Question - Broken Bone (fracture healing time)

by sahabat

how long does it take for a completely broken foot bone to heal?

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Nov 28, 2011
Metarsal bone fracture NEW
by: Anonymous

I had an injury about three weeks ago. A broken metarsal bone in my right foot. Luckily no surgery required nor cast. I've been wearing special medical boots. The discomfort I feel every day, is that a burning sensation in the left area of the foot. Looks like the blood is not flowing well. How long would it take to heal, and how do you explain this sensation?

Nov 05, 2010
pillion fracture
by: Anonymous

My husband has a pillon fracture he fractured his tiba and shattered his ankle bone...he has had 7 surgeries and his accident happened 17 month ago and he still isn't walking on it...first surgery they put an external fixator...2nd surgery removed external fixator and put two plates and 13 screws...he started physio and his wound from the surgeries keep breaking open and wouldn't heal..3rd surgury they removed the plates and put exterior fixator back on..4th surgery skin graph on the wound still not healing due to infections...5th surgery the pin on the fixator came lose...they removed the one loose pin and replaced it in another area...6th surgery they debrided the wound and removed the bug in the bone...7th surgery they did a skin flap by removing stomach muscles and a vein from his other leg and put it in the bad leg together with skin from his has been almost three months from the last surgery and still not walking on it..the plastic surgeon that did the last two surgeries said that they saw the fracture line when they did the flap and also that the ankle is as fuzed as it is going to much longer before he can walk

May 03, 2010
fracture humerus 5yr child
by: Anonymous

My son got fracture humerus bone upper part 21 days ago.Repeat x ray shows only 50% healing.How much time dose it take normally to heal and if it is delayed reason for delayed healing. pl. do reply i am really very much

Dec 17, 2009
Wei Labs
by: Anonymous

Wei Labs has this thing called a Fastt patch and it healed my fractured thumb in two weeks. You should check it out next time.

Sep 09, 2009
I Broke My Anklebone And Going Into Gymnastics This Sunday?
by: Redpuffle

OWW! I Broke My Anklebone Today And Tomorrows Picture Day?????? And Gymnastics On Sunday It Will Heal BEFORE Gymnastics

Sep 28, 2008
healing time
by: Bart - SII

Most bones take 6 weeks to heal. It will vary depend on both where the fracture is and the type of fracture it is. 6 weeks is an average. Here is a little more on fractures.


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