Question - Knee pain (possible ACL or meniscus tear?)

by Todd
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I injured my knee a month ago playing street hockey(goalie). I could not straighten my left leg, and when I walk and try to give it full extension, my knee would give out.

I could not sit on the floor on my knees with my bum touching my ankles. extreme pain behind the knee. After a month I had pain free walking movement and could almost sit all the way back onto my heels with little pain.

Last night I re-injured it doing a diving catch in Baseball, exact same symptoms as last time. Just wandering if it is obvious what it is. Meniscus or ACL is my guess.

I wear a brace on my right knee for a partial ACL and MCL tear. I have worn it for 3 years now. With out the brace I cannot play any sports with any kind of turning, the knee would give out. With the brace I can play any sport with confidence.

I would appreciate any guess as specialist appointments are 1 to 2 year waiting list in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



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Jul 10, 2008
by: Anonymous

I agree compleatly. When i hurt my knee, It was really swollen the first day, but after that it was fine. I could walk on it just fine. i could run, sprint just fine. But I couldnt strighten it all the way. I spent the last august getting around fine, not playing anysports until i saw the doctoer just to make sure. But honestly thought nothing to serious was wrong. when i finally got in to see the docter at the end of august, had an MRI my acl and meniscus were compleatly torn. So definatly see a doctor. get your options. I'm young, 16, so i decided to go with surgery. Good luck!!!!

Jul 07, 2008
Sounds like an ACL tear or maybe a meniscus tear
by: Bart - SII

As much as I hate to say it, it sounds like you may have torn your ACL. I lean this way because of the feelings of instability or giving out when you are in full extension. This is a classic ACL symptom.

I would work on improving your range of motion, strength, and take it easy for a few days/weeks to let everything calm down. And get in to see a doctor as soon as you can - just to figure out what exactly is wrong and the best options for recovery.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.

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