit with a limp.

My question is as follows:

When I sit in my chair with my leg elevated and then stand up after 30+ minutes, the pain is intense at first, kind of like a tightening. Then it subsides and gradually goes away.

Is this normal?

Is this being caused by the swelling and bruising still? My leg still appears be yellow, purple from the blood cells against the skin.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Feb 19, 2010
Going for ACL Surgery in a week
by: Sofia

Thanks to each and every one of you for posting your experiences, it is really helpful.

On February 26th I am scheduled for re-constructive ACL surgery, I chose to go with pattelar allograft.
I hope all goes well and will start walking and rehabbing fast.
Will share my experience after surgery. I'm little nervous.

Good luck to all of you!!! and Keep up with PT...

Feb 22, 2010
3 weeks post op acl surgery - questions
by: Vee

Hey. I'm 15 and I had ACL surgery Feb 2nd so Im 19 days post op. I'm still on crutches but I walk very good with them. I've only seen my OS twice after and my next appointment is in 5 weeks. It seems like some of you see your OS more often. ??

I barely had any pain. I only took 2 painkillers since the surgery. My knee flexion is 90 degrees but with the help of my PT and my ext is 0.

For the first 2 weeks I really didn't do anything. I was on my couch all day long only getting up for the bathroom and I used my CPM 4 hours a day.

Is it bad that I can't raise my leg, not even an inch?

I'm still confused as to how I tore my acl. I jumped to block a girl 6-8 inches taller than me in basketball and in the air I heard the pop. My knee was untouched and it happened in the air. When I tell people the story they say it's impossible it happened in the air. Anyone know?

Feb 23, 2010
second ACL surgery last week
by: Josh

I also tore my ACL playing basketball i had my surgery 02/18 and still can't lift my leg more then a inch but i have full range of motion. as far as it snapping in mid-air you probably snapped it at take-off and the sound and pain didn't hit you until you were airborn. I had my right acl done 10 years ago after a fight gone bad. they have really came a long way in surgery and recover procedures since then i'm already walking on it. but 10 years ago they had me in a straight cast for 3 months after surgery. they also used the pattela ligament this time versus the hamstring tendent, they said the hamstring tendent heals quicker but it is a weaker tendent so good chance of reinjury but with the pattella legiment its actually 40% stronger then the original ACL. well good luck to those facing the surgery and as a man in the ministry faith will help motivate you when the pain starts and you feel helpless.

Feb 23, 2010
ACl Repair
by: James

had ACL repair on Feb 2, 2010. Surgery went well few days later I develop a rare skin infection that requires a trip to hospital for 5 days for IV antibiotics. I have near 0 degree extension, 90-95 degree flexion. still using CPM for like 6-8 hours a day. PT 3-5 times a week.
I am still walking with crutches, but feel like I am almost ready to walk without them. Like everyone else said be patience and you will heal at your own pace.

Feb 24, 2010
ACl tear from X-mas 2009
by: Jaqua

I think you got a twist injury- thats how I got a complete tear of my Acl-- a broken knee and a few knee sprains. I was trying to get in a window and I kind of twisted my self inside the window- tore it right off the knee. Ouch. Now the Doc is saying I may not even need the surgery-- hmmm ? complete tear and its optional? Haven't heard that here. I am doing really good with pt and who knows-- my knee is real strong so we will see. Hugs to you all.

Feb 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

3 weeks post op. Ughh. I was just sitting on my couch and usually someone helps me lift my leg off but noone was around so I tried doing it myself. I had the brace on locked straight so it was hard to drag it off the couch and gently place it on floor. Well I got it to hang off the couch and then it just dropped hard on the floor because I don't have much control of it. It's hurting a little little bit in my kneecap area. Anyone think that's bad?

Feb 26, 2010
1 Month Post Op
by: Anonymous

I'm one month post op with a patellar graft. My recovery is going quite well, i only took pain medication for two days after surgery.
To vee that happened to me a couple times, and it hurt a little and went away. If you still have pain from that id contact your doctor. I was walking down the stairs an hour ago and my foot slipped, i didnt fall but i just came down hard on it, so im gonna wait and see if the pain goes away, hopefully it's okay.
As to lifting my leg, i couldn't lift it up my self for atleast a week, i was able to drag it to the side but not straight up until atleast one week post op. I just completed 3 weeks of physical therapy and i have another month scheduled i go 3 times a week.

Feb 28, 2010
Doing GREAT!!!
by: Anonymous

I am 5 weeks post op. My ACL surgery was painless. I had a torn ACL for over a year and lived with it. I'm 27 and wanted to be able to run again. I was on crutches full time for 3 wks. I could do 50% weight bearing immediately after surgery. I also has meniscus removal/repair as well. I was given a femoral block before surgery which lasted 24+ hours after surgery. I used pain meds for the first two weeks (only at night). I recommend taking your brace off anytime your not up and moving around. The more movement you get the better. I have been able to do a straight leg lift since 1 wk post op. Straighten my leg since 1 wk as well. Now my physical therapist says I’m above the curve, so it may not happen that way for you. I would also recommend taking warm/hot bath and do what PT you can in there. I would bring the water as high as I could go with out getting the incision wet. The only bad thing that happened was I had an allergic reaction to the steri strips. Good luck all!!

Mar 01, 2010
walking after 3 days
by: andyw259

Please help me, im concerned my operation hasnt workd as i can walk unaided 3 days after myoperation.

I was expecting to be on crutches for two months.

Would people advise that i dont walk unaided, as i risk damage.

Also the hospital didnt supply any type of brace so i have just a small waterproof dressing on the wound.

I have very close to full range of motion in my knee, slight swelling but no pain.

I had a graft from my hamsring. If anyone has any advise please reply on here as im very worried

many many thanks

Mar 01, 2010
3 rd day post op
by: Sofia

Three days post op..I had pattelar autograft.. was able to walk on the day of surgery, without crutches but someone has to stay next to me.. luckily pain was bearable to none, and i have not taken any pain medication at all and hope it stays that way... i do not have knee stabilizer.. yeasterday i felt like i could do more bu they told me not to bend my knees so i did not push it.. I hope all of these are normald, because i was expecting to have a lot of pain...

any suggestions?

Thanks and good luck to all of you

Mar 01, 2010
by: Jaqua

to andyw259,

If your feeling good-- why would that be a problem. People heal at different rates and maybe you were in a better position than some to begin with. If you have any problems or questions you should be asking your surgeon or your Physical Therapist who know your case. Good luck.

Mar 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

im almost 5 weeks post op with a patellar tendon.
To andy my doc told me i'd be able to walk out of surgery i got a femorral nerve block so it was numb so i used my crutches for a few days. You shouldn't be worried just because you were able to walk after surgery. I am surprised at they didn't put a brace on you though.

To sofia i was expecting alot of pain as well but I had minimal pain.

Also did anyone get an MRI post surgery?? I've been thinking of getting one just to check if it was completely repaired.

Mar 03, 2010
acl post opp
by: michael

hi i am 15 years old and 13 days ago i was operated on my acl along with two meniscus tears. i am still using crutches because i can not support my weight yet.
i have a sharp pain in my calf, my doctor told me that it was just swelling and nothing serious was this common to anybody and how can i deal with it.
it bothers me a lot when i get up to walk (with the crutches).

Mar 04, 2010
Worried doing too much too soon
by: Bazzer

Had acl (patellar) last Friday. Six days later i am walking almost normally around the house.I had full knee extension 2 days after op. Yes there is a pain barrier you have to push through. I go out for walks and take one crutch with me. And im not wearing the brace at all.

There is some pain and knee is still slightly swollen and a bit stiff. But otherwise its all good.

However worried i may be doing more than i shoud be - although i feel the knee is more than up to the activity its getting. I dont have an appointment with physio till Monday. But i figure the more movement the better?

Mar 04, 2010
I had my surgery 8 days ago
by: Anonymous

I had my ACL surgery about 8 days ago, and im doing okay now. The first 2 days i was fine, since the pain killers were doing their job, but the later 3-4 days they made me really sick. I had a horrible headache for 3 days straight, and couldnt eat without throwing it all back up. It only stopped because I stopped taking the pain killers. So I would say limit the pain killers to a need basis. They also made me very depressed for a short period of time, which was the hardest part of the sickness.

Though yesterday I started walking with limitations. I do not have a brace, i was just ace bandaged up. Although today, my knee is pretty sore, and walking is more difficult than yesterday. The hardest part in walking after the surgery, is getting your leg straight. I was able to get it close to straight a few days after, but then my calf started to hurt more, so making it straight was pushed back. It looks like things are going to be positive from here on out. I hear that physical therapy is going to be painful and hard though. Im hoping to be back to my normal form in a few months, and walking within the next week or two.


Mar 06, 2010
to .. Anonymous
by: Sofia

.. Anonymous
Hi there ..thanks for reply :)
I'm 8 th day into brace, no pain, walking better and better every day... in a week start physical therapy.
About follow up MRI I had the same question but nobody never have mentioned about it. maybe it is better to have is later when the swelling is all gone and when everything is healed..Do not know ...

Good luck to all of you...

Mar 07, 2010
knee twitch in my sleep
by: Macils

I had my surgery on the 3/3/2010. About 3 days later i was lying on my back and forgot to put my knee brace on. I fell asleep and woke up in a great deal of pain due to a massive knee twitch. I'm worried I've made the knee worse and walking seems a little harder compared to my first day out of surgery. I am now 5 days out of surgery. Has anyone done something similar or can offer advice?

Mar 09, 2010
Knee Twitch
by: Anonymous

My leg was numb so i didn't feel any twitches after my surgery but maybe you just put some pressure on the knee or bent it in a painful way. I'm a side sleeper so it was hard to sleep straight, i kept the brace on but when ever i put pressure on it i hurt a bit. You should be okay, i doubt you could've damaged your acl graft, but you can call your doc just to be sure.

Mar 10, 2010
Help - flying after surgery and physio.
by: Paul

I'm an Australian living in Beijing. I tore my ACL skiing and am going to fly back home to get the surgery done. Can anyone advise me how long after the surgery I will be okay to fly back to Beijing? I've read about 2 weeks should be ok - it's a 11 hour flight.
Also how many times do people see a physiotherapist after the surgery?? Seems like some people see them a lot, others not at all!

Mar 11, 2010
Work hard
by: Pam

I am 54 year old over weight woman. My accident happened Dec. 10th.I had a torn quad and bruised bone. Did everything they told me to do in therapy and at home and even more than I needed to at home.(I was a clutz and ran into a table hard!!) When this healed swelling and pain was still in the knee. They did an MRI and I had a torn ACL and a lateral miniscus. I had surgery March 1st. My ACL was totally gone and I had some arthritus to shave off also. They cleaned up the meniscus. Annyway I NEVER STOPPED WORKING HARD ON ALL OF THE PRE-OP EXERCISES THEY GAVE ME TO DO.
My follow up appt. was March 9th. He told me I could go ahead and use my crutches to hold up tomato plants. I have 100% extesion and a bend of 109*. DO THE EXERCISES AND YOU WILL BE BACK IN NNO TIME.
I guess I didn't mention the ACL was from a donor. That may have made a difference. God Bless.

Mar 12, 2010
Had ACL surgery on March 8th
by: Renata

Hi. I lived in Canada and had an ACL surgery last Monday - March 8th. I didn't even need the crutches on the first day, due to the pain killers.
On the following 2 days, I couldn't eat anything... felt really sick with the medicine (tylenol 3). I didn't have any pain on my knee... only on my stomach. I called my doctor and decided to stop taking the pills yesterday - i am only taking Advil 2 times a day.
I am doing fine.. my only problem is to sleep at night - my back is killing me!! I am using my crutches to get around the house and no problems at all.

Mar 14, 2010
ACL/Meniscus/Baker's Cyst
by: Craig

Tore it in 1990 playing rugby. Delayed surgery and still played adult rugby, softball, basketball, and just ran half marathon and Army 10 Mile in October. Just time to get in done. Now on day 20. Day four took off all bandages - no brace at all. Gave up pain meds after day 5. Mainly took them to sleep at night. Started rehab day 7. 85 degrees day one, 115 degrees day three, and now at 120 degrees. Have a little swelling left. Still using one crutch mainly as a warning to take it easy outside of the house. My comment on all of this is basically take it easy and slow. An extra week with a crutch is a short time in the big aspect of life. While it is good to push in PT and try to get your range of motion and strength back, the walking/running/etc. will all come together with time and better to be a little conservative than push too hard and have to start over from the beginning. Continue to keep it iced a couple times a day, especially at night to help your knee get some rest and healing while sleeping.

Mar 15, 2010
acl recovery
by: Anonymous

I'm 48 yrs old, in good shape and had ACL Friday. They performed an ACL graft (cadaver) and yes it depends on the person and surgeon.Went under 8am and home at 12:15. I took pain killers one day and ditched the crutches yesterday......2 days after surgery. I'm walking without pain and the physiotherapist measure 105 Degrees flex.Little swelling bcause I elevate and ice it(IceMan Therapy)at most of the day. Yes I'm way ahead of schedule and no I'm not pushing it. If I was walking with any pain, then yes I'm pushing it. Depends on conditioning, diet and a great surgeon.
Mine, Dr Elashaal, Windsor Ontario

Mar 15, 2010
additional note
by: Anonymous

I also wanted to add that this is my second acl replacement and 5th surgery on the knee. Never push yourself to the point of feeling pain. No pain No gain is not related to physio.

Mar 21, 2010
acl & mcl tear..
by: Moss

hey guys,

I tore my acl and mcl through a skiing injury on 14th feb. i got the surgery done on 2nd march and since then have been told by my surgeon not to put any weight on the leg and has put a leg stint so that i dont bend my knee, on 23rd march i have appointment for removal of stitches and starting of PT.

i had to stay over night after surgery .. though i have not felt much pain .. but if the leg feels a jerk then it stings in the knee. for first five days i was on pain killers and antibiotics one day after i stopped them i got fever and body ache .. my surgeon continued the medication and increased another antibiotic for five more days.. since i stopped that i have been fine and dont take pain killers..

i am confused as most of you have started bending your knee almost imediately after surgery or even started walking without crutches very soon..

Also i wanted to ask how many screws are normally used in the surgery .. in my xray i have seen three screws in mine..

any feedbak will be appreciated,,


Mar 26, 2010
15 days post op
by: Alaine

Had my ACL done 15 days ago, get stitches out today. Femoral nerve block was the way to go no grogginess after surgery, stopped taking pain meds on day 3. Walking without crutches on day 7 slowly and trying hard not to limp. Started rehab on day 3. Stretching with yoga bands, weight distribution exercises, etc. Made sure to ice/elevate several times a day. Could straighten and had 90 degree flexion at day 4. Do all my physio at the gym or home/but do get ultrasound every couple of days to help with scar tissue.
Have been using recumbant bike for 5 to 7 minutes each day. Things are still tight, my hamstring hurts and the bruising is incredible, that came at day 7 and still pops up in odd places. Below my kneecap is still numb.
I did not walk out of the hospital, my leg was numb from the nerve block that was nice for pain management in the first 24 hours. My brace is set at 90 and I wear it when walking and excercising. I do take it off occasionally at home and walk a bit but never outside/on stairs or on unstable surfaces.
I have been working it hard but safe.I can't believe there are those that don't have a brace, that sounds scary to me. My brace is what allows me to excercie the knee but not beyond its capabilities.
Tore my achilles completely 6 years ago so I know how important it is to have an agressive approach but in a safe setting. I work it hard at the gym and will begin swimming today but my brace is on and I am on stable surfaces with good equipment. I always have myself supported so if fatigue hits I can take the weight off my knee quickly without doing damage. YOu will need to endure some pain and discomfort if you are going to make progress, but be smart about it.

Mar 29, 2010
3 weeks
by: Rob Jones

I was able to walk without my crutches in 3 weeks. Also i agree that you need to do what the doctor says, i am 12 months post op, and it feels almost as if nothing ever happened to my knee. Give i am a 17 year old tri sport kid, and i have very strong legs. I will always be a little more cautious with my leg tho, i say do all your therapy, and just dont get to ansy in what you do after your surgery

Apr 02, 2010
ACL Reconstuctive Surgery also MCL/LCL
by: John.L

Well it all started on August 23rd I was 18 years old 7 days before my 19th, keep in mind I was probably one of the most vibrant kids around, I could 360 dunk in basketball with my EYES CLOSED. This was taken away from me on that night when I had someones knee come from behind and some idiots hand in my left knee causing it to snapp. I didnt let the pain get to me I was just in shock seeing my knee cap move around from the left side of my knee. Thinking how could this happen to me. When they brought me into the hospital they offered me pain killers but I have high Pain tolerance and refused. They made me come back a couple days after swelling went down and took xrays. Well turns out I got ACL/MCL/LCL Tears all in my left knee. Honestley I waited about almost 2 years before I decided the buckling in my knee was enough. Keep in mind I could cope with my knee the way it was after surgery I could walk fine do everything fine cept an odd little movement. Also 5 months after all this I ended up getting a blood clot in my right lung from this knee incident. But i reopened my lung by breathing cold air in the winter night, BUT that's another story. The meniscus cartilidge in my knee was grinding bad, so i decided ok its time. I went in for surgery I didn't go to the first surgeon who talked to me as if i was a child, by this time I was turnin 20 and he started saying we'll have to get your mommy's concent... I fliped when i heard him say this i got up and left, also he started saying how hes gonna screw three different screws in my leg didnt sound right, I went for second opinions. I ended up going to london here in ontario to fowler kennedy office they deal with sports injuries, by far i recommend them. They gave me an option of having someones deceased tendents and acl in my body or taking it from my right leg... Many would choose theyre own leg... Not me i choose somebody elses.(OBVIOUSLY TESTED FORO DISEASES), Its now 4 weeks later and im recovering well from what I think. Im slowly getting my hyper extension back in my leg. IT IS BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO YOUR EXERCISES PROVIDED BY YOUR SURGEON/PHYSIOTHERAPIST.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me, god bless all, hope you well on the road to whatever recovery it is your in need of.

Apr 09, 2010
Torn ACL and minescus
by: Anonymous

I tore my acl and minescus on march 24th, and I have surgery the 14th of April. I was curious about how long I will need crutches, because I have prom on may 1st, and am hoping I am walking, I will be in physical therapy 4 days after surgery. Please help, if u have any info on an estimate tell I can walk.

Apr 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

It really depends on your doctor.
Some let you walk after surgery. I tore my acl and meniscus as well, im about 10 weeks post up. They gave me a shot to numb my leg for pain so i couldn't walk w/o crutches for 2-3 days. i used my crutches for balance for another 2 days. about 5 days later i was off my crutches but wore a brace for quite some time. You should be off your crutches by prom time, but i don't think you will be able to do much besides sit down.

Apr 11, 2010
Flying with a Torn ACL????
by: Anonymous

I want to fly from canada to the uk two weeks after tearing my acl(one week from now)...ppl are telling me that blodclots can be an issue..does anyone have any feedback on this? i have close to 90 deg of movement 1 week after the injury but still on crutches.
also are there some tricks to prevent bloodclots on long flights? thankyou!

Apr 12, 2010
by: popkorn

from Thailand,

I had my ACL op + Menicus repaired on 27 /3/2010 in Thailand and at the moment i am not allowed to bear 100% weight on my op knee due. doctor told me that without menicus repaired otherwise i would be allowed to do so.
at the moment i have no problem with knee extension at least 95% and i can bend my knee more than 90 degree already

good luck..

ps public hostital here charges you 1900 USD if you don t use a social security

private hospital here offer you a way much better of service but they charge you at least 3 times more

take care

Apr 14, 2010
ACL Reconstruction
by: Anonymous

I had complete ACL Reconstruction and Miniscus repair less than 2 weeks ago. I never used the crutches or anything to help me walk. I try to walk on it to stretch it out and to excercise it till I start doing rehab on it. I iced it on and off for the first few days and made sure I kept my cut clean and bandaged till it started to dry to keep infections away. I am sitting at my desk at work typing this. I am very happy that I did the surgery and that I have such a good Dr. who told me to start using the leg right away

Apr 19, 2010
bike riding
by: Anonymous

my cousin is going to surgery in june and it says that you can walk in around 3 weeks but how long do you think it would take to be able to do non impacted things like ride a bike?

Apr 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

I was riding a bike 2-3 weeks after my surgery for a warm up for 5 minutes at physical therapy.

Apr 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

I had ACL surgery 2 months ago and yesterday while doing extension exercises, I felt my knee grinding. I know thats a symptom of a torn meniscus but since the surgery I havent done anything but walking, outside of PT. I havent had any pain since the surgery and I definitely didnt go anything that could have torn my meniscus. Any info?

Apr 26, 2010
Torn acl and meniscus
by: Anonymous

It's really interesting reading other peoples stories.

I ruptured my acl and tore my meniscus cartilage 3 weeks ago and am having the acl reconstructed on the 7th May. I'm 18 and it couldn't of happened at a worse time with my a levels coming up.. i have an exam 3 weeks post op. i should be fine for this right?
I was also supposed to be going on a clubbing holiday to Zante 2 months post op... am not sure whether this is a good idea anymore. How were other peoples knees post op?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Apr 27, 2010
Post Op
by: Anonymous

Im 18 also, I tore my acl, mcl, meniscus a week before finals week last semester. im about 4 months post op and have a doctors appointment tomorrow, hopefully i can be cleared to start jogging.
To the person above me you should be fine for your finals. If your getting meniscus repaired you will be on crutches for some time, but if your just getting some removed you should be walking in a matter of days.
After my surgery I laid around for months literally, it sucks but time flies, its already been 4 months since my surgery. As for clubbing, your leg will likely be very weak and i highly doubt your doc would allow you.

Apr 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hey thanks for replying. yeh i kind of got that impression, plus my doctor just confirmed it today. so going to have to give it a miss. theres always next year..
an thats good to hear too. would suck to flunk my final exmas because of this.

Cheers, Ciaran

Apr 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

No problem. I had my doctors appt today, and he said i can run. So i tried it and it was pretty painful so i stopped stretched out some more then tried running again and the pain was still pretty strong so i stopped. I have 1 more physical therapy scheduled on Tuesday so im gonna talk to my PT about it. Did you guys have pain in your knee when you first started running?? what did you feel? what did you do? I didn't wanna push it so i just got on the elliptical which was pain free. Thanks

Apr 30, 2010
17 days post op
by: Anonymous

I'm 14 years old and i suffered a complete tear of my acl playing basketball. Im now 17 days post opp and i can walk without crutches fine but my doc wants me to stay in them for another two weeks. I have not started physical therapy yet, my doctor believes in letting the hamstring graph heal in its new place, and let it get use to taking the acl's place before strengthining it. I will start Therapy 5 weeks after surgery. Any comments on how my rehab process is going?

Apr 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

Waiting 5 weeks before physical therapy is surprising. I guess some docs want their patients to start walking as soon as they can and some want to take it much slower. Being on crutches for 4 weeks is also surprising.. Did he repair your meniscus? If you only got your ACL repaired one month on crutches is VERY surprising

May 08, 2010
My surgery
by: Anonymous

Well i had surgery about 3 days ago and im still completely immobile, using my crutches 24/7. I am hoping that I can walk in about 12 days cuz i have graduation.. but to be honest Im not sure thats going to happen :(

May 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

Four days ago I had an acl reconstruction with a donors tissue my last surgery I was in horrible pain I couldn't walk even with crutches it was awful this time around I'm walking without crutches there is hardly no swelling and I'm just very pleased this time around I think what happend the first time was with PT my insurance I only got 14 visits and I think they just try to push you to much so this time around I'm going to try and do it on my own they can try to push you to much before you are ready and you could hurt it all over again.

May 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi I am 16 and my first prom is on May 29th! and I really want to wal. I had my surgery on April 20th and three weeks later I am still in a brace and my Physical Therapist have not given me further instructions to walk. I had torn my ACL completely and got that reconstructed but they had to use my hamstring as the new ACL. Does anyone knoe when I can walk and any tips for me to get better so I can be ready for prom by May 29th!!!

May 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I think even if you are walking by prom time, you will not be able to do much anyways. I would do the exercises your physical therapist has given you as much as you can. I had my surgery in January and my Quad is still very weak. The best you can do for now is work on your muscles and get walking. Good luck to you!

May 11, 2010
surgery coming up on May 25
by: B

Hi everyone! I really enjoy reading everyones posts but just have some questions. I tore my ACl completely , had a partial tear in my mcl and sprained everything around it a little over a year ago in a skiing accident. I am just now able to get the surgery in about 2 weeks. I am really really nervous. Wondering how long it took you guys to be able to drive. It is my left leg so i am hoping to drive 3 days after surgery. Anyone else able to do that? and how long do you think i'll be on crutches? I was on crutches when i first got hurt for about 3 months.. any info would be so greatly appreciated :)

May 12, 2010
To B
by: Anonymous

My injury was similar to yours, i tore both mcl and acl completely and partially tore my meniscus. I had my surgery about 6 weeks after the injury, the surgery was in the end of January. To answer your question, you will not be able to drive 3 days after surgery. They numbed my leg and that did not wear off for about 2 or 3 days. On top of that your doctor will not allow you to drive until a few days after you are completely off all medication. You will need pain meds for a few days so there is no way you will be able to drive after 3 days. As for the crutches i depended on them for 3 to 4 days then continued using 1 crutch for some support for a few more days. You should plan on at least 2 weeks of no driving and at least 1 week on crutches.

May 24, 2010
by: Lad

Had my reconstruction 3.5 weeks ago using graft of my hamstring.

Could bend my knee 90 degrees and went down to 1 crutch after 1 week, and ditched the crutches after 3 weeks when my physio told me I didn't need them.

3 days on I'm pretty much walking normally and today walked 2 miles completely un-aided without problem.

Still a bit stiff/swollen but so far so good.

My Physio put my mind at ease in my first session when I told him I was paranoid the slightest knock/twist would mean I'd tear the graft... But he said the graft is very strong at this stage it would take something fairly major (eg slipping up and landing awkwardly) to do any damage.

To the person asking about Zante 2 weeks post op definitley not !!!

May 31, 2010
by: chris

had an ACL surgery 4 days post op week after the surgery..the fist 2 days were tough...lots of pain and knee was very swollen which is normal..the doc said not to do anything for a week..just ice the knee and relax...starting PT next week..for now just using tons of ice reading books relaxing...good luck all

Jun 02, 2010
by: jenna1986

i had an acl reconstruction 11 days ago,didnt find it very painfull at the time and walked out of hospital on crutches 3 days letter,was walking about the house on crutches fine,untill about a couple of days ago,its just seemed to be really painfull,when i try to put ma foot on the floor wait bearing an agonising pain shoots up the hamstring and i cant bear any wait at all now,mits really depressing me,spoke to my gp who said mention it at ma physio appointment ,although thats not untill the 16/06,and its kind of freaking me out that people are saying they were walking without crutches within 2 weeks! any one experienced anything like this,advise greatly appreciated!

Jun 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

hey, to the person above. i had mine done just over 3 weeks ago an i was pretty much in bed for the 1st week.. hobbling around for the second and in the third was starting to walk good with one crutch but i reckon it'l be at the 5 week mark when i'm finally going to be off the crutches. takes different people different amounts of time. an if u had a hamstring graft, then to begin with its proper easy to pull ur hamstring. i did have some serious pains in it but its kinda dying down now. just go along with everything ur physio tells u and you'll be fine

Jun 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

I had ACl reconstruction and meniscus repair exactly 2 weeks ago.
Now im on one crutch. the swelling went down very quick for me as i had my leg elevated with ice almost the whole day. After my leg block ran out, i was in alot of pain, and im still having a hard time sleeping at night, anyone else have problems sleeping at night?

Jun 03, 2010
by: jenna 1986

hi,yes i have a lot of trouble sleeping at night aswell,i usually just take a couple of tramadol and that knocks me out,usually at night my leg twitches a lot and a think ive mave pulled a muscle or something in it as i woke up this morning and its really sore!

Jun 09, 2010
My 2 bits
by: Clay

Hello! I just had my surgery May 10, 2010 - I must say there is A LOT of amazing information on this page with all the comments etc. It is great to see those that are able to recover very well and efficient. For those that are taking a little longer just remember that every one is different and no two bodies are alike. I myself had ACL reconstruction with Meniscus and cartlage repair. So today puts me almost 1 month away and I am still being cautious using crutches for long stretches of walking. Around the house I rotate using the brace and my own knee to strengthen the muscles. I am 27 and want to avoid having another surgery at all costs. It really does put you out for so many months of what you really enjoy ie: basketball, cycling, etc. Be smart yet aggressive on recovery and never feel pressured to do too much.

Jun 11, 2010
issues with walking
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had an acl reconstruction and meniscus repair 5 weeks ago today.

Apparently i'm recovering good and i'm really focusing on the physio. I'm on track for where i am, however when i walk (and this isnt all the time- its about 50/50) i get pains in my knee, almost like a tightness. It's foucused where i'd guess the graft to be. Basically at times it doesnt want to bend properly (it isnt locking though as i have experienced that on my other knee in a prevoius injury).

Just wondering if anyone else had issues with walking similar to this?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 12, 2010
To: issues with walking
by: Clay

Hi there.

I am not experiencing pain as much as I am weakness while walking. When my leg hits a certain degree it sometimes gives much more than I feel comfortable with. Your pain might be due to extra swelling from excess use too fast. As long as you feel comfortable and stable with your recovery time that is all about how you feel. Other than maybe resting it for a day and seeing if the pain continues I would try some Ibuprofen or Motrin 800. The decreased swelling will also cause pain from greater use of range. Just my thoughts, hope it helps.

Jun 12, 2010
issues with walking
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the reply.

As far as swelling is concerned, it is almost non existent so i doubt it is due to that. Taking stronger pain killers is a good idea. It feels relatively stable so that is a plus and to be honest, it is still early in the recovery process.. maybe i'm expecting too much.

I've been assuming that when people say they are walking that they are walking fine (as if before the operation) whereas this is maybe not the case to begin with? How long did it take you to be walking as if normal?

thanks again (:

Jun 12, 2010
ACL n meniscus surgery
by: Anonymous

soo i had surgeryy about 5 months ago and i walked to my house from the car after surgery without cruthes i dont reallly remember it that much but i dont remember pain. Im pretty sure your not supposed to do that but it didnt hurt me in anyway. every one is different though good luck !

Jun 14, 2010
ACL Surgery

I'm having my knee surgery done to reconstruct ACL and possible MCL on Thursday June, th17 2010.

I’m 30 and little scared if I can walk normally again, may not wake up from the surgery, how much pain I have to bear, if I can do my favorite activities running, jumping, swimming and etc.

Should I not go in for the surgery? If I don’t get the surgery done want are the consequence?

I need some advise asap from people who had experienced the same fear.

Jun 14, 2010
walking after surgery
by: Anonymous

it depends on your doctor.
mine had me walking within a week.
i was able to put weight on it after 2 days.
at the week mark i was only walking around my house, but was completely walking without crutches the next day.
don't dive in and go a little at a time.

Jun 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

Shawn, I'm sure everyone who has gone in for surgery has had concerns. For any procedure there any complications, but you just have to trust your surgeon. Of course you should be concerned, but don't stress out. I would get the knee fixed. I'm not sure if your still active, but It will be painful if you do not get any knee issue repaired and likely get worse.

Jun 16, 2010
Listen to Physical Therapist or Doctor
by: Tamara

I tore my ACL and lateral meniscus and it has been almost 4 months since my surgery. My physical therapist think I am doing really great and had me jog the other day on his treadmill. But my doctor isnt even suppose to release me to jog until 5 months. I dont know what to do. Listen to my physical therapist or my doctor?

Jun 16, 2010
Doc or PT
by: Anonymous

I was concerned in a similar situation as yours. My PT had me jumping before i was cleared to. I did not discuss it with my doctor, but since running is a huge step I would ask my doctor. You could be recovering well and be able to run early or you could be running to early, only your doctor could tell you. Good luck.

Jun 18, 2010
ACL Surgery
by: Rugby Player

Hi i am a 28 year old male and had acl surgery (repaired with my hamstring) in Oct 2009 i kinda slacked on PT but still went for a solid 2 months.I just started running two weeks ago (7 Months recovery) and and i am having pain on the inside of my knee just under my kneecap.I've probably went on a total of five 2 Mile runs and i just keep fighting through the pain when i bear all my weight on the repaired knee during stride (walking does not hurt whatsoever)There is slight swelling which i ice after. I am just wondering if i should stop or if it will get better as my legs get stronger. This is the first time i have ran in 3 years from the time i first damaged my knee.My goal is to get back playing rugby.Thanks

Jun 23, 2010
Everyone is different
by: zewt

I had my surgery on 4/6/10. I was asked to do intense rehad immediately after the surgery and went through hell lot of pain. But I must admit, rehab does help reduce the pain and helped me walk again.

During rehab, I met many fellow knee reconstruction patients during different post-op period and everyone has their own recovery pace. there is a girl who is just 2 weeks post op and she is doing cycling.

what i am trying to say is, everyone is different and we should not rush ourselves. as someone commented, a good recovery does not necessary means a speedy recovery. what is most important is that the graft is given time to join into the knee and form the ACL.

I wish everyone here a good recovery, may we all go back to our favourite activities soon.

Jun 27, 2010
u can do anything
by: Anonymous

I tore my acl, mcl, lcl, medial meniscus and lateral, and chipped my femur snowboarding. Had 1 surgery to repair everything except my acl. 5 days on cruthces, then walking, day 7 in the gym on the bike(slowly), by 2weeks light wieghts and so on and so forth. It's been 2 months now and the knee is getting real strong man, and works well in straight motion activities(re:absolutley avoid anything that will twist your body). Goin for ACL recon. in 2 weeks and I get to do it all over again. So recovery can be speedy, if you continue with lots of physio and work at it everyday. Anit-inflamitories, supplements, lots of plant based foods, and drink water like no tomorrow, thats my 2 cents if your having a hard time out there.

Jul 16, 2010
Patellar vs. hamstring?
by: Courtney

I'm 19 years old and tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus 6 weeks ago playing soccer. I'm still waiting to get the surgery and I was wondering if there are any major benefits to using patellar tendon or hamstring grafts? I've heard and read a lot of good and bad things about both. The doctor I'm currently seeing prefers the hamstring because there is less patellar tendonitis and said the strength loss in the hamstring is hardly noticeable if you rehab it correctly.

It would be interesting to hear some first hand stories about what type of graft you guys used and how it worked out :)

Jul 18, 2010
my recovery so far
by: Anonymous

I had my ACL repaired 5 days ago and I am off my crotches but walking with a major limp.. I can almost fully straigten it but probably can't get to the end because there is still swelling. I can bend my knee comfortably under 90 degrees. Everyones recovery is different I guess.

Jul 19, 2010
post op recovery
by: Dan

Hi to all
I will tell you my experience, I hope it helps.

I torn the ACL in my right knee playing soccer in winter of 2009. I went for surgery 11 days ago.
I spend first night in hospital, then few days at home without any pain(I took pain killers and voltaren pills for 5 days). I had 2 PTs visiting me in the hospital room the day following the surgery. One(a lady) said I should spend 2 weeks on crutches, the other (a man) said- 3 weeks.
I also got a paper with basic exercises that I have to do till I meet the PT next time.
I visited my OS 4 days after surgery and he told me I can put my weight on the leg.
I started walking with only one crutch after 6 days, trying to avoid stairs as much as possible.
I started using ice after doing exercises(that was after few days). The OS told me not to use any ice in the first 48 hours.
Now, I'm 11 days after surgery and feeling good, the only thing I'm not 100% happy with is (although my knee extension is good) I can't straighten it in the same like the other one (I have an over extension of the knee in the healthy one same as I used to have in this one ).
I think that will come back in time.

A few things I've noticed as very important in fast and good recovery:

1. Don't force yourself when doing the exercises in the first few days, but don't be lazy either. When you're off the crutches be careful on stairs and sudden movement.
Do the exercises that PT gives you at least 3 times a day.

2. Use ice to reduce swelling especially after you have a short walk or after doing the exercises. Keep the ice on the swelling for at least 10 minutes,but not more than 20 minutes. Don't put the ice directly on your knee. Allow the knee to warm up at least 30 minutes after using ice, before you stand or you go to the restroom or something.You can put again ice on the swelling after 1 hour.

3. Crutches usage: Listen to at least to PTs opinions or more and decide for your self.
I decided to use one only after one week.
I can walk properly, but don't want to force it so I will continue to use only one crutch till 22nd(that will be 14 days after surgery) when they will remove staples- I look a bit like Frankenstein.

4. Protect your knee. Even if you can sustain your weight only on the affected leg, DON'T.
Wen you dress up or when doing different activities, don't keep all your weight only on that leg. And careful with the rotation. Better to lift the leg and turn then to try to rotate.

5. If you don't have any pain, stop taking the pain medication.

6.Protect the aria and the surgery holes when taking shower. Cover it with a plastic bag or something. It is not good to wet it. Ask your OS how to clean it if necessary.

Jul 29, 2010
18 year-old recovery advice!
by: Sarah

I just had my surgery and I am on my third day of recovery. I feel a lot of stiffness however, I am able to move my ankle in a circle, and can also bend it slowly to about 90 degrees. My doctor said that I should be able to walk in about 2 weeks. Hope this helps!

Aug 03, 2010
I hope this helps
by: Jane

I had my surgery 7 days ago. I did not feel any pain after the surgery, but I did have a nerve block put into my leg for 3 days. My sergeant put a tube in my knee to drain blood. I was bleeding for 2 days, but only 177ml of blood came out. I did not get a knee brace yet, but its because my doctor simply forgot to bring it for me ( yeah). I can bent my knee about 90 degrees, i can rotate it, i can do lifts, but i dont do it too much because Im afraid to do something wrong with my knee and damage it again.
My doctor didnt give me a lot of instructions after the surgery..or before it. So make sure you talk to your doctor about everything before and after the surgery.

One more advice, you might want to consider drinking pineapple juice, or aloe vera juice. Pineapple helps to reduce the swellowing, and aloe vera is just good to drink after any kinds of surgery.

Aug 04, 2010
ACL Reconstruct of right knee
by: BuffMama

I am a 41yo female. I tore my ACL in right knee on May 23, 2010. Actually from pics OS gave me, I shredded it. Looked like small noodles. Had my outpatient surgery July 16,2010. I chose to use hamstring graft. I checked in @ 5:45am & was going home by 9:30am. I was given a femoral block & prescribed Norco 10mg/325mg. Had my post-op visit 10 days later & OS told me to get rid of crutches & walk, do heel slides, knee bends. Stopped taking narcotics at 14 days post-op. Must say the withdrawal from Norco was very unpleasant for 5 days. I returned to work, started driving again on Aug. 2. Next visit on Aug.9 & will start rehab. The only down side to this experience is that I'm used to being in the gym 4-5 days/week & not being able to weight train my legs sucks. Noticed muscle loss after 1st week of being on crutches.

Aug 06, 2010
ACL Reconstruction
by: Cameron

Hello, I had my acl reconstructed on July 13, 2010. It was a very painful experience for about the first week and a half. It's now been almost 4 weeks since my surgery and I have most of my range of motion back, and walking fairly well. I go back to work on the 11th of august. I do have some aches and pains in the knee but nothing like what I had before the surgery. Anyone who has this surgery, My best advice is to be strong, do your rehabilitation and be careful. You'll make it through.

Aug 15, 2010
kneecap sliding during exercises?
by: Anonymous

i'm 18 and i had ACL repair surgery and they repaired my lateral meniscus now nine days ago. I am up to 120 degrees on the CPM machine and can bend and straighten my knee pretty well. however, when i'm bending my knee on my own like on the floor it is still extremely painful. also, i'm having a problem with doing the leg lifts while lying on my back. i can do them at physical therapy while someone is watching but have the hardest time even getting my leg off the ground at home. also, one of my exercises consists of me lying on my left side ( i tore my right ACL ) and lifting my left leg so it works the glutes and hip. however, everytime i do this one exercise it feels like my knee cap is sliding around/ just very unstable. i was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? please help me out if you have. thanks!

Aug 24, 2010
ACL - Hamstring graft
by: Chris

Hi there i am 28 and had the reconstruction surgery, its been 6 weeks now and everything seems to be ok. i still cant straighten my leg fully and dont know wether to try to walk yet?, i do my normal minor exercises but when i try and fully extend my leg i cant any ideas?

Aug 25, 2010
ACL/Meniscus Surgery
by: Nikki

I had surgery August 13th, about 2 weeks ago and I am still on crutches. I can fully extend my leg but can only bend it a little past 90 degrees. I can't lift the bottom part of my leg straight up on it's own. I'm really sad because it feels like I will never have use of it again but I know I will. I go back to the doctor in about 2 weeks and he said I might be able to walk then. Right now, I don't see how that is possible but I sure hope so.

Aug 26, 2010
August 12th surgery
by: Anonymous

To Nikki. I totally understand how you feel. I had surgery exactly 2 weeks ago and I am still on the crutches. I can fully extend my leg and bend it a little past 90 degrees( although my doctor forbids streching past 90 degrees so early). Everyone seems to be walking independently already but I'm on crutches and my knee is still stiff and feels so heavy. I graduated to one crutch yesterday and the physical therapist seems optimistic that I will be crutchless in the next week or so.

I know walking seems so far away but don't give up or get too down on yourself. I'm also doing my physical therapy without a brace to hold my leg straight. Is everyone else using a knee brace?

My doctor insists that I can get the straight on my own. Maybe that's why my walking is delayed?

Aug 27, 2010
Patience and exercise is the key
by: Daniel

I posted the first comment some time ago here.
I had my right ACL done almost 2 months now.
I was on both crutches for 5-6 days,then gradually I used 1 only, but on short distances(on long walks I was still using both crutches-in total maybe 1 week and half).

I didn't use any knee brace, but of course I was always careful not to move it on the sides,only straight.

I did my exercises twice every day. You can motivate yourself to do the exercises as many times and ways as your PT advices you ,but dont force your self if you really feel a lot of pain.
The knee will feel heavy and stiff for some time, and even it will be a bit bigger than the other one, but in time it will come to the normal size,don;t worry.
Make your exercises every day, don't stay on your feel the whole day, 'cause it will become bigger, but be active,take a short walk every day, even on crutches.

Be optimistic and sleep well, your body will recover easier.
That was my issue actually, I have a new born baby and didn;t sleep much, and after one month I skipped the exercises for a couple of days and let me tell you how bad that was for my knee- I went backwards in time at least two weeks. My knee became big again and stiff and I struggled a bit for another few days with the bending.

So,most important be consistent and motivated. DO YOUR EXERCISES AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

All the best for the best


Aug 30, 2010
9 days post op
by: DaveB

I had a hamstring autograft and meniscus repair 9 days ago - UK. Suprised about how little pain to start with, no meds to speak of after 24hrs. Little achey now, nothing much though. Cyro cuff a godsend. ROM 90 deg after 4 days, now 130 deg at 9 days. Nowhere near walking without crutches yet, leg raises easy, but hamstring very sleepy! knee feels quite unstable when foot off the ground. Injured/torn about 20 years ago (now 34), and been pretty active since, with club squash, hill walking, winter sports. Surgeon quite supirsed to find my knee in generally good condition. He does about 150 of these a year, so hope I found the right guy, and recover well....

Sep 07, 2010
3 1/2 weeks post-op
by: MATT

I tore my acl last october and barely got surgery on august 16. Primarily when I injured it I had no pain or swelling watsoever so I didnt find out I had the injury til january. Now that ive gotten surgery i am able to bend it about 110 degrees and I was able to walk with the special brace at one week although I still have a little bit of swelling. Also, I can do leg lifts perfectly fine. Any ideas on when I can return to baseball? Im a 15 year old boy.

Sep 07, 2010
another note
by: MATT

two years ago i partially ruptured my other acl but the doctor said there was no such thing as a partial rupture so he said it must of ruptured completely but it was growing back and acls can only do that if there partially torn. Any ideas how the ligament came back together?

Sep 09, 2010
meniscus tear recovery
by: runner joe

Having part of my meniscus removed in 2 weeks. Hoping to get bsck to running road races asap ( 80 Y.O. )Doctor said I'll have a 2 day post-operative recovery with swelling, paim etc. Will be able to do normal things a few days later and start running in 6 weeks. Is he overly optimistic? Symptoms include: Degenerative changes;Chondromalacia patella; Bilateralmeniscal tears; Suprapatellar joint effusion; Osteochondral defects involving anterior non-weightbearing aspect of medial femoral condyle and fibrocystic degenerative changes involving medial patellar facet and patellar apex; Small Baker's cyst; and Diffuse subcutaneous swelling. Comments will be appreciated.

Sep 16, 2010
My knee
by: Kyle R

My knee struggled at first after having meniscus repair keyhole surgery 9 weeks ago, the doctor took 1 crutch away from me so i am only using one, i struggled at firs to bend and lift the knee but my advice is DO NOT OVER DO IT! and EXCERCISE IT! How long does anyone think i will be back to sport? And as my knee is still clicking does anyone know when it will stop clicking??? It clicks when i move it in my bed...
0-2 weeks no pressure.
2-490 degrees on brace
4-6 partial weight bearing.
7-8 i ignored doctor instructions and began walking, BAD IDEA MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 1 CRUTCH at All TIMES!
9-10 1 crutch took away at start of ninth week.
11-rest?? Anyone help me?/

Sep 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

So...I had my ACL surgery on September 15th, it's now the 24th (so almost two weeks) and The doc told me I couldn't do anything until I quit my pain meds which is probably why I was in so much pain, but I quit them five days after surgery. The pain is excruciating, but to be honest it's only from where they took my hamstring out to make my new ACL (I had a complete tear). However, since I'm pretty athletic, and in taekwondo, I've always had a really high pain tolerance. My first pt meeting (the 23rd) I could do a full cycle on the stationary bike and can straighten my leg completely and bend it pretty far. Today I got the all clear from my physicians assistant to walk. without a brace. using crutches as needed. I got up and walked right out of the hospital on both my legs without the crutch or brace, and aside from a little discomfort it's not bad. I'm just worried that maybe too much walking will damage it? Any opinions? Because my doc seems kinda bipolar on what she wants me to do..first she says no weight bearing for four weeks and now all of a sudden after nine days I'm allowed to walk without a brace or anything. (I'm a girl by the way, just fyi.)

Sep 26, 2010
Recovering from ACL Reconstruction and partial menisectomy
by: Anonymous

@Matt, the ACL doesn't have a blood supply and doesn't heal itself. A ligament can be partially torn, just as a muscle I'm not sure why your Dr told you that...weird.

As for me, I had ACL reconstruction with a small portion of my medial meniscus cut where it was torn (menisectomy) on Aug 17, 2010. I'm about 5 weeks post-op and I feel great. I had an allograft. Many of my friends told me how much pain they were in, and so I thought it was weird that I had none. However, they had autographs done. I was only on pain meds for 3 days, although I probably didn't need them...I took them from advise from friends who said the first 3 days were painful and if I didn't take the meds then it'd take forever for them to kick in. From day 1 I was able to to extend my knee into almost full extension. I used an ice cooler 24/7 for 3 days and always kept my knee in extension and even in a hanging position at times. I also did all the exercises I was told to do (it helps that I'm a physical therapist assistant, so I kinda know the drill anyway). I was conservative as to when I got off crutches as to not rush, but at the same time, not staying on them too long. I went from 2 crutches to 1 crutch in about 1 1/2 weeks and to no crutches at 3 weeks (although at 2 weeks, I was doing some household walking with a limp without crutches). I live upstairs and so the first 3 days I stayed at a friends house on a 1 story, but then went back to my house. As long as you only had surgery on one knee, stairs are very go up with the good leg leading and down with the bad leg leading (again, my professional training helped me with that). I stopped wearing a brace at 3 1/2 weeks. When I started PT after 2 weeks, I was surprised that there was someone else who had the same surgery a few weeks before mine, who was not able to straighten her leg and was in alot of pain. I'm not sure I have an answer as to why some people recover faster then others but some suggestions are: 1) allographs are less painful then autographs, 2) do exercises before and after surgery as instructed, 3) use the ice coolers 24/7 for the first 3 days, 4) get off pain meds asap, 5) keep your knee in extension from the minute you get out of surgery and even let it hang at times, 6) be compliant with everything

Sep 27, 2010
IF any body know reply ASA
by: Anonymous

Does any body know that with surgery with ACL tear and Medical Meniscus tear also? Which cause Bucket Handel tear. Is it possible to do normal walk with out surgery, I do not want my surgery now may be after 4 to 5 months if any body know please do let me know thanks.

Oct 03, 2010
i dont kno??
by: Anonymous

ok so i had surgery monday september 27, and i used the crutches for 2 days. then on that thursday sept. 30 i tried walking is that good or baddd????

Oct 05, 2010
by: Alex

Hi Guys, i am having surgery on the 19th of October 2010 must say i'am pretty nervous. I had a complete acl tear while playing soccer and landing on my left leg after a executed header. My Doc is removing my patella tendon to replace the acl, i just wanted to know from whoever has done the surgery with the patella how did it go, how was the pain.

Oct 11, 2010
by: Steve

Had my surgery on Sept 30th. Dr does not allow me any exercise other than leg lifts. I can do 30 leg lifts with no problem. But my flexon is a struggle to get to 60 after 11 days. Dr also is restricting my extension to 20 until I start therapy. Im hoping to start physical therapy by Oct 20th. The only real pain is from back spasms due to not being able to move about. I have always been an active person and not used to sitting on my butt all day. Leg feels like I could possibly start walking, but Dr does not want me putting weight on it yet. Confused as to why my Dr is restricting me.

Oct 12, 2010
Want to know about doctor in UK
by: Anonymous

Any body can recommend me a good doctor in UK for my surgery of Meniscus and ACL tear.

Oct 15, 2010
2 weeks today
by: Anonymous

I tore my ACL on Sept 5, and had reconstruction using hamstring autograph on 10/1. My doctors approach seems to be very laid back. He said crutches weren't necessary but I would probably need them due to discomfort for the first week or so. He doesn't have his patients wear a brace either. I used regular ice bags and did not even know about the machine used to continually move your leg.
His emphasis was to start straightening my leg using the towel roll under my ankle and letting the knee sag down. I did this every hour for 5 min. PT. eval on day 4. My PT showed me how to use one crutch and had me even walk a few steps without crutches, which wasn't pretty. She had me do a few excercises that were pretty painful.I gave up the crutches by day 10, but I walk slowly and with a limp.
I use Motrin every 6-8 hours and still may take something stronger for the aches at night. I would highly encourage ice and elevation, plus lots of water and colace to help battle the havoc the narcotics do to your GI tract. Not to be gross,but at day 4 my stomach and bowel problems were worse than my knee.
Right now I reached around 100 for flexion, and 0 for extension. My knee still has some swelling and when I am on it too much, it swells more and feels stiff.
Well, I've rambled on here,sorry! It seems like there are many different approaches and hopefully positive outcomes are possible with each one. It's been nice to read about stories of others who are going through the same thing. Best wishes to all for successful recoveries and the return to all of the activities you enjoy!

Oct 15, 2010
2 weeks today
by: Anonymous

I tore my ACL on Sept 5, and had reconstruction using hamstring autograph on 10/1. My doctors approach seems to be very laid back. He said crutches weren't necessary but I would probably need them due to discomfort for the first week or so. He doesn't have his patients wear a brace either. I used regular ice bags and did not even know about the machine used to continually move your leg.
His emphasis was to start straightening my leg using the towel roll under my ankle and letting the knee sag down. I did this every hour for 5 min. PT. eval on day 4. My PT showed me how to use one crutch and had me even walk a few steps without crutches, which wasn't pretty. She had me do a few excercises that were pretty painful.I gave up the crutches by day 10, but I walk slowly and with a limp.
I use Motrin every 6-8 hours and still may take something stronger for the aches at night. I would highly encourage ice and elevation, plus lots of water and colace to help battle the havoc the narcotics do to your GI tract. Not to be gross,but at day 4 my stomach and bowel problems were worse than my knee.
Right now I reached around 100 for flexion, and 0 for extension. My knee still has some swelling and when I am on it too much, it swells more and feels stiff.
Well, I've rambled on here,sorry! It seems like there are many different approaches and hopefully positive outcomes are possible with each one. It's been nice to read about stories of others who are going through the same thing. Best wishes to all for successful recoveries and the return to all of the activities you enjoy!

Oct 15, 2010
by: Taylor

I was already walking without crutches in 4 days without any pain, I had an allograft, and I am so glad I did.

Oct 19, 2010
Suggestions for an ACL surgery patient
by: Arun

I had an ACL surgery 6 weeks i am walking without crutches..i am feeling very comfortable.if anyone has doubt about this surgery then send me your question,i will try to provide you best information and suggestion.

My email id is

Oct 20, 2010
Had ACL surgery 9/29
by: Marc B.

I'm 3 weeks post op today. 40 yr old male who had allograft procedure. Was walking with one crutch beginning of second week, and ditched that by the beginning of the third per status check with surgeon and after 1st PT. Obtained 130 degrees day one PT, and have had two sessions after so far. Rode bike today, and did one leg balancing exercises with no problem.

Everyone I know who has had this procedure had me fearful I was in for a very difficult time. In reality, I felt more pain and discomfort post op with a medial meniscus scope 12 years ago than I have with the ACL. I'm pleasantly surprised. My biggest concern at this point is doing too much too fast. I'm not doing anything I'm not given a green light to do right now, but knowing myself I will begin to take for granted anything I want to do I can do without issue. I need to keep myself in check in that regard!

In therapy today there was a guy there who had the same procedure and surgeon a month prior to me and was behind in PT progress. Had to be 10 or more years younger than me, and loked to be in pretty good shape. The healing process is a funny thing...!

Oct 21, 2010
ACL reconstruction.
by: chris burns

tore my acl,mcl,lcl,miniskus and lateral a big tme soccer player.i just had surgery exactly 7 days ago.i like being normal so im starting to walk on it,pain and limping there anything bad i can do to my knee from walking to early on it, taking it really easy?thanks

Oct 30, 2010
re: walking on it too early
by: Anonymous

My doc told me bearing weight on that leg and walking on it as soon as you are able is good for you to do. I thought taking it easy would be be best, but moving and regaining strength and range of motion is what my doc said.

Oct 30, 2010
ACL Surgery and post opp
by: Anonymous

I just had my ACL reconstructed and my medial meniscus repaired on October 28th which would be last Thursday. It is Saturday and I can walk without crutches already. I do have quite a big limp so I use them anyway but when it comes to pain it is very tollerable. My Doctor said that I probably didn't need crutches but the therapists don't like it when their patients learn to limp because they have to teach them to "unlimp" so that is why I will be on crutches for 2 weeks max. I am looking forward to getting back to 100% in the next few months. I had a hamstring graft so my hamstring is feeling a little wierd now, but I'm sure that will heal as well.

Nov 04, 2010
by: Intishar

Hey DUde
I am still at recovery stage myself. I did not take take that long to walk. I did not even use crutches after my surgery. I walked with a leg brace within 24 hrs...and it lukd prety proper too:p
I took my brace off after my stitches were cut...that was a good three weeks. but by that time my legs were strong enough for me to wals 500 m.

Nov 04, 2010
So far, so good
by: Anonymous

Had acl reconstruction surgery Oct 13, 2010.

Arthroscopic, 2 strands of hamstring (nearest tendon part) doubled over to be 4 strands. Attached with plastic tubes into the two bones.

Woke up with 5 holes in my knee, lots of swelling and for the first 48 hours... lots of pain. But after those first 2 days, the pain subsided to a bearable level.

It's day 21 and I've been walking since about day 9 with the brace locked at zero. Still walking with brace locked at zero, but want to activate the hinge very soon.

With brace off during showers, etc... knee feels weak, but not too bad.

I did about 4 weeks of 'prehab' at the PT and I think that's going to pay off.

So far so good. Trying hard not to do anything dumb, but have been driving and going up/down stairs since about day 7... just with EXTREME caution.

Nov 05, 2010
scared but I want my leg back
by: April

I did something stupid on the 4th of July and tore my acl and my medial meniscus. The first ortho doctor I saw said my acl was not torn all the way through. That was after he saw my mri. He sent me to physical therapy, which helped some, but caused swelling and had pain in my knee on and off, worse at night. Decided to see the actual surgeon he recommended. He said I have no choice but to repair or remove the torn meniscus since that is what is causing me pain.
My concern is since my acl is not torn completely, should I be doing reconstructive surgery on it. The surgeon says that if my acl shifts it could tear my meniscus again and then I would be back in for surgery again. I have some shifting in my knee but not horrible, and gee I can walk now which counts for alot. Surgery is scheduled for Dec 1, and I have never been cut on before. I have to say I think I may be trying to make an excuse to not do the whole thing especially since I'm 45. However, I want to run again and do alot of hiking, tennis and just like to active in general. I just don't like to take unnecessary risks.

Nov 21, 2010
Bi-lateral ACL tear SURVIVOR
by: Anonymous

I tore my right ACL playing soccer my junior year of high school, 2008. I had the re-constructive surgery and was back to playing soccer my senior year. The whole thing, rehab and all, took 6 months. I played soccer at a college level just fine. It would sometimes swell after a lot of lunges, but you know your body and it was never a hindrance. In August 2010 I tore my left ACL playing indoor soccer. I had the surgery a week ago and am almost walking. At first I was really upset that I might miss out on soccer. But if you've torn your ACL don't worry. It isn't the end of the world. I'm from CA and my hometown doctor is amazing and I trust him completely. I didn't go to a specialist. Ask around to see the people your doctor has worked on, and get into rehab as soon as your doctor recommends. It is also super important you keep your muscles toned pre-surgery. It helps your recovery time.

Nov 30, 2010
Loving my new ACL!!!
by: Anonymous

Back in Dec 2009 I snapped my ACL and tore my Meniscus...I would rather have more children then feel that pain again...had surgery Feb 22nd 2010... started PT 1 week out of surgery...since I was hurt at work I was only allowed 24 legs were not strong to begin with so I was able to get 48 visits of PT!!!! It was the best in the world...I now have strong legs and lost 30lbs!!!! My doctor and PT team were the advice I can give you is go to a doctor who specializes in Sports Injuries...mind u I received my injury while jumping with preschoolers (I still think one of those brats pushed me)!!!! I spent this past weekend clubbing with my husband and friends...good luck to all of you...quick question: what happens if your 3 and tear your ACL???

Dec 01, 2010
Acl and meniscus repair

I had an unhappy triad(acl,mcl and menicsus) after falling while bouldering. A week after surgery I was out of the immobilizer and at 90 degrees flexion, the second week I was off crutches around my apartments, now I'm at 2 1/2 weeks, at 122 degrees and walking without crutches with a slightly noticeable limp. Therapy(and lots of icing) have helped a ton! No pain meds since my first week, tylenol seems to control the aching pretty well. My knee can handle swimming and biking with little discomfort. Straight leg raises seem to be the most painful still(I had a patellar tendon graft.) Good luck to everyone undergoing the surgery, the best advice I can offer is stick to your PT!

Dec 13, 2010
ACL reconstruction & rehab..
by: Hemal Patel - India

Hi All,
This is a lovely page where i see a lot of people shared their own findings.
In Jan 2010, i jumped and landed on my left foot, locked on the ground and twisted with Meniscus, lateral partially tear and ACL completely torn.

I had been on plaster for 3 weeks and advised to undergo natuaral healing for Meniscus and Lateral ligaments and to my great luck, both healed well naturally within 3 months time. But somehow the ACL, which was a complete tear did not heal, so i had to undergo surgery. I decided to go for that on 27th Nov. 2010.

I got operated with hamstring reconstruction and the surgery went well. No pain and medics after a week now. Its been 2 complete weeks, but i am yet not advised to walk or put pressure on my leg. However, i am doing well with the PT and can bend upto 20 deg. and stretch my knee straight. I should be walking with little pressure by next week.
In all it will be 6-7 months to get back to my Tennis lawns.
Cheers to all and have patience !! Thats the only good medicine to better recovery !!!

Dec 15, 2010
ACL reconstruction 5 days ago
by: Jimbo

Hi all,

I had my left ACl reconstructed 5 days ago with a graft from the hamstring. I didn't leave the hospital with a knee brace which surprised me, however 5 days on and I able to wander round home, going up and down stairs without crutches and relatively pain free. I haven't been outdoors yet, but may just take one crutch with me when I venture out tomorrow. I've already got about 90 degrees of flexion in it so it seems that I've been treated in quite a different way to you guys. I'm pretty pleased with my progress so far, but kind of worried considering how other people are at this stage

Dec 16, 2010
ACL reconstruction 20 days
by: Rodrigo

Hello everyone,

I had my ACL reconstructed 20 days ago and I am doing fine. The is a bit of pain and discomfort when the painkillers fade but nothing to worry about. I am already walking without crutches, but I still take them with when outside my home (strongly recommend it). Be patient, don´t rush recovery, you recover day by day

Dec 28, 2010
PCL and MCl
by: kind4all

Hello Everyone,
I have almost read everbody'e comments. Most of you guys have torn ACL, but for me I have torn my PCL and MCL. I just would like to know how long will take me to walk without crutches. My work require me to walk around in chemistry labs, for how long will I be able to reture to do my usuall work?


Dec 29, 2010
by: Danish C

Hi Guys/Gals

I've read a good amount of comments posted and I must say, it has really brought my spirits up!

My Story:

3 Years ago I suffered a full ACL and partial MCL tear playing Football.

I went under the knife and had a piece of my hamstring used for reconstruction. While I don't remember the timelines I returned to about 95% of what I was able to do in terms of leg strength and functionality.


Just yesterday I was involved in a sking incident where my bindings didn't release after a fall and my leg was pulled one way and my body the other.

The result, a fully torn acl and partial mcl tear in my good leg. I will be getting an MRI soon and hope to get on the surgery list ASAP.

I will come back bigger and stronger and the posts on this webpage are definitely a big motivator.

Good luck to everyone.

Dec 30, 2010
by: Timmy halaby

Hey guys im 14 i tore my acl playing lacrosse. When i tore it i threw my body at the ground and slammed it. I had my surjury and am 8 days after the op. The first 4 days it was terrible, the oxycotton is distgusting. My doctor is very aggressive so he doesnt make me wear a brace because he wants me strengthening it 24-7. I feel that at this point im doing bad and at 8 days people generally are in better condition then me. Im very athletic i plqy varsity football and wrestling im in 9th grade... My doctor says 2 months but my ass i cant even move i just sit on my coach all day miserable.. If someone thinks i should do something differently please tell me this injury sucks. When will i start walking again? Im still on crutches and i put weight on my right foot to try and strengthen the leg... If someone could help me that be great

Jan 03, 2011
on my a$$ still
by: Anonymous

im right there with ya ortho said after a few days i should be walking some but i cant walk without parents are doctors and they seem to think i should be walking already(they both are very atheltic and have had acl reconstruction)but the most important thing to remember is every body heals different and every surgery is different so all of the info above is good moral support but really cant apply ones recovery to on day 5..hope i will be off the couch soon..i have a PT appt tomorrow and will post again after i see my PT.and my post op appt is on the 10th

Jan 03, 2011
Acl Repair
by: Millie

I'm 14 days post op now and i still use my crutches for support a lot, i find my knee gets sore really quickly, and i look ridiculous the way i limp around. I have good range of motion though, i can almost pull my foot all the way towards my bum, and i can straighten pretty good, but it gets stiff after a while. They took the graft to repair my acl from my hamstring. Does anyone find their knee is just really sore? Mine isn't unbearable or anything its just bothersome the way its sore form the inside out. Also how often do you ice your knee?

Jan 19, 2011
ACL Surgery
by: Anonymous

My daughter had ACL replacement and meniscus repair and was walking without crutches in one week. The younger you are, the better.

Jan 20, 2011
4 weeks 4days post op
by: Anonymous

Had my ACL reconstructed from my hamstring, and a bucket shaped medial meniscus tear, repaired 4 weeks ago. I am still on cruches and can only bend my knee about 75 degrees. Was told last week that I was far behind (could only bend 45 degrees), which I had no idea until he told me (I don't recomment getting surgery around the holidays, everything is closed Dec.20-Jan.3. Anyway, now working on work-outs given to me, and trying to get my knee to bend to 120 by Feb. 8th. Guessing if I get there, maybe my crutches wont be needed at that time. Good luck to everyone. Sounds like all recovery's are differant, but being able to read about it, is reassuring.

Jan 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

I know this is going to sound horrible but my therapist MADE MY KNEEE BEND!!!! he said it was scar tissue starting to build up...not going to lie to you it hurts REALLY BAD!!!! but in 3 visits my leg was bending normally....good luck keep us posted.

PS. I'm a year out of ACL (cadavier ligament)AND meniscus tear surgery...and I'm doing great...even climbing stairs...and I wasn't very active before my surgery so it took a while..but I asked my Physical Therapist to do the aggressive PT to get me walking w out crutches.

Jan 21, 2011
3 months out...
by: Anonymous

Had ACL reconstruction (hamstring, double bundle) and medial meniscus (bucket handle tear) done 3 months ago.

Slipped and fell on some ICE about 3 weeks ago and I'm still not back to where I was just before the slip. Improving, but very slowly.

That's the MAIN THING WITH THIS INJURY... take it easy and don't do stupid stuff.

Bought some Yak Trax pros (easily fit on shoes to walk on snow and ice) and they're awesome.

I was getting a bit despondent over how freaking SLOW my recovery seems to be, but PT and Doc all say it's normal, even with my being very active prior to injury.

You have to measure your recovery in months, not days nor even really weeks. In my humble opinion.

And SLOW STRETCHING is the best thing. Devote at least 15 min like 5 or 6 times a day to just stretching and bending it through as much range of motion as you can tolerate without sharp pain.

Jan 24, 2011
Acl and Mcl Reconstruction
by: Dylan V

Hello, looking for a response to my post. I just went through ACL and MCL Reconstruction surgery was wondering if anyone knew if it being stiff, warm and still a bit swollen it has been 13 days and also was wondering when if anyone knew how long it would take tell I would be able to walk without crutches i do own an ACL carbon fiber knee brace

Jan 25, 2011
Acl Men Recovery day 5
by: Petty

Well I have read alot of these comments on recoveries. Im 41 and after 5 day of recovery, im almost at full flexiblity with minor pain from knee. I had ACL replacement as well as both Mens. tears. After 5 days with the CPM, I have maxed out the flex % and found that im not getting much pain at all. The only pain im getting is with the biggest (3-4") incision on the side of my knee. I had 3 op and 3 cut incisions, 6 total. After walking for 10 minutes, the only sore thing is the biggest incision. Not sure if its a little infected or just healing slower then the rest, But I will know tomarrow during my first post op appointment. I used cluthes only for 4 days! I figure that if you use cluthes, you cant build muscles faster. PLUS, stop taking pain meds, If you cant feel it then how do you know where the pain is.

Jan 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hey Dylan, Since you had both ACL & MCL replaced, I would be be very carefully for a little bit longer. Most people only get there ACL done like me. When you get both done, Your knee is still unstable for now. Just use you CPM as mush as possible and check out some rehab videos on youtube. I found some really good videos on how to strenthen the muscles around your knee for support. Take your time Dylan

Jan 26, 2011
my acl reconstruction
by: omar harris

well i will be having acl recontruction on febuary 10, 2011 and i want to know the same thing and i alos want to find out how long will it be before i can continue my football career?

Jan 26, 2011
Football after acl replacement
by: Anonymous

Dude give it up for at least 6 to 8 months.The reason im saying that long is, after they put the new ACL in your kne which has been SCREWED into both your leg bones. If your bones dont have enough time to fuse and regenerate bone tissue around the new holes that were made then one wrong POP and all for nothing bro. 4 months then ask your doctor. Enjoy the time off. Dont want to do this twice. DO YOU?

Jan 29, 2011
ACL reconstruction
by: Anonymous

My doctor was one of those encouraging a short time period on crutches. Maybe 3/4 weeks. All physiotherapy is going well. Had the ACL reconstruction and bucket handle tear repair on inside of knee 14 days ago. Only pain I am suffering from is a sharp pain on the outside/back of my knee while bending. Just wondering if anyone else suffered from this?

Jan 29, 2011
Moron Dr.
by: Anonymous

Yes your doctor must be a MORON. Plus sounds like he didnt get all the tears. Did they do and MRI? So are you having a replacement or reconstruction of ACL. Oh BTW, you can recover at all being on clutches. Plan on 4-6 months before any real activities.

Jan 29, 2011
by: Bobby

Yes the shorter the time on crutches, the better. Not sure about that pain in back of knee though. Yes maybe still have a tear there?

Feb 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

had mine done 14 weeks ago, the first two weeks was very painful...I was unable to do anthing but keep it up, go to therapy, ride my excersise bike and walk to the bathroom. After that it felt better in leaps and bounds each week. My surgeon and therapist were agressive and had me walking 2 hrs after op and in therapy the next day, it hurt but worked I am back on my motorcross bike and ride a (pedal) bike 15 - 20 miles a day. just be ready to give up everthing for a couple of weeks and deal with the swelling and pain. Also, I never wore a brace, my surgeon doesn't believe in them...

Feb 07, 2011
14 year old experience
by: Anonymous

I had surgery on my acl in October. When you wake up from surgery you're gonna be hurting real bad. That's the only part i hated really. Do what your doctor tells you.NO SPORTS FOR A WHILE!Trust me.I may have torn mine again playing catch with my buddies.BE VERY VERY CAREFUL.
Be Blessed :)

Feb 08, 2011
i had surgury on my acl 4 months ago and i am playing hockey again
by: molloy

heyyyy just to let you know theres hope!!!!!!! I am 22 years old and i got surgury on my acl 4 months ago....yesterday i went to my local ice rink and played some drop in hockey....and i am still the fastest most agile dude out there so dont worrry guys, surgury is 100 percent these days...

Feb 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

11 months out and finally back to playing. I play DI soccer so my recovery was slow and made sure i was 100% before they put me back on the field. WORK HARD, rehab sucks, the pain sucks, but if you want to be able to walk right and have a knee that feels good you have to be patient,

Feb 17, 2011
Not as bad as I feared
by: Anonymous

Day 1 post operation: I'm at home recovering from my ACL repair with my family waiting on me hand and foot. Other than being couped up, it not as bad as I feared. Take your pain meds, drink lots fluids and don't neglect to ice or do your post op exercises. Please remember that everyone's experience varies dramatically.

Feb 20, 2011
Day 6: calf muscle tightens?!
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm 15 and I just had my acl and meniscus fixed. the first day of surgery was ok. When it can to the second day, the pain was unbearable! The pain went away after a couple days though.
Ok well it's been 6 days since my surgery. Everytime I stand up, my calf muscle near my knee always feels like it's tightening up and it's soo painful that I can barely move it! Also, every now and then, my kneecap begins to hurt. Is that normal? If anyone else has had the same experience, can you please let me know? How did you deal with it? I would really appreciate it. Honestly, all I want is to be able to play basketball and volleyball again. That seems so far away since I can't even fully straighten my leg yet...

Feb 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm a year out of surgery yesterday!!!! Here's the problem I fell and my left Knee outer top is swollen....swelling is going down and i can walk on it...just real sensative...any advice? should i see doc just to be safe or should I wait a few more days.

Feb 27, 2011
Good luck to everyone
by: Erwin, Holland (Europe)

I teared my acl 15 years ago while playing soccer and had had my acl surgery finally done the 17th of this month.I didn't had it done earlier cause I think that docters over here (specially back when I tore my acl)don't go for acl surgery as easy as in the States.I'm glad I finally had it done, though it's tough every now and then.I have to walk with crutches for 6 weeks.Every now and then I feel sorry for myself,but I do feel more sorry for some people on this site who had acl surgery for 2, even 3 times...Good luck to all of you who have had surgery or will have it soon.I hope all of you will be fine!!!

Feb 27, 2011
ACL Tips
by: Chad

Just had my second ACL surgery on my left knee after doing the meniscus and ACL on my right knee 4 years ago. All injuries were indoor soccer related and I'm now 31 years old. Here are some tips I have since I've been there and back again.

1. Get to physical therapy as soon as your doc allows it and take it seriously. I started my second week after surgery and it helps a lot especially with range of motion. I go 3x a week for two hours each day.
2. Do your home exercises every day. Some players I know did not take their rehab seriously and still have problems with the repaired knee.
3. Eat right and drink a lot of water. Painkillers can cause you constipation and other discomfort if you don't be careful.
4. Wear your brace and crutches outside and when traveling stairs or not so sturdy/safe places in your house. Your brace and crutches will help you break or prevent a fall since you can't count on your quads yet.
5. Allow time to heal, be positive, and expect to be able to play at the same level you did before surgery once you wait your 6-7 months. If your surgeon did a good job and you work hard on your rehab, you will most likely be able to perform at the same speed and skill level you did pre-ACL tear (remember Tom Brady just won NFL league MVP two years after his ACL surgery).

Hope this helps.

Mar 08, 2011
ACL Questions
by: Vivian

I got my ACL reconstructed on Feb 22.
& I'm with out my brace and crutches.
They tell me it's bad to be without my brace,
my doctor dosn't know & neither do my therpist.
should i still wear my brace and use my crutches?
plese e mail me.

Mar 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sorry to tell you this but sounds like you need a new doctor and therapist...

Mar 14, 2011
22 ACL reconstruction
by: Anonymous

Hey im just about to turn 23 and had surgery on the 22nd February. Wasn't too bad but i am still on one crutch and the knee swells up any time i dont use the crutches. Still cant fully straighten my leg but i am quite close and the prehab seems to have been worth it because my quad appears to be quite strong!
Setting myself little goals such as getting on the stationary bike within 4 weeks hopefully and going for my first run about 3-4 months post op. Can't wait, its hard not being able to do any cardio work a few times a week.
Anyway good luck with your recoveries

Mar 25, 2011
acl reconsturuction
by: cigdem

hi.i m going to have a acl reconstruction in 30 of mach.i m so will be under general anastasia with epidural together.what should i expect.i dont want to have a suprice.becaouse dr said we can moderate the pain but i read such a bad stories .

Mar 27, 2011
ACL both knees
by: Philly

Hi, I had ACL reconstruction on my right knee on Feb 26th so I'm four weeks post op. Rehab is going well and I have a full range of movement. I tore the ACL in my left knee two years ago and never had it seen to. Anyone ever had them both reconstructed? I mean, how long after one operation can you have the other one done??


Mar 27, 2011

when you come out of surgery, dont be moving your legs to much, i had my surgery 4 days ago, and i felt great right after surgery and i was moving my legs and everything, well about an hour later i was in excruciating pain, and i though i wasnt gonna make it. im not trying to discourage you, but it will hurt, but as long as you take your medication, and dont push it, and listen to your doctor, you will be okay. i went to my brothers basketball tournament yesterday, and there wasnt very much pain. biggest thing, BE PATIENT. best of luck to you :)

Mar 28, 2011
on crutches only a few days
by: Anonymous

I just had acl surgery and after 6 days I was able to get rid of the crutches. I went to rehab before the surgery to prepare for it and worked out my hamstrings alot. I also went to the gym and did alot of leg presses. The stronger you can get your legs befote surgery the less time on crutches you will need!

Mar 29, 2011
Comment on Cigdem's message
by: Erwin

@Mar 25, 2011 acl reconsturuction by: cigdem
There's nothing to worry about, you will be just fine!Surgeons do their acl surgeries like we make a peanutbutter sandwich,so don't be afraid!
Anastesia is something you don't even notice,so that's also something you shouldn't worry about.Good luck tomorrow!!

May 08, 2011
Should I wait?
by: Anonymous

I am a 17 year old girl and getting reconstructive acl surgery Friday the thirteenth of may then my graduation is 3 weeks after do y'all think I should wait till graduation or should I be walking fine by then?

May 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm 18 and I just found out I ruptured my ACL and tore my medial meniscus and lateral meniscus, in addition to 2 sprains and a bone bruise. I had the same concern as you did about graduation, so I decided to play it safe and wait to get the surgery after graduation so I wasn't on crutches for it. My doctor told me I'd be off crutches in three weeks but every doctor is different. I think you'd probably be able to walk at graduation.

May 17, 2011
ACL/ Meniscus tear
by: Anonymous


I did my surgery for ACL and Meniscus tear on my right knee on April 27th. I waited 7 days to walk without crutches. My muscle on my legs are automatically pulling when I sleep and it can be painful at times also my thighs are itching like crazy. Anyone experience anything like that if yes how do you sooth it.

Jun 19, 2011
Some advices
by: Sophie Genest

I had my ACL surgery the 8 of June 2011. It was very hard for me to do anything for the whole first week. I was sleeping and I needed help to go to the bathroom. I saw my doctor after one week and says I can start putting weight on it. I am wearing a brace that keeps my leg straight and I still use my crutches. For the past 2 days I have been using one crutches and today I try to get to the bathroom (really close to my room) without anything. The brace is in the way because my leg is straight but I really need it. I can't take it off until the physio tells me to (I will start this week).

I will see then what's next. I already have my other brace (the one that you can bend your kneed with).
My doctor said that my knee is getting well very quickly. But that's just me. It really depends on people. I couldn't eat much for a week but I drink a lot of water. It gave me energy.

You probably had your surgery already but I wanted to share this with people here. Maybe I will help someone to feel better.
The best thing you can do is REST and listen to your doctor. ASK questions because they might forget some details. Make a list when you are going to see the doctor (when can you shower, etc.)

Good luck to all of you waiting for an ACL surgery =)

(sorry for my English, this is not my first language).

Jun 25, 2011
by: Shannon

Hi everyone. I had my ACL replaced on June 10th. Just yesterday I got my staples out and splint off. I am now applying some weight to my leg when waling on crutches but I am noticing that my circulation isnt that great? My knee goes a purplish colour when I am up and around for more than a few minutes. There is no pain of numbness just the colour change. Is this normal? have other people experienced this?

Thanks so much S.

Jul 03, 2011
10 mths on - awesome!
by: DaveB

10 mths on after ACl and meniscus repair, hamstring autograft... absolutely delighted with results. Posted above after surgery... 35 now and tore ACL 22 yrs ago - active without until twist 18mths ago. Now back to playing gentle league squash. Fair amount of gym quad and hamstring work. Feels 100%! The more I push it the better it feels.

Question out there - what's my chances of being back in surgery?? I had a great surgeon, ACL specialist with 150+ a year. He recons my repaired knee is only as likely to repture the ACL as my good one - now that's a confident statement! (surgeons don't lack confidence in my experience!) He says for me, moderate sport, active, OK shape, he rates me at 1% per knee per year of rupture - sounds too good to me! That means I can have an active sporty life and odds are on not having more ACL damage ever - what's the experience out there in advice and reality?

Jul 04, 2011
walking after acl
by: Anonymous

I had my ACL reconstruction on 29 June. The pain relief caused me to be sick for the first two days, that has fortunately passed. I have a compressed dressing which means I haven't had to use ice packs to reduce the swelling. The crutches have been great, although I sometimes tend to hobble around the house a bit without them, I'm not sure if this is a good idea but it feels ok. I am keeping up with my exercises which can cause a bit of pain but nothing I can't handle.
My only worry is that I am meant to be doing a bit of travelling in about 4 weeks time, Paris and Rome! I know I will have to take it easy but I am wondering how mobile I will be, can anyone provide answers to this? Will I be able to walk the streets of Paris and Rome?

Jul 04, 2011
Travel after ACL
by: Anonymous

I had my surgery back on June 10th and I am still not off crutches. I think every case and doctor is different really - as I was not allowed to put weight on or bend for the first 2 weeks. I had a trip scheduled for the end of July that I just cancelled. I was unable to get travel insurance due to the existing injury (they make you wait 90 days until after you've been cleared before they will insure you). My physio therapist says I would have been able to go medically - but if something happens while travelling I would have to pay out of pocket. Im just not willing to take that risk as I was out of country when this injury happened in the first place.

Just something to consider before you go on your trip.

Hope it all goes well.


Jul 24, 2011
music festival 6 weeks post op?
by: suri

hey guys just had my acl surgery 4 days ago, i am still on bedrest with icemachine. They used a hamstring graft. I am 20 years old. Anyways i am just wondering if it would be a bad idea to go to a music festival in about 6 weeks. I only plan on going for 4 hours and in those 4 hours i shall be standing for about 2 hours for the main acts. Do let me know as i am wondering whether to buy tickets or not. Also how many times should i go to PT in a week, my doc limited me to 2 times a week but i am wondering if increasing that to 3 or even 4 a good or bad idea??


Sep 16, 2011
acl surgery
by: Anonymous

helpful web page..i had a mensicus surgery dec 21 2011..dr went in a sen that i had a 50% tear in my acl..but he said it was stablized an he didnt want to fix it yet becuz he hoped it would of healed wit rehab..well that didnt happen i went bac to sports in may an slightly injuryed it about 3weeks i was able to run again an everything..well 4weeks ago i injuryed it able to walk after i injuryed i was like wtf?? well i went to the orthopedic an he said the acl is failing an thats y i have reoccuring injurys an now im haveing surgery maybe oct 4th..can any1 help me wit this problem?? an tell me how soon i will be able to walk an recovery time cuz now i cant do sports at all..plz comment i need sum opionions an help..plz

Sep 17, 2011
Everybodys different
by: Taylor

I am having my ACl reconstruction in about 4 days it has been torn since May but the doctors said i will have to wear a non moving brace and crutches for about 2 weeks but everybodys dfferent some people heal the next day and can walk and some other people heal in a month its just all different

Oct 19, 2011
Post Op
by: Post-3-weeks

I had a complete blowout of my ACL (leg snapped outward and complete dislocation at the knee, I reset it myself) and a 2nd degree sprain of my MCL. 3 weeks post op with my Patellar re-graft (1/3 center patellar tendon to re-graft new MCL) and I'm already walking fine w/o crutches but still in the brace. w/o the brace I still have a slight gimp but that's mostly due to my lack of strength in the quad. We're having trouble re-establishing the nerves to it so it's only running at about 15 to 20%. Luckily I started off with extremely strong legs for my size and weight (easily do one legged squats dozens of times) so even at 20% strength in my quad I'm near fully functional.
Moral... Strengthen your legs as much as possible before any knee surgery and do anything and everything your PT tells you to. People heal at different rates so there's no way to know how soon you'll be off crutches or a brace and back to sports, just prepare for the worst and be happy with anything better.

Nov 10, 2011
Anyone know price ACL recon inThailand?
by: John

Am lookin to get ACL recon in Thailand does anyone have a quote at all on the current price. Or if Malaysia is any better. I think Thailand is cheaper. Thanks.

Dec 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 years old and i tore my ACL and both sides of my meniscus. I just had surgery December 15th, and i was on painkillers for 4 days. The first 2 nights were the most painful by the end of 3 days i took over 40 pills. My knee right now is still in pain and swollen. Also my foot is really sensitive, i'm not sure why. I did this playing soccer, and i'm scared to return to soccer because i never want to do this again. This is the most painful thing i've been through but hopefully im off crutches soon and walking. I hope it was worth the surgery because i want to be playing sports again. Whoever has it or is getting surgery hang in there.

Dec 29, 2011
2 weeks since ACL surgery NEW
by: Kris

Hi: I'm 44 and had ACL reconstruction with a patellar tendon graft 14 days ago. The first day I was sick from anesthesia and took percocet(oxycontin) for the first 4 days then switched to Tramadol, which is a non narcotic. I'm now down to tylenol or Mtrin 1-2x/day with some breakthrough pain when I am more active/weightbearing the day before. I stopped using my crutches for a few days but since feeling more pain recently have decided to use them more since I have 20 stairs to go up for the bathroom and my bedroom. This site is very encouraging to me and also reminds me to take it slow and not push too fast. My doctor has me use the CPM machine gradually going up to 90 degrees flexion 4-6 hours/day. Honestly since I started PT 3x/wk 90 mins/session, I have slacked off on the CPM machine but will try to use it more for ROM since that is more of a problem than the strength training in PT.The PT says I am doing well and the doctor says to bear full weight as tolerated. I do pay for it if I do too much so thank you all for your posts/emphasis on safety long term.

Dec 30, 2011
Re: Jan 18, 2009 Rating acl tear by: Candy Kahany NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm fourteen years old and I just had surgery on my completely severed ACL and partially torn meniscus. The doctor says I can walk without crutches in about 2-3 weeks, but as of now I can't do anything because I'm wearing a giant brave called an immobilizer. I have A patch of numb skin under my surgery where the longest scar is that sometimes generates a stinging pain from the inside. My mom recently tripped over my leg and now the long scar's stitches are really bumpy. However, I must say the hardest part is that my whole family is not being supportive. My sister has been stealing items from my room because I cannot defend myself, my brother continues to play his video games obnoxiously loud even though I'm trying to sleep on the couch, and my mom is just getting really aggravated having to take care of me all of the time. My advice: have patience with your son and just make it work with your schedule.

Jan 21, 2012
about 2 week for me NEW
by: Anonymous

I had an acl reconstruction and partial meniscus removal 8 days ago and am now walking (slowly)without crutches or brace. Reading some of the posts below it seems everyone is different. My graft was a hamstring graft and I didn' take any pain killers and have had minimal swelling. I had full extension the morning after surgery the night before. I believe that my relatively fast healing is due to having the leg totally fit prior to surgery (no acl but the rest of the leg was tip top) and I mean in really good shape - I was doing 2 hrs of weight training and stretching everyday for two months prior to surgery, leg pressing around 300lbs and biking over 100 miles per week. Now 8 days post op I have almost no muscle wastage of my quads but due to the graft have a badly torn hamstring. Regardless, I cn push the hammy in order to walk properly and doo most of the PT exercises. Straight leg raises and foot slides hurt the hammy but this should be healed in another 2 weeks.
Don't worry, if you are in good shape then the recovery will be better/faster. If you are deconditioned (overweight, aerobically unfit or have weak legs) then I would wait a month or two and get fit, then have the surgery. The best peice of advice I was given pre-op was that pre-habbing the knee was 80% of the recovery process afterwards. So far, thats seems totally correct.

Jan 21, 2012
about 2 weeks for me NEW
by: Anonymous

I had an acl reconstruction and partial meniscus removal 8 days ago and am now walking (slowly)without crutches or brace. Reading some of the posts below it seems everyone is different. My graft was a hamstring graft and I didn' take any pain killers and have had minimal swelling. I had full extension the morning after surgery the night before. I believe that my relatively fast healing is due to having the leg totally fit prior to surgery (no acl but the rest of the leg was tip top) and I mean in really good shape - I was doing 2 hrs of weight training and stretching everyday for two months prior to surgery, leg pressing around 300lbs and biking over 100 miles per week. Now 8 days post op I have almost no muscle wastage of my quads but due to the graft have a badly torn hamstring. Regardless, I cn push the hammy in order to walk properly and doo most of the PT exercises. Straight leg raises and foot slides hurt the hammy but this should be healed in another 2 weeks.
Don't worry, if you are in good shape then the recovery will be better/faster. If you are deconditioned (overweight, aerobically unfit or have weak legs) then I would wait a month or two and get fit, then have the surgery. The best peice of advice I was given pre-op was that pre-habbing the knee was 80% of the recovery process afterwards. So far, thats seems totally correct.

Jan 28, 2012
acl reconstruction and meniscus tear NEW
by: ricardo kaka

tore my acl while playin football 7 months ago but due 2 sum reason cudnt do surgery asap.
had my acl reconstn n my meniscus repair 4 weeks ago. able to walk on one crutch wil a little limp which the PT told vil go in a about 10 days. no pain in d knee as such..
i feel that i wud be able to walk without crutches in 10 days. jus cant w8 4 walking again.i never used a brace jus crutches it ws.

Feb 11, 2012
2 ACL operations in 5 years NEW
by: Mike

I had a patella ACL reconstruction 5 years ago following a football (soccer) injury. This year whilst training for a boxing fight my foot stayed planted to the floor whilst i tried to side step a puch, needless to say I snapped it again. This was 2 weeks before the bout. I was gutted 12 weeks of intensive training gone! Everyone I knew had bought tickets and alot of the money was going to charity... I could hardly walk. I broke down in tears knowing letting everyone down, I also as I knew the long road to recovery. After a week of resting. I took the decision to fight, my family, my friends and my doctor told me not to. The fight lasted 3 rounds....I won.

Should i have done it? Probably not, luckily on the night I was so full of adrenaline to do my best the giving way of the knee was the least of my worries. What this shows is you can do whatever you put your mind too. I truly believe that everyone on this post, with the correct exercise and dedication can get back to 100%. So it hurts a little, even years after you get the odd ache, but that's a small price to pay. I am going into surgery Tuesday for another patella graft off my good knee. Going to be back to square one again, but you know what, life is full of challenges, over comming them is what makes you a stronger person. I want to do an expedition to the North pole next year, so I see my recovery as the start of achieving my dream. To everyone on this post just keep on believing and working hard and everything will be ok.

Feb 15, 2012
Walking NEW
by: Anonymous

I recently went under the knife to repair my torn acl: both the doctor and the physio-therapist told me that no damage can be done from walking on it, however the brace is extremely important. I was walking on it without crutches 24hrs after the operation: I realized that the reason that i could was because i over came the FEAR of being in pain rather than the actual pain, so my advice would be have someone stand behind u they could hold u just enough to remove a bit of the weight on the knee and try to walk without the crutches, I think you'll feel more confident about walking and lose the crutches much quicker than you ever thought possible! I don't know it it was just me but i hope this helps! Good luck guys!!

Feb 16, 2012
brace important? not really... NEW
by: Anonymous

Really odd that the person above mentioned importance of the brace as my physio mentioned that the brace is irrelevant unless you have MCL damage and can be detrimental. The fact is any impact, twist etc strong enough to re-tear the ACL will not be protected by any brace device. I did not use any brace at any stage after my surgury and I had a fractured kneecap and no meniscus into the bargain. In fact the brace can encourage you to heal in a bad way and definitely discourages walking early. I walked normally without crutches one week after surgery and I've had friends who used braces and were still walking with a straight leg after a month.....why is that necessary?

The brace is like walking on your leg for the first time - get over the psychological issues and just do it, it will be fine. Remember a brace is just another crutch you don't need.

Feb 19, 2012
by: Cheyenne

Hi, my name is Cheyenne and I'm 13 I tore my ACL and my meniscus by jumping off my trampoline. I had my surgery 2 days ago and I can't even lift my leg on my own. I have to have my mom lift my leg so I can get off my bed. Also my brace isn't one that you can bend it in. Has anyone else had this?

Feb 19, 2012
by: Cheyenne

Hi, my name is Cheyenne and I'm 13 I tore my ACL and my meniscus by jumping off my trampoline. I had my surgery 2 days ago and I can't even lift my leg on my own. I have to have my mom lift my leg so I can get off my bed. Also my brace isn't one that you can bend it in. Has anyone else had this?

Feb 19, 2012
by: Cheyenne

Hi, my name is Cheyenne and I'm 13 I tore my ACL and my meniscus by jumping off my trampoline. I had my surgery 2 days ago and I can't even lift my leg on my own. I have to have my mom lift my leg so I can get off my bed. Also my brace isn't one that you can bend it in. Has anyone else had this?

Feb 20, 2012
Humor is good for recovery/at physo I make sure I laugh, alot NEW
by: Anonymous

The two most important aspects to a good recovery is one, make sure your surgon graduated at the top of his class! You want the best surgon you can find. 10 days post -op I can tell that the incesions are so thin & small I won't have any scars. I had ACL & menicus ( hamstring graft) everything about my recovery so far indicates he did his job well.
Second, I agree that being strong & in good shape before surgery is essential & a bit of common sense helps.
Most of us are active people who push boundries so mental attitude is important. Example. I know ten days post-op I could walk a fair distance & up hills or bike. But I won't risk it, instead in the dead of winter I stay indoors mostly & constantly do boring strength & mobility exercises - so that when spring arrives & the graft is far less fragile, I"ll be happy I waited.
As a 52 year old female, I am glad this did not happen until late in life & I will never jump off the bow of my boat to a low dock again! Lol

Feb 28, 2012
ACL reconstruction 14 days ago... NEW
by: Danish

i had my acl reconstructed 2 weeks ago. Can walk with crutches. but never tried to walk without crutches coz the doc has advised me not to do so for
3 weeks. can bend my knee 120 degrees. had almost no
pain after surgery. stability is good. but still not very confident walking without crutches.

Mar 05, 2012 NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a 48 yr old female, came off chair lift wrong way , twisted backwards and felt terrible pain,, was taken to doctor in resort of Soll Austria, she x.rayed me, twisted my knee and said i had done my crutiate. She wanted me to be operated within 2 days, i decided against it and came home. Paid for a private MRI to confim as NHS was 4to6 wks waiting ,,,,, paid to see a top sports surgeon and he confimed my acl has gone.... And bit of medial damage and bruising

Five weeks into my imjury ,, not being able to do any of my activities like running, walking,, military fitness classes and dog walking it doing my head in. My legs were very strong but within 2 weeks i had lost an inch off my right quad !!!!

I am trying with my physio exercises to keep my leg as strong as i can ,, but it is very frustrating,, Doctor in Austria gave me a full leg brace and an NHS doctor here gave me one set at 30 o angle and told me to wear it 24/7,, being sporty i sought a private opinion, glad i did he told me to take it off immediately as my knee would never be able to bend freely again if i kept wearing it !!!!!! my leg is now bending to 110 and after a bit of pushing can just about get in straight and flat to floor.

I see surgeon again in a week and hopeflly then get date for my operation,,, i am using savings to pay and get it done by a top sugeon as my NHS experince wasn't good. I want to do all the activities i did before,, life too short to maybe get a botched job done and b left limping , Call it vanity, but you don't realise what a debilitating injury this is.

In Austria they operate within days of you doing it but here in UK they wait 6 weeks or more to allow swelling to down. I personally only had a lttle swelling bu it's the tightness at either side of my knee at the moment which not allowing full range of movement,, every week sees an improvment.

I shall write again post operation, not looking forward to not being able to drive , or hobbling about on crutches

Mar 06, 2012
ACL tear + meniscus repair NEW
by: Anonymous

i am 27 years old and 5 weeks out of ACL and lateral meniscus surgery, see the surgeon next week. i was told no weight bearing yet. and only to go to 90 degrees for ROM. with the mensicus being repaired and slowing down my recovery how difficult is walking going to be? i want to start walking and take this brace off. how long will it take to walk with out the brace on ? couple weeks?

Mar 07, 2012
Acl after 3 weeks NEW
by: Danish

its been post 3 weeks after surgery. can walk without any crutches. just have little swelling in knee. can bend knee 120 degree and 0 degree. still feel little pain while full extension or full bending my knee.

i think if if ur meniscus is also teared then it will take more time to walk without crutches. it entirely depends on how severe ur knee was before surgery.

Mar 07, 2012
walking after meniscus NEW
by: Anonymous


I think the whole walking thing after acl and meniscus surgery is totally individual. I had acl reconstruction, meniscus removal and patella chondroplasty (when I did the injury I fractured my kneecap as well) ..... and I was walking normally in 14 days, no problem. I never had a brace and used crutches for about 9 days, then just started walking, very, very slowly at first -literally 5-10 seconds per step with perfect form. For me, this was the key and I would recommend starting to walk with full weight asap (i took my first steps the day after surgery with my physio and went up and down stairs unaided - no brace, holding handrail).
The other very important thing I believe is that you go into surgery really, really fit (I was about 25miles cycling everyday, 300lb squat and extensive extension and strengthening work) before I went into surgery. I am now 7 weeks post op and my physio says its like 3 months. I now deadlift, squat go up and down stairs (been doing this for ages) cycle everyday and pretty much lead a totally normal existence. However, can't run, jump and land hard (small hops are ok) or perform any kind of high impact cutting movements - those will take time. My advice and I am not a medical person is not to be too worried about reinjuring the knee by walking - if the acl graft was well placed then slow walking with perfect gait cannot harm the graft. It may hurt a little but you're gonna have to take a lot more pain than this going forward. I am currently having very painful physio sessions to get flexion from 125 to 135 - think lying on your stomach with your physio putting weight on your bend leg behind you trying to get your heel to touch your bum. And then the cracking noises as the scar tissue breaks down... all for 30 mins!! Hurts and swells after but then 2-3 days later flexion is better and pain free. Keep working, don't take risks but then understand that closed kinetic chain exercises are not a risk (walking, leg pressing, bridges etc). These are things you just have to do as soon as you can and your recovery will follow swiftly. Good luck !!

Mar 07, 2012
walking after meniscus NEW NEW
by: Anonymous

thanks for posting, all comments are great. I posted about not walking yet and seeing surgeon next week. I realize all people are different, it must be a surgeons preference as well, as i am just following guide lines to stay off weight bearing and only 90 degrees range of motion, every morning i wake up i wanna attempt to walk, but dont want any set backs either. I guess i will have to see what they say next week, i cant wait to get back to working out and riding the bike. keep all the posts coming this is a great site.

Mar 07, 2012
bike riding! what a life saver after acl NEW
by: Anonymous

riding bike is great - swelling really goes down when you start cycling. never did it before but swear by it now!

May 02, 2012
How Long Do I Have To Do This? NEW
by: Anonymous

I had ACL surgery this past Thursday and my doctor told me recovery would take at least 6 months. When he says recovery does he mean crutches for 6 months or it will take that long to heal completly?

May 02, 2012
How Long Do I Have To Do This? NEW
by: Anonymous

I had ACL surgery this past Thursday and my doctor told me recovery would take at least 6 months. When he says recovery does he mean crutches for 6 months or it will take that long to heal completly?

May 07, 2012
leg not bending properly NEW
by: addy

feb 15 2011 my opretion done after 1 year i cant run properly n also i cant bend my leg so pls pls give me some excersice to do pls pls pls ((((((((

May 11, 2012
New question answered NEW
by: Anonymous

6 to 9 months to completely heal

May 11, 2012
New question answered NEW
by: Anonymous

6 to 9 months to completely heal

May 13, 2012
acl complete rupture NEW
by: Anonymous

i had a acl complete rupture on 4 February 2012. my doctor advised nonsurgery recovery, had a plasta for 3 weeks. now on rehab execises. Im still using one crutche, diffucult to balance if i try to walk without the crutche. The physio is happy of my progress. I hope to get better i am so worried to get back to walking well.

May 21, 2012
acl and mcl reconstution NEW
by: Anonymous

hi guys,

i was doing a hurdle in track when i tore my acl compelelty and i tore my mcl signifinly. The doctore also said i tore some cartlige in my knee. Well the first week back after the surgery is so boring i just watching poeple haveing fun while i can't do anything. I also can't go to camp or have my brithday party because of the surgy and how badly i hurt myself. anyways i start rehad today i was wondering how is rehad. please let me know.

May 21, 2012
3 weeks later NEW
by: Anonymous

I posted on 5 March after my ski accident, thinking i had a ruptured acl as doctor in Austria said so and 2 doctors here in Scotland said so ,, even MRI scan looked like it was completely ruptured ,,,,, how surprised was i on waking up on 2 May after surgery to be told i didn't have a full rupture just a very bad tear !!!!

Surgeon shaved away (debrided) the torn bit of acl to leave me still with a good healthy strong ligament, also trimmed torn cartilage and my medial ligament had repaired itself quite well to leave it robust enough . Don't always trust a surgeon's opinion or even an MRI scan, not always accurate,, they don't really know until they go in with camera for a look..

As yet my knee is not totally straight when standing,, but at physio tonight he said i can start to do 1 minute jog , walk etc. I had my first 25 minute walk on Saturday, having spent the last 15 weeks with a locked knee, it was great to walk again

What i have noticed is my brain is not yet confident to engage with the leg eg i didn't feel confident to hop or jump but physio pushed me. I biked yesterday for 50 mins and felt
like a beginner, scared to put my operated leg down in case it gave way on me.

Every day sees an improvement though,, just have to work on my agility now and fitness level, 4 months of no heart and lung exercises has left me feeling very unfit, but to walk and run again will be amazing......

May 21, 2012 been walking on my toes for ever NEW
by: kendele

hi can you please help me i`ve been walking n my toes sinces i was able to walk and 3months ago i had knee sugery and now my right foot is numb and four of my toes are numb and the top of my foot is and theside of my is numb toand the back of my foot is to can you plase helpme


Jun 03, 2012
Acl questions NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey guys ,
About 6 days ago I hurt my knee in a soccer game. I might have torn my acl , but I also might just have a sprained knee. Im a nervous reck about having surgery on my acl if I need it. I was just wondering if maybe someone could give me some information on the surgery and the recovery time and all the things I would need to know to calm myself down. Thanks so much.

Jun 03, 2012
Acl questions NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey guys ,
About 6 days ago I hurt my knee in a soccer game. I might have torn my acl , but I also might just have a sprained knee. Im a nervous reck about having surgery on my acl if I need it. I was just wondering if maybe someone could give me some information on the surgery and the recovery time and all the things I would need to know to calm myself down. Thanks so much.

Jun 03, 2012
Acl questions NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey guys ,
About 6 days ago I hurt my knee in a soccer game. I might have torn my acl , but I also might just have a sprained knee. Im a nervous reck about having surgery on my acl if I need it. I was just wondering if maybe someone could give me some information on the surgery and the recovery time and all the things I would need to know to calm myself down. Thanks so much.

Jun 03, 2012
Acl questions NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey guys ,
About 6 days ago I hurt my knee in a soccer game. I might have torn my acl , but I also might just have a sprained knee. Im a nervous reck about having surgery on my acl if I need it. I was just wondering if maybe someone could give me some information on the surgery and the recovery time and all the things I would need to know to calm myself down. Thanks so much.

Jun 03, 2012
Acl questions NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey guys ,
About 6 days ago I hurt my knee in a soccer game. I might have torn my acl , but I also might just have a sprained knee. Im a nervous reck about having surgery on my acl if I need it. I was just wondering if maybe someone could give me some information on the surgery and the recovery time and all the things I would need to know to calm myself down. Thanks so much.

Jun 14, 2012
I'm on my 6 weeks NEW
by: Phonesavanh Intharaphet

I had surgry on my knee 6 weeks ago on my ACL on my left knee.I finally got my knee to bin again but not all the way still hurts when i walk and my shins hurts more from walking.Some people say they have walk within a week and some say just a month but all in all,you are theonly one that is going to nkow if you can bend or walk without any help.I tell you all go to your Physical Therapy and follow all the things the Therapiest tell you to do.It's going to be a long and hard process but it is worth it.I wish i can bin my knee all the way but i know it's going to take more therapy and excercise.DO NOT TRY TO WALK WITHOUT CRUNCHES BECAUSE ALL YOU GOING TO DO IS TEAR THE ACL AGAIN BECAUSE IT HAS TO ATTACH ITSELF TO THE ROD THEY PUT IN FOR YOU AND IF THAT DOES NOT ATTACH,YOU WILL BE BACK IN THE OPERATION ROOM AGAIN.I advise you to just take your time and even though alot of people tells thier side of the story about there surgery does not mean that yourknee is the same as theres.REMEMBER EVERYONE HEALS DIFFERENTLY'''GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYONES SURGERY AND GOD BLESS:)

Jun 14, 2012
I'm on my 6 weeks NEW
by: Phonesavanh Intharaphet

I had surgry on my knee 6 weeks ago on my ACL on my left knee.I finally got my knee to bin again but not all the way still hurts when i walk and my shins hurts more from walking.Some people say they have walk within a week and some say just a month but all in all,you are theonly one that is going to nkow if you can bend or walk without any help.I tell you all go to your Physical Therapy and follow all the things the Therapiest tell you to do.It's going to be a long and hard process but it is worth it.I wish i can bin my knee all the way but i know it's going to take more therapy and excercise.DO NOT TRY TO WALK WITHOUT CRUNCHES BECAUSE ALL YOU GOING TO DO IS TEAR THE ACL AGAIN BECAUSE IT HAS TO ATTACH ITSELF TO THE ROD THEY PUT IN FOR YOU AND IF THAT DOES NOT ATTACH,YOU WILL BE BACK IN THE OPERATION ROOM AGAIN.I advise you to just take your time and even though alot of people tells thier side of the story about there surgery does not mean that yourknee is the same as theres.REMEMBER EVERYONE HEALS DIFFERENTLY'''GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYONES SURGERY AND GOD BLESS:)

Jun 28, 2012
4 weeks post op NEW
by: Mackam

I am 4 weeks post op after Hamstring ACL reconstruction and I was walking after 3 days (although I looked like I had messed myself!). Knee is still very stiff but bends around 110 degrees but surgeon was vey happy with it in fact after 2 weeks he said it looked around 6 weeks post op and even checked to make sure I wasn't lying!

I guess I won't really know till around 2 - 3 months how it is really but so far so good. I am now deciding if rest or walking is better for it. I have heard ROM is the most important thing and strength so walking seems sensible to me.

Jun 28, 2012
4 weeks post op NEW
by: Mackam

I am 4 weeks post op after Hamstring ACL reconstruction and I was walking after 3 days (although I looked like I had messed myself!). Knee is still very stiff but bends around 110 degrees but surgeon was vey happy with it in fact after 2 weeks he said it looked around 6 weeks post op and even checked to make sure I wasn't lying!

I guess I won't really know till around 2 - 3 months how it is really but so far so good. I am now deciding if rest or walking is better for it. I have heard ROM is the most important thing and strength so walking seems sensible to me.

Sep 11, 2012
im not walking yet lol NEW
by: Anonymous

I tore my ACL and my meniscus about 3 years ago playing football n didn't get it fixed until recently. I still played a lot of street ball up until now. Guess that wasn't a good idea as the Dr. told me my meniscus and knee looked like "crap". Told me that by the time I was in my late 30s to my early 40s I'd have arthritis. I'm about to be 24 next month. So I wasn't really happy to hear that.I had surgery 8/24/2012. It's been about 16 days and I still haven't really put much pressure on it as told by my Dr. My Dr wants me to heal a little bit more until I start my therapy which will be in about 2 more weeks. It really does all depend on your Dr.

Sep 19, 2012
second op advice NEW
by: soccer knee

Hi all some really useful info on here thanks. Has anyone had the same acl reconstructed twice?? Want to know if the rehab is any different or longer??

Sep 24, 2012
acl surgery, return back to the gym to work on upper body, when would i be able to do that after the op? NEW
by: steffano

acl surgery, return back to the gym to work on upper body, when would i be able to do that after the op?

Sep 24, 2012
acl surgery, return back to the gym to work on upper body, when would i be able to do that after the op? NEW
by: steffano

acl surgery, return back to the gym to work on upper body, when would i be able to do that after the op?

Sep 24, 2012
acl surgery, return back to the gym to work on upper body, when would i be able to do that after the op? NEW
by: steffano

acl surgery, return back to the gym to work on upper body, when would i be able to do that after the op?

Oct 22, 2012
Acl/ meniscus surgery 5 days after NEW
by: Anonymous

Soo I'm 17 had my surgery 5 days ago, surgeon never really told me I couldn't walk on it. I got home used my crushes for a day and the next day I was walking without crutches just because it never hurt. Don't think this story is normal hearing everybody else's but I'd also like to say that it was a hamstring graphh .. Uhhh my meniscus was repaired on one and the other was removed, for some reason I don't have the fearful stories you all do! Hope everything goes well!!

Oct 22, 2012
Acl/ meniscus surgery 5 days after NEW
by: Anonymous

Soo I'm 17 had my surgery 5 days ago, surgeon never really told me I couldn't walk on it. I got home used my crushes for a day and the next day I was walking without crutches just because it never hurt. Don't think this story is normal hearing everybody else's but I'd also like to say that it was a hamstring graphh .. Uhhh my meniscus was repaired on one and the other was removed, for some reason I don't have the fearful stories you all do! Hope everything goes well!!

Jan 11, 2013
ACL 5 weeks Post Op NEW
by: Stephanie

I had ACL reconstruction surgery 5 weeks ago.
Got off of crutches on week 3 due to a minor complication.
I can walk around for maximum of 20 minutes before the knee starts getting sore. ROM is at 120 degrees. PT is terrible because the therapist forces my leg to bend-- I just hang onto the edge of the bed and try not to scream. Thankfully, I learned about pain medication.

Still waiting to get the brace removed...

Jan 18, 2013
ACL replaced NEW
by: Raysun

Had my ACL replaced 2 days ago. I have had no pain whatsoever and am now back at work. I was told to use crutches and the knee immobolizer but I really don't need them. My knee feels great so I am just taking my time walking. I see the doctor next week but so far so good.

Feb 06, 2013
ACL surgery - what does it mean? NEW
by: Anonymous


I just found out from a consultant yesterday that my ACL is almost definitely ruptured (awaiting an MRI scan now) and my meniscus likely torn from an injury last June.

Obviously it depends on the results of the scan, but can people advise on the pros and cons of having surgery? Do you know if there are long-term negative consequences if you don't (e.g. more/less likely to develop osteoporosis when I'm older etc)? What will I be prevented from doing if I don't have it (i.e. sports-wise)? I'm just a bit distressed at the prospect of not being able to run/climb mountains for a good 9 months after the surgery!!


Mar 01, 2013
I can walk... NEW
by: Adam

I 10 days ago I had acl reconstruction from my hamstring , and meniscus work, and something to rebuild missing cartilage in the right side of knee. Haven't had a problem with pain at all. I didn't take any pain killers, needed my cruches only the day after, then just used the brace for two more days. After that I was walking slowly and carefully. It worried me to walk so soon from what I heard, but it felt good on my knee to walk, and it felt like the brace was holding me back. Of course I've done the light exersises that I'm spost to do, and now on day 10 I can walk normal with no pain. As a side note... I had been playing sports and running on this torn acl and meniscus for over two years, so my leg was strong going into surgery. Maybe that has helped with recovery.

Mar 29, 2013
5 weeks post ACL operation NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi every one!
It has been 5 weeks that I had ACL operation, the role is to use crutches for 5 weeks and brace for 10 weeks, this operation is seriouse, your bones will ebe drilled, the mose pains is due to that, how ever, I dont agree to some patiens, not to use crutches or used for one week, post operation is important, surgeons can do 50% for you, the rest you should do by urself, however advices are clear, and if you wont to get post operation problems you can leave crutches as soon as you like. ....

Aug 17, 2014
ACL, and menisectomy NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm now 2 weeks post-op of a menisectomy and acl reconstruction. The surgeon had me not bear weight onmy leg for 4 weeks, and it's tiring being on crutches, I have to walk 3 miles a day in my campus. But here the first 2 days after surgery are going to be hell once the Anasthesia blocks wear out. I was able to fully extend my leg right after surgery (-7 degrees) though due to the inflammation around my knee, I'm only at 90-95 degrees in flexibility and the pt I was with in California doesn't want me padt 114 degrees in flexion due to the fact that you can hurt your fixed meniscus by bending your knee to an uncomfortable level or if you force bend it. I was able to do 6-8 leg raises 3-4 days post op... I have 2 more weeks of no weight bearing on my knee which means crutches.and I hate crutches since I have to go up and down hill.

Aug 21, 2014
ACL and meniscus tears NEW
by: Sam

It's been month since I had ACL reconstct and meniscus tear surgery... I had a bed fall from ledder. I had fracture in fibula and on right hand wrist. It took 6-8 weeks in brace for febula and 8 weeks for hand cast, to fix fracture.. After that 6-8 weeks of PT for both . Since inc. Plan don't cover both pt for hand and leg at the same place I end up going to two different pt , one for leg ( right leg ) and one for right hand. Now fast forward 4 months, month ago I had ACL surgery and meniscus tear fixed, it is still pain painful when I walk with crutches . But I am taking slowly going to Pt three times a week I have 90degree angle and complete extent ion on flat surface!I am very happy with prognosis , every week I find my knee is getting stronger and stronger! two weeks ago it was wobbly and shaky. My surgeon told. Me to use cane for walk and around the house use crutches . Now. I am very little depressed for not able to do any thing in summer and for next 6 months at least .hopefully I will get my full ROM back and I can walk normal without limp........let's see

Aug 23, 2014
ACL full tear and Medial Meniscus Tear Reconstruction NEW
by: Steven M

Hello everyone I am a 49 year old Triathlete here - obvioulsy on hiatus :))

I had a bicyle accident in March and recently After my injury, i felt much better within a month so I trained for and participated in two more triathlons, including IronMan New Orleans 70.3 and Iron Horse Sprint triathlon. Both Tri's were within a month of my surgery and I had no idea anything serious was wrong. I knew I had discomfort in my medial meniscus / ligament area but thought it had healed. I started to train more on a faster running sprint to improve my run portion of my Tri's and that is when I noticed intense, unrelenting pain so I went to my doctor, had an MRI and viola, then I began my journy to repair and recovery.

I had a full tear in my ACL and partial one in my Medial Meniscus, had surgery 2 days ago August 21, 2014. On the day of my surgery my upper quads got so swollen by the next day that I had to take the support brace off as it was too tight, even on its lightest velcro setting- as per my doctors recommendation. My swelling is decreasing slowly, but I already feel more flexibility in my foot and lower leg and can feel the inner workings of my knee when I do my basic foot extensions and flexions. I did have some seapage from fluids through my support bandages but no intense bruising so far. The pain has been pretty brutal because of the swelling above my knee, my IT band area seemed to be locked up and that is where my intense pain remained. I have been on my pain medications, I can't imagine not having them due to the pain from swelling. My actual surgical site and knee don't hurt that much, however.

I want to walk as soon as possible but will wait for the recommendation of my physician on Monday, Dr. Gregor Huffman of Southern Orthopedics Physicians in New Orleans. He has worked on athletes from the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team and other doctors in his group work on the New Orleans Saints- WHO DAT! I feel like I am in great hands so I will update you all as soon as any progress is made. I can't wait to get back in the pool and on a bike in a month and a light jog in 3 months (per my doctor).

Did I mention WHO DAT!!!!!!?

Sep 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

please make all PT APPTS.

Mar 04, 2015
reply NEW
by: Ann

Thank you so much for answering to the question of the athlete clearly. This website is doing a great job by helping the injured sportsmen out there. In this way they will be inspired and this will help them in recovery. beverly diamonds complaints

Mar 04, 2015
ACL full tear and Medial Meniscus Tear Reconstruction UPDATE NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone,
My last post was in August of 2014, last year when I recently had my ACL and Meniscus repaird.

I am doing well, I made it to all my PT appointments and had a great recovery, not easy, but great healing!
I did everything my doctor said to do as well as my Physical Therapist too. Today, just over 6 months later, I am returning to full activity and training for future triathlons. Hopefully by June I will be able to partipate in a smaller sprint Tri. I am so blessed I had a good doctor and therapist as well as adhered to the protocol.

Im not going to lie, the recovery was pretty brutal, maybe because Im 50 no, but it was tough. I waited until it was fair game for running outside and in the meantime ran on a treadmill when it was approved by my MD. I am now up to my normal speed and have to get in shape to not fatigue when I do my full triathlons..

Good luck with your recovery and feel free to contact me at stevenstriathlon on facebook if you want more information.

Take care and HEAL yall!


Mar 28, 2015
not walking yet NEW
by: gabe

I had the patella tendon auto graft. On march 20th it is not march 28th. I can hardly be on crutchs it hurts to much mostly my shin and pretty Bruced up epically behind my knee. Its just been a while i read that people start walking 3 to 4 days after and i can't even be on crutchs. I beem using the cpm machine. Any comments or similar storys to my please comment back.i wana know its normal.oh another thing i tore my acl about 2.5 years ago. Could that be the problem?

Mar 28, 2015
cant use crutchs NEW
by: Gabe

Had patella surgery on the 20th. Lots of pain on my side shin. In bed all the time. I got up today and felt really light headed and started sweating. What can be wrong. I see people getting of crutchs on the 8th day an im berly geting out of bed?

Mar 28, 2015
cant use crutchs NEW
by: Gabe

Had patella surgery on the 20th. Lots of pain on my side shin. In bed all the time. I got up today and felt really light headed and started sweating. What can be wrong. I see people getting of crutchs on the 8th day an im berly geting out of bed?

Jun 04, 2015
Acl reconstruction,meniscus repair NEW
by: Tamikiak

My surgery is june 8th and im scared as heck.But coming to this site really helped me thank you to everyone who posted their stories cause i needed this.UPDATE COMING SOON😞

Sep 01, 2015
Avery NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 16, 2015
Question - ACL Surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

Any ACL surgery makes them to find difficulty to walk. As one of my cousin who work with bestessays review has gone through this surgery. So far i have concerned it's better to get a orthopedics guidance.

Oct 19, 2015
Question- complete acl and Grd2 MCL tear NEW
by: Amit

I fall from my two Wheeler on 9/9/2015, later came to know through MRI that acl was completely torn and grade 2 tear on MCL.
Doctor advised for 3weeks of rest to get MCL to heal then one week exercise before ACL reconstruction (surgery) is done.
Initially when accident took place I did not feel any pain but while walking knee was giving way and looked scary. Now 1 month rest and 1week of pre surgery exercise done followed by Acl surgery.

It's now 5 days post surgery I am in immense pain for 2 days, pain reduced and they put me into cpm and I can go upto 90 degree extension. Working thing is I am using crutches but it is really hard to even walk a bit injured leg feels so heavy and status paining near knee and takes around 15-20 min of rest to bring that pain down.

I am lill tensed as my tigh appear thinner that the normal leg, not much strength. Please guys advise me, help me out.

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Oct 19, 2015
Question- complete acl and Grd2 MCL tear NEW
by: Amit

I fall from my two Wheeler on 9/9/2015, later came to know through MRI that acl was completely torn and grade 2 tear on MCL.
Doctor advised for 3weeks of rest to get MCL to heal then one week exercise before ACL reconstruction (surgery) is done.
Initially when accident took place I did not feel any pain but while walking knee was giving way and looked scary. Now 1 month rest and 1week of pre surgery exercise done followed by Acl surgery.

It's now 5 days post surgery I am in immense pain for 2 days, pain reduced and they put me into cpm and I can go upto 90 degree extension. Working thing is I am using crutches but it is really hard to even walk a bit injured leg feels so heavy and status paining near knee and takes around 15-20 min of rest to bring that pain down.

I am lill tensed as my tigh appear thinner that the normal leg, not much strength. Please guys advise me, help me out.

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Nov 07, 2015
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Nov 08, 2015
Torn ACL and mcl NEW
by: Anonymous

Two weeks out from surgery and little pain. I stared pt three days after surgery. My issue is raising my right foot? Any one have any tricks for that. Hoping to be off crutches soon! Mine was my right foot so I am wondering when I can legally drive again!!

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