Question - Hip Pain (pain in the front of the hip)

If I have hip pain in the front what would be the best way to see what it is? an MRI? and if I do have a hip flexor strain wouldn't it be better by now? I got hurt in April and its the end of July

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Jul 25, 2008
Start with a physical examination...
by: Bart - SII

The first step in treatment is to be seen by your physician for an evaluation. Then, depending on what they find, they may order an MRI or X-rays. Often a muscle strain can be found without any special tests like an MRI.

Even though it has been several months since your injury, if you haven't done any type of treatment and have continued with activities, then it is very possible that your injury is still bothering you. Although time helps, it doesn't always make things get better.


Nov 19, 2008
Hip pain front and back
by: Anonymous

I am 38y/o female with wide hips, average size 10 and nearly 150 pounds, and have through 2 pregnancies. I enjoys running 3-6miles/day a 4-5X/week. It's put me on the curb for the last 2 years more than I would like. I've tried the motrin, ice, rest, moderation, sports specialty store for shoe selection, and seen a sports physical therapist a year ago with U/S heat treatments for bursitis. A hip X-ray was normal 1 year ago. The sports therapist took a look at my running gate and except for not pulling my right foot completely straight before landing on it, my gait looked fine. Unfortunately, the stretching and PT hasn't been enough to make it go away. The pain is iscolated anteriorly and posteriorly. My PMD is considering piriformis as a likely culprit and referred me to ortho-which I made an appt for early December. Any thoughts, questions, and/or suggestions?


Nov 19, 2008
hip pain
by: Bart - SII

I have treated numerous female runners with very similar complaints...the problem always seemed to stem around two things: tightness in the hip capsule, usually posterior, and decreased mobility in the lumbar spine.

These two factors will restrict normal hip motion, and the ability of the pelvis to level itself during activities - that means that instead of dissipating the stress from running, it is containing it in your hips.

Mobility restrictions, especially hip rotation, will also factor into the ability of the muscles to work - length tension relationship - and so your hips and core do not stabilize.

I would look into a PT who will treat with a bit more than stretching and US. Hip joint mobilizations, lumbar fascia release, and a good lower abdominal and hip external rotator/abductor strengthening program might be the key for you.

The other thing to consider is adverse neural tension.


Oct 30, 2015
Education NEW
by: Mason Dow

Sports injuries sometimes are really very bad. Yours seems to be old and not recovering yet it's more or less 3 months almost. Try MRI first. Why don't you share your problem through writing your essays? It has injuries as a separate topic of discussion. In which sports as well as accented injuries are also discussed in detail. You can sure get to know so much about it

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