Question - Ice pack directly on skin

I put an ice pack directly on my arm for 20 mins. after doing physiotherapy for the tendonitis in my arm. I now have "freezer burn" marks. Will the marks eventually disappear?

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Jul 10, 2008
Homemade ice pack or a commercial gel pack?
by: Bart - SII

If you were using a homemade ice pack (using ice, or frozen vegetables) then the redness that you have should go away after 20-30 minutes as the skin heats up. With ice or frozen veggies, their temperature is 32 degrees and as soon as they hit your warm skin, they start to melt or warm up. So, the temperature never falls low enough to cause true frost bite or burning. Commercial ice packs that use chemicals to allow the pack to stay flexible can fall below freezing levels and cause frost burn.

If the redness or "freezer burn" marks do not go away after a few hours, then you might want to get it looked at by your doctor or PT.

If your skin is very sensitive to the cold therapy, try putting a moist towel between your skin and the ice pack - this will alleviate some of the redness and burning.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.

Dec 07, 2009
freezer burn on my breast
by: Anonymous

I had a biopsy on my breast and was instructed to use an ice pack 20minutes on/20 minutes off. I ended up with a reddish blotch on the area. It took a week to fade away.

May 07, 2010
My skin is weird looking
by: Anonymous

I got a bruise deep inside of my right leg, everytime i finished running around 400 meters, it would hurt intensivly if i did not run fast enough. After my workout usually i wouldnt be able to walk. I put an ice pack directly on the area which was in pain for 15 minuites. It was directly put on my skin and now there are these marks that look like birth marks for some reason? They look pretty odd. My leg has been hurting for more than a month now.

Feb 06, 2015
hey there NEW
by: sam

I think you can get a gel pack, which can be used to store the ice and then you should keep the gel pack over your skin. That is how it is done. But if we apply ice directly on tour skin it will hurt us more. Birchmeier

Feb 10, 2015
No worries NEW
by: Rico

Don’t worry about the marks. It will sure fade with the time. And I wonder how would that actually happened? Did you use homemade ones or the synthetic ones that are available in the market? If the mark stays even after a day, do consult a doctor. Medical transcription companies

Jun 11, 2015
Ice pack directly on skin NEW
by: Anonymous

I was bothering about which ice pack i need to put directly on skin. My grandma who use to work with
bigbangdissertation acquire one medicated ice pack which she use to keep it on swollen parts. Anyways i am thankful for this share. Keep doing more.

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