Question - Loose Screw? (ACL Reconstruction)

by Lauren

I am 7 months post-op (ACL Reconstruction) and am starting to train again in competitive sports. I am experiencing the "normal" pain, stiffness, etc. that comes with the territory but have recently noticed a sharp pain on the medial side of my knee, close to the scar. It is very tender to touch and hurts when I straighten my legs, in a push up position, or don't have some kind of support under my knee when sitting.

Could this be caused by the screw? If so, would it help to have it taken out? I've heard the removal is a fairly easy process.


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Jul 23, 2008
Could be from the screw...
by: Bart - SII

But it could also be excessive scar formation, or adhesions around the scar that are pulling when you fully extend your knee. You might try some friction massage to try to loosen up the skin and scar tissue, which may help alleviate some of your discomfort.

I would recommend talking with your physician about this pain and get their input. Hardware removal is a fairly straight forward and easy procedure, but it is still a surgery and if it can be avoided, all the better.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.

Oct 13, 2008
I may have the same thing
by: Anonymous

I also have the same pain you described, but I am only 5mo out from surgery. I am going to the Dr. soon, but was wondering if you could provide any feedback about your injure and what happened from it.

Feb 04, 2009
8 months out from ACL surgery
by: Anonymous

I am 8 months out. I have recently just started back to the driving range and exercising more frequently. I recently had terrible pain on the outside of my knee. I went to my surgeon and after an x-ray it was determined the screw is starting to protrude and causing issues. More surgery may be in my future and I am not looking foward to it.

Feb 04, 2009
I had the screw removed!
by: Anonymous

Hey, it's me from the original post. I had my screw removed a few months ago. The procedure was simple! I walked out of the hospital and didn't feel any pain except from the incision, which healed in several days. It actually felt much better from the moment I got out of surgery because that screw wasn't moving around in there. Talk to your doctor, but from my experience, I say go for it!

Feb 10, 2009
6 1/2 Months Out
by: Anonymous

I had my surgery over 6 months ago and recently my knee pain on the inside of my left knee near one of the scars has become horrible. My physical therapist said it would be a loose screw, I have a doctor's appointment soon. I'm a serious runner and I'm hoping to be able to get back to training. Any ideas on how long would it take to recover after the removal of the screw?

Feb 10, 2009
running after screw removal
by: Anonymous

It took me three weeks after screw removal (this was 8 months post ACL) to be sprinting again. Just gotta be careful because of the hole in the bone where the screw was. It heals pretty quickly as long as you don't do too much!

Mar 05, 2009
loose screw
by: ryan

my doc said impossible for screw to come out, after 6 months i demanded a mri, 3 days later another surgery, My pt and I told doc exactly what was going on and everyone blamed it on me and nothing was wrong, this is bs, they should atleast pay for the negligence from not listing to me and making me go to 50 3 hour pt visits.

Mar 11, 2009
Screws protruding so soon????
by: Anonymous

I had two fx and dislocated wrists in June. Dr. said it was much better to put in plates/screws. Took cast off in August. Starting having pain in September, went to doctor in October. He said the screw was starting to protrude and they would have to take them out. Is this normal? Only two months after casts come off they want to go back in and take them out? More pain, more money....I would never had them put in if I knew this would happen. I was in agony before and I'm sure this means another full surgery to remove these plates and screws. You can actually see a protrusion in my arm. Does this sound right to anyone?

Mar 25, 2009
knee pain
by: ronaldo jg9

hi. i have been having some pain under my knee where my scar is at.i can move my knee normaly. but when i tried running the pain would start and its right in the middle of the scar they tell me its because of the cold weather that my screw would hurt. and i wanted to know if this was true ? or if its scar tissue? what can i do for it to go away. and how can you know if its a loose screw? thank you.

Mar 26, 2009
Screw removal
by: Tab

Hi I am actually getting ready to have 2 screws taken out of my knee on Monday. I had realignment surgery 4 1/2 years ago and now my knee cap is tilted and they are thinking I might have to have a partial replacement. My pain started about 2 years ago and I thought it was normal. My scar looks good but all of my pain is where the screws are at. I am an EMT and need the use of both legs. My doc told me it would be a simple procedure and recovery time would be a few weeks. I will keep everyone posted

Mar 26, 2009
A Complete Mess Up
by: Alex

My mother had a knee replacement nearly 5 years ago and about a week after the operation her leg went into a spasm and she could not walk for days, she paid parivately to have the knee replaced and this was just the start off her problems she returned regular to the surgeon who charged her £75.00 for a five minute visit and told her he did not know what could be wrong, my mother has never been able to walk properly and if she goes to the shops she will have to bed rest for the next day. After years of painkillers and Voltaral we finally asked for a second opinion and she was given her 1st MRI scan and guess what, the screws had come loose and the knee is so badly infected that it has rotted what was left of the bone she is now in hospital having the infection drained off will keep in touch

Apr 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

If you had screws put in after 2006, check to see if your screws were Calaxo. There are several major lawsuits regarding this brand. Google it.

May 26, 2009
by: Lucinda

My partner had his ACL done last July and since the beginning of November has been suffering with pain around the knee/back & aching. The pain has prevented him for carrying on with physio & working full time.
He had a scan one month ago & the NSH reckon the results show that all is ok!
Really don`t know where to go from here now?
Any suggestions?

Jun 02, 2009
ACL Tear Reconstruction
by: Anonymous

I got an ACL tear on 18th Feb 07, was operated on 10 June 08, "ACL Reconstruction Surgery", Since then it has been almost a year, and still i have the screws in the knee as well i inhabit pain as a part of movement.

Moreover when i am sitting for more than 10 minutes at a place and i stand after that, for next couple of minutes the knee hurts and i cannot open my leg to 180 degree position. Only after couple of minutes i can.

Please give suggession regarding what should i do exacly.

Jun 04, 2009
Removal of screw
by: Anonymous

I had ACL reconstruction 4 years ago, I rehabbed great, and have been back on the tennis court and bball court non-stop. Just recently in the las year have had slight pain around the scar near the screw. I have an appointment in 3 weeks to discuss getting the screw removed. It seems like its poking out farther than it ever has. I don't look forward to rehabbing again but i don't want it to come out or give any problems down the road. Will keep everyone posted.

Jun 18, 2009
screw! (:
by: Anonymous

Hey, i heard from my doc that the screw is suppose to melt away after about a year. Is that true?
By the way i had my acl reconstruction 6months ago..

Jun 30, 2009
loose screw
by: Anonymous

i sometimes get sharp pain in my knee if i kneel on it wrong or when the weather changes but whats really a bother is i can feel and see the screw protruding out. I haven't been to the doctor since in a while but i did get an MRI. Should i get it removed? is it loose?

Jul 09, 2009
Screw Pain
by: Anonymous

I currently work at a law firm that is investigating several screws used in ACL reconstruction surgeries that may defective. These bioabsorbable screws have been shown to have a tendency to absorb too quickly, or break, and can cause infection that may lead to a revision. If you would like to hear more about these screws or think you may have a case, please feel free to contact me at 713-626-3700. My name is Matt.

Sep 21, 2009
3 ACL Reconstructions
by: Katherine

Hello, I have had 3 reconstructions- all on the same knee. 1994, 1995, and 2000..
I have had serious pain over the last few months in my knee, and on and off in the tibia where I still have 1 screw left. The orthopedist I met with today said it was an elective surgery to remove the screw and scope the knee...???? He believes there are cartilage fragments causing pain and swelling, but won't do an MRI. I was wondering if anyone has had anything similar going on and what you decided? I realize my knee is never going to be pain free at this point, but still am thinking about another surgery.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Sep 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

I just got my screw out 2 days ago. It was causing an infection. I walked out of the operation. My doctor is leaving the cut open to allow fluids to discharge for a week before sealing it back up. I do feel the screw was irritating my bone, it feels better having it gone!

Oct 17, 2009
4months post op and pain
by: Anonymous

I had ACL reconstruction about 4 months ago and everything has been going pretty smoothly but the past month or so, since I Have started more strenuous activity I have been having pain and swelling on the medial side of my knee toward the top of where the longer incision starts.

It gets to the point where I cant really run on it and becomes very stiff. What could this be, the screw?? I am very frustrated and really want to get back into soccer next summer!

Oct 26, 2009
Screw problems?
by: Anonymous39

I had my ACL reconstruction surgery a whole ten years ago. A patella graft was used with titanium screws to hold it in place.
It was never really pain free throughout all these years but it was generally very good and I do not regret it.
The only exception was on the inside of the knee at the top end of the leg bone where apparently one the screws is. I usually had mild pain in this spot after strenuous activities but I would say that it was getting slowly worse over the years.
Today, completely out of no where, I was kneeling when I felt so much pain and it is now hard to go down the stairs or squat for example. I feel some small protrusion at this spot and it is very tender. From what i read so far, it seems a problem with the screw. I am worried about the screw-removal surgery. Any success stories out there. In particular, did anyone have problems after such a long time?

Oct 26, 2009
Reply to Ayman
by: Katherine

Hi Ayman, I posted earlier about my screw.... I just had an MRI done to determine other issues, but after having 3 separate dr opinions, they all say removing the screw is a great idea. I have some pain associated with the screw, but much more inside my knee (probable meniscus tear). The dr said if they are going to scope my kne, it would be a no-brainer to just remove the screw. Taking out foreign hardware can only be a good thing, they said. God luck to you and keep me posted what your drs say!


Jan 04, 2010
acl srew pain
by: soccer star

Hi I had my acl done Nov 2008 .Had a meniscus done Sept 2009. Everything feels great but the screw area. It gets larger at times and hurts after about 20 minutes of playing soccer. It feels like it's coming out of the skin. Doc says I can feel it because my leg is small and I have no body fat. Can I take it out and not risk my acl again. I will play in college this fall.

Jan 07, 2010
Screw removed
by: DMS

I had ACL surgery June 2008. Just 6 weeks after that I started getting strange inflammations around the scar (medial tibia). The doctor thought it might be an infection caused by a piece of absorbable suture that the body was trying to "spit" out, allowing bacteria to get in. After antibiotics it seemed to get better, but the inflammations kept coming back. Finally, there was a large (about 2 cm/ 1 inch), blister at the incision site. It turned out to be the bioabsorbable screw and button which were just floating around under the incision site. They were removed (3 months after surgery) and everything has been fine since then, accept that several superficial nerves in the area were severed adding to sensory loss at the incision area and the lower leg.

Jan 07, 2010
ACL crew pain
by: soccer star


I have an appt today with surgeon. Everyone thinks screw should come out. To the person below my comment, I had a TRIAD -same as Tom Brady ACL, MCL and medial meniscus on my R leg. Got hit from behind playing soccer. Ten days after surgery had to go back in because of spitters . Stitches that would not dissolve and coming through the incision. took antibiotics for infection. 10 months later had to go in because the original meniscus repair did not heal. removed part of my medial meniscus. Taking the screw out should be easy after all that.
Let you know soon.Leg feels strong and great except for screw area.

Jan 07, 2010
Petrified of ACL Screw removal
by: Linda

I'm a 51 year old female, who had ACL graft surgery and meniscus repair 11/08. Have never felt right afterwards. The Dr wants to remove the screws now. I'm petrified and have been told I now suffer from PTSD from the surgery. I can feel the screws thru my skin, but don't know if that's the cause of the pain or not.Please let me know re: removal. Anyone from the Long Island New York area who can recommend a great Dr to do this?

Jan 08, 2010
Screw removed
by: DMS

In my case, getting the screw removed was a simple and short procedure. Just got a local anesthetic at the site of the screw and then went home right after. Got some pain-killers for that day, but didn't need any the next day. Good luck everyone... don't be too worried, it's worth getting that darn screw out.

Jan 08, 2010
Getting screw removed
by: soccer star


Went to doctor yesterday, taking out the screw on Tuesday the 12, 15-20 min operation. 4 stitches later and 2 weeks of not doing anything should do it. He says he will fill the hole in the bone with bone putty which takes a week or 2 to become hard.I can play soccer and run after the 2 weeks are up if incision is healed. Can't wait.I would reccomend leaving the screw in at least until 1 year after surgery to make sure your acl grafts to the bone. Mine did and is very strong.Good luck to all

Jan 21, 2010
screw comes loose, gets removed
by: Anonymous

I had ACL reconstruction on Nov 9th: patella tendon graft with a titanium screw on each side to secure the bones in place while the femur and fibula grow into the new bone.

After 9 weeks I went a few minutes on an elliptical (not the first time) and afterwards the back of my leg tightned up severely. It was the tendons on the outside behind my knee. They were so tight I couldn't straighten my leg (despite having gained full extension many weeks ago).

I could place my fingers behind my knee on those tendons, press down, and feel/hear lots of clicking/crunching noises as I straightened my knee. I could massage the area and ice it, and that would lessen the pain and seem to loosen the tendons up enough to where I could pretty much straighten my leg.

When I went to my physical therapist, they diagnosed that I had pulled my hamstring and/or calf and/or aggravated the tendons those muscles use to connect to the bone. I spent a couple sessions ultrasounding, massaging, stretching my hamstring/calf which really helped one session but didn't help the second session. The days after the second session, I was left in a good deal of pain when I tried to straighten my leg and therefore couldn't walk without limping.

Anyway, given the context of this thread, I'm sure you've guessed what happened. When I went to my surgeon for my scheduled checkup a week later, a quick xray showed that the bottom screw had come out and was floating around in the area of those tendons.

I had the surgery this morning to have the screw removed and I feel better already. Though my knee has some general light aching, I immediately gained back full extension. Those tendons back there still feel a little inflamed, (no doubt they were aggravated by the screw rubbing on them) but I suspect they'll quiet down quickly.

Anyway, just wanted everyone to know the symptons of this problem so they don't spend two weeks limping around, stretching out their leg and making the situation worse.

Jan 22, 2010
screw removal
by: soccer star


Had the screw removed on the 12th of January. Only took 1/2 pain pill, very mild discomfort. On crutches for a day and some pulling from the stitch area but for the most part the leg felt great. The stitches will come out on the 27th and then I can play the following week.

My original surgery was Nov. 2008.

Jan 22, 2010
ACL dissolvable screw coming out
by: PE Teacher

I had my surgery in 10/07 with lots of discomfort since. I'm 51. About a month ago after some serious bike riding, I noticed pain and a "hard bone like thing" protruding right above my tendon scar. Finally go into doc and he says that the part of the screw that did not dissolve has "backed" out. So, will be scheduling my screw extraction next week. I've got a screw loose I guess- more than one!

Feb 01, 2010
ACL replacement 1.5 years ago
by: TPE

I had my ACL replaced 1 1/2 years ago and have recently started running/walking with Plyomterics workouts. My doctor tells me I can do any of it but I am very stiff after the workout and a little swollen. I still have 2 screws in my knee and have been told if they are removed the stiffness will go away. Should I continue and work through the pain? I am not sure what is going on. I think because I have not done these types of excercises, I am not used to it. (I just went to spinning classes)

What does everyone think about this? I am just VERY stiff!

Thank you for your reponses. I am not sure who to trust anymore!

Feb 10, 2010
10 years later... screw finally out
by: Anonymous

To those who posted here. Let me start by saying a few things. The way ACL surgery works is the use of two srews. Lower and upper. They hold both ends of the new ACL in place. In my case, the lower screw started to back itself out after some months or a year. I dont recall as it was over 10 years ago. What I do recall is that the follow up visit after intial surgery I was in serious pain, in the back of my knee. I found this strange as there was no surgery there, nothing was supposed to touch it. It was the original upper screw. I am convinced of it. After going years without being able to run, pain walking, fast forward and I went to see a doctor and asked him to take out the screw. He was apparenty a good liar as he said he could get the screw out. well right before he puts me under he says Oh no I cant take the screw out. What the... lights out.. A year later I see another doctor. He cuts me up and 2 1/2 hours later the screw is out. Its NOT ALWAYS EASY. It depends on how it was put in, the original doctors style, the screw type and if the graft grew over the screw hole among other things I as a layman dont know. Now my ACL is supposedly weakened, though how weak, and how long to heal is unknown. I do not think I will be walking two weeks from now. I suspect most of the easy operations are the lower screw being removed. Upper is another story... Make sure you know what is going on.

Feb 14, 2010
2 ACL grafts
by: Anonymous

I have had 2 ACL reconstructions on my right knee- 1997 and 2001. After 8 1/2 years i have begun to have more that usual swelling, popping of the knee. and extreme pain that worsens when walking. I see my surgeon in 2 days and worried that he may say screws have to come out. He made mention about doing that 6 years ago, but after 5 surgeries on that joint it was the last thing i wanted to hear. Wondering if it will be worth it if it relieves the pain and swelling?!!

Feb 15, 2010
might or might not be screws...
by: Anonymous

Maybe it would be best for you to do an MRI and/or arthroscopic examination to find out if the screws really are the problem?

Feb 15, 2010
recovery from screw removal
by: soccer star


Well it's been 4 weeks and 3 days since they took the screw out. My leg feels great. No more swelling or pain and the scar area looks smaller than the 1 st incision. I can play soccer and run track as of today. Going to do a little each day so I don't pull a hammy though. The cold and rain would bother it but now it doesn't and I have no more swelling. I'll still wear a tight compression brace on my knee when I play and run just for some added support but things feel much better in there.

Good Luck. P.S. I got a soccer scholarship to play in College in the fall Just deciding on the school.

soccer star

Feb 19, 2010
2 ACL Grafts - Dr. diagnosis
by: Anonymous

I am the one who wrote in a few days ago about my current knee whoas. Doc tells me that popping in knee is my knee cap because arthritis has gotten so inflamed in joint. Going to try some PT first before a scoping to 'clean out' the knee. This will buy me some time before i need a total knee replacement. Anyone ever have such an ordeal? I am a 52 yr. old very active female.

Feb 23, 2010
Inside tibia pain after ACL reconstruction and scope
by: Julie

I had my right ACL reconstructed with my patellar tendon in June 2009 after tearing it during softball. PT was tough from the beginning as my muscle memory was terrible and I couldn't even kick my leg out from a sitting position. Within a couple months PT was nearly unbearable due to pain in my knee cap and tibia, on the inside of my leg. After months of complaining and pain pills my doc finally scoped my knee January 2010 and found torn cartilage that was causing the knee cap pain. I had no pain for 2 wks post-op, but the tibia pain has returned and it getting worse. It hurts at the screw/graft site and I have wondered for months if that is the problem, but doc doesn't think so. I've had terrible swelling in my knee and ankles since first surgery and don't know what to do. Last night I read about a recall on screws used for ACL's surgery but don't know what screw was used. Does anyone have any thoughts on the cause of this pain? Thanks.

Feb 23, 2010
To Anonymous re: popping knee and arthritis
by: Julie

Four months after my June 2009 ACL reconstruction, my knee started grinding and popping so loud others could hear it. It sounded like Rice Crispies cereal and felt like there was gravel under my knee cap. Last month I had my knee scoped and doc discovered torn cartilage. The surgery was short and much easier than the ACL reconstruction and the knee cap grinding and pain is gone. (Now I'm on to Pain #2, which is at the screw/graft site on the inside of my tibia.) Based on my experience, I suggest you have the scope to clean out your knee. I was afraid to do it but it helped that specific problem. Best of luck to you.

Feb 23, 2010
screw removal
by: soccer star

I checked with my doctor to find out the type of screw used. He said it wasn't the one that is being recalled. I was cleared on January 15th after 4 weeks from taking out the screw. I played soccer indoor on Sat night and it felt good.Lots of power I just need to strengthen the leg a bit from taking 4 weeks off. Yesterday I had a personal training session and the guy did work on strenthening the knee muscles and the quad muscles. It felt so good not one bit of pain in the scar area or tibia area like before. No swelling just a bit tired which is good.

Good Luck

Feb 24, 2010
to Julie
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments regarding your recent scoping. Sounds like that may be the way to go. Doc wants 1 month of PT before he does scope to try and strengthened knee. This would be surgery #7 on that knee so you can understand my apprehension. More scar tissue and another surgery to re-coupe from. The idea of more therapy is not appealing, but it may help for a little while. They are just trying to buy time before a knee replacement is done.Guess that would take care of it for good then! Thanks!

Feb 24, 2010
To Julie re:tibia pain
by: Anonymous

Julie- i would suggest that you try to maximize your efforts to reduce the swelling in your knee and ankle. i am sure you have been told all the ways to do so: ice elevation anti-inflamatory etc. even soft tissue massage helps drain fluid.with swelling comes pain and perhaps your aching iside your leg feels like screw placement- it may all be linked to swelling. Since they recently scoped, i am sure they would have detected a problem w/ the screws.Just a suggestion from someone who has had multiple knee surgeries. good luck!

Mar 27, 2010
acl reconstruction
by: Anonymous

I got two screws put in my knee its only been a week im just curious if its going to affect my soccer career or if its goint to stop me from trying to make it far in the future playing soccer,, can some 1 give me some feed back thanks

Mar 30, 2010
ACL Post Op 15weeks
by: Taz

Still unable to extend knee 180degrees, swelling has never gone down , and after any physical activity, which is light cycling etc at the moment, the knee swells and I experience pain up to my hip and down to the ankle. The pain is on the inside of the knee over the incision where the screw was entered, got MRI , the screw head has risen up and is causing restriction. However the specialist will not operate as it is a bio-dradeable screw and in six months should be gone ?? should I insist in getting it out. He says having an op will set me back four - six weeks, getting married in six months !! your advice is much appreciated

Apr 02, 2010
screw pieces loose in my knee
by: Anonymous


I had an ACL surgery in the spring of 2006. In 2008 the ACL had a partial tear due to a fall, in fall of 2009 the screw in the bone broke and the tip was sticking out of the bone while just walking normally. Two weeks ago after another episode of extreme pain while just walking normally, the MRI showed that some pieces of the screw were now loose within the knee. I just had it all scoped out of the knee a few days ago.I was told that the screw should have dissolved a long time ago. Well mine did not, apparently the screw pieces (there were 4) were just hard plastic. The surgeon did not remove the rest of the screw from the bone though. Has anybody heard of anything like this happening to others?

Not very happy

Apr 19, 2010
Screw sticking out
by: Curtis

I had ACL reconstruction surgery nearly 6months ago, my last visit to the surgeon(march) lead to him saying come back in 3months and we will remove the screw. The screw is actually sticking out my leg, you can feel it just above my scar and there is considerable pain around it,its also stopping me from hyper extending and would like to no if this has happened to anyone? And what the general facts are about having a screw removed? I would like to start training when the football pre season starts,is this realistic? Cheers

Apr 20, 2010
2nd surgery for "loose hardware"
by: Elem PE teacher

After a 2007 acl/meniscus repair, distal part of the screw broke off- had surgery in Feb/2010 to clean up. Now, more of the screw is sticking out. It was a dissolvable screw that obviously did NOT do it's job. I see the surgeon tomorrow to find out what is going on now. I am not happy!

Apr 21, 2010
Loose screw after acl/mcl reconstruction
by: Anonymous

I fell on 9/9/09 and tore my acl and mcl and had to have reconstruction surgery in 12/09. I have have nothing but pain in my medial side, mcl, since the surgery. My therapist kept telling me it was scar tissue. I went to the doc yesterday and it is a screw that is coming out that is causing all my pain and discomfort. Now I am schduled for surgery to have it taken out. I just hope it didn't damage the MCL they just repaired.
I have a hard enough time walking. I also Fractured my hip socket in the fall, and that caused me to have brusits in my hip. Which may need surgery in a few months. No win.

Apr 21, 2010
Another screw problem . . .
by: JB

I had ACL reconstruction surgery on March 19th. When they did the surgery they found I also had significant damage to both the medial and lateral meniscus and the MCL. Everything was cleaned and repaired and my initial recovery was pretty horrible--one week in a full leg brace locked at 180 degrees and four weeks of crutches with only toe-touch weight bearing. I have been going to PT and my therapist was becoming concerned with my progress. It took us almost the entire four weeks to get my leg to 0 degrees and my pain was in the wrong spot--the front of my knee instead of the back. Well, come to find out at my follow up appt with my surgeon a few days ago that the screw in my tibia is protruding and inhibiting me from getting full extension. My MD says he needs to go back in and there is a 90% chance I'll have to have the entire ACL redone. Does this sound right? I am not looking forward to starting over on my recovery. Has this happened to anyone else this soon after their surgery?

May 18, 2010
Get the screw out...
by: Anonymous

I had a loose screw and it was tender to the touch just as you described. It felt like my knee was permently bruised in that area, and would be very painful to straighten at random times. I got the screw out, and I recommend you do as well. It's a very simple quick and virtually painless procedure. As well as getting the screw removed the surgeon will also be able to smooth over or repair any scaring found in your knee, which is an added bonus. It's your leg...if it's bothering you, you should get it fixed.

May 18, 2010
loose screw - post ACL
by: Pearson

Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone has had screw problems following an ACL done over 10 years ago?
I had a fall last year and had surgery to deal with a cartilage problem but over the last 14months the pain at the front of my knee has got worse as has the swelling and bruising. I saw a surgeon 2 weeks ago and after a fresh set of xrays you can clearly see the front screw has moved by some 3-4mm since last year. I am going to have it removed but I am worried about how long the screw has been in there...any advice pls??

Jul 04, 2010
Surgical screw came out of incision
by: Anonymous

Hello, I had ACL surgery 11th of May and the area around the main incision has always been very sore. The last month this area was red, hot and swollen. I was put on antibiotics but no use. Following an X-ray yesterday it became clear that the lower screw was loose and on its way out!

Last night the incision opened by itself and brown fluid came out! yuck!! And today I could see the surgical screw there in the incision (!!!) I got it removed today in the hospital.

Do you think I need a complete new ACL surgery?

Jul 06, 2010
Not the screws
by: Linda

I wrote back in Jan 2010 re: the fear of screw removal after having the allograft surgery. I went to another Dr who had me obtain another MRI. I was told it's not the screws, but rather my meniscus is torn. He said I could live with it, and I am! I go to PT and can still walk and ride my bike, so at 52, I'll live with that. This Dr (from Special Surgery in NYC) actually said the allograft that was done to my knee from the initial surgeron was one of the best he had ever seen!

Jul 06, 2010
Removal of screw from MCL
by: Dawn

I had my screw remove from my MCL 6 weeks ago and it has been like heaven. I can move my knee so much better, it is a little tender yet, but that I can deal with.

Aug 09, 2010
Screw Removal
by: MDK

Had an petal tendon ACL reconstruction on March 3 and since have complained to my surgeon about deabilitating pain in the top of the tibia. I also had significant swelling in my knee and calf after any type of physical therapy or light cycling. After all complaints to the surgeon I was just prescribed additional pain killers and told that it would be a good 6 months before I could expect to be back to normal. Four months later I had another doctor xray the knee and found that the tibia screw was extended 3 mm above the tibia plateau into the knee socket and hitting the femur above. MRI confirmed this and adema to the bone above from the contiual impacts. Will be having the tibia screw removed tomorrow and the knee scoped to determine the extent of damage. I can't even be in the same room as the origianl surgion due to his total incompetence. Guess I know why he would never xray the knee to determine why I might be complaining... he knew what he had done and didn't want to expose the problem...

Aug 09, 2010
Surgical screw came out of incision
by: Anonymous

Hello, I wrote here on the 4th of july when the screw was removed from my knee (tibia) and the small wound left open to grow and for the pus to come out. Now a month later, there is still greenish pus coming out of this wound. I am very sick and tired of this... I am going to see my surgeon on Wednesday and he was talking about surgical cleaning of my wound, apparently under narcosis.

Aug 09, 2010
ACL better too soon?
by: Sonja

OK, i had ACL replacement with a donor graft June 3rd and saw the dr about a week ago. He told me to take it easy and not to go to PT for a week. I found out i passed a really important exam a couple days after i saw the dr and ended up 'celebrating' too hard and maybe walking too much. It hurt the next day in my Patellar tendon area so i massaged it, iced it and took some anti-inflammatorys and i woke up the next day amazingly heeled and recovered. I was walking without pain and could do a full squat. I am worried that i somehow tore my donor graft. How would i know if thats what i did or if its just the meniscus? Oh and i can't feel my screw either.

(i'm getting Meniscis replacement as soon as im heeled from the acl replacement anyway)

Aug 22, 2010
Is my doc right?
by: Kneed!

My husband underwent an ACL reconstruction surgery on Aug 17, 2010. We had specifically asked for biodegradable screws. For about two days after the surgery, the doc kept saying the "surgery went extremely well and as expected." Then one resident told us titanium screws were used. We were aghast coz we had read in this forum about potential screw probs in future. The resident said "doc is more comfortable using titanium."
After about an hour, probably realizing the goof-up, it was explained to us that the doc hadnt forgotten about the biodegradable screws, but my husband's hamstring tendon was "very soft" and biodegradable couldnt be used.
Does that make sense? Please post, if you know. Thanks.

Oct 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

I had ACL surgery about a year ago, and during physical therapy I realized I was having problems with all the exercises. I had severe pain in my knee and was put on Tylenol 3 to counteract the pain, but nothing helped. About 9 months in I got a x-ray and the doctor saw that a screw had worked its way out of my femur. I am actually getting surgery tomorrow to get the screw out.

Oct 23, 2010
by: kaka-roh

ACL reconstruction and medial meniscus tear fixed on July 15 2010. 2 days ago twisted my left ankle and right knee buckled...felt intense pain for 2 mins...after this nothing. I can walk, climb stairs etc but have a pain on the inside of my knee when i attempt to stretch my leg against gravity. I have not felt this before...and i am extremely worried all this time has gone to waste as a result of this. Could it be I tore my meniscus again, or perhaps just twisted the knee a little? Is it worth getting an MRI again, or should i wait a few days before doing so? I would appreciate all help....been going crazy with soccer withdrawal and would do anything to play again.

Nov 08, 2010
Bioabsorbale Screw Not Abosorbing
by: Anonymous

I had ACL reconstruction in May of 2009, one year later the area right on top of the scar started swelling until it got huge (but no pain). In July it popped and a hard white object was sticking out. It was the screw, and in the last three months my wife has been picking out pieces of the screw, it is constantly spewing out pus. I'm hoping that it eventually comes out, but don't know what to do, as I had the surgery here in the Philippines and they aren't too worried about customer satisfaction.

Nov 12, 2010
Bioabsorbale Screw Not Abosorbing
by: Anonymous

wow, you need to get this screw out before the infection spreads into your knee. I had the same thing happening, but with a normal screw. pus coming out after the screw was removed. I had to operate again to cut away flesh that was not healing. My body seemed unable to cope with the small deep wound.

Jan 04, 2011
screws in knee
by: Anonymous

I had ACL surgery in the early eights. I have three screws in my tibia and femur.I did not have them removed and I ended up with a condition that makes my muniscus britle. My doctor says there is no conclusive evidence that the screws have caused this condition. However it is the only joint im my body with this problem. I have had three muniscus surgeries since, and am wating to have a forth. I will be asking to have the screws removed at that time in hopes of turning around the problem.

Jan 11, 2011
Screw removal after ACL repair
by: zandy22

Hi Soccer Star, Wondering two things...1. How is your knee feeling playing soccer? 2.What school are you playing for? Our daughter is also planning to play college in the fall.

Jan 28, 2011
Pain at the scar... Stiffness
by: Harry

I did my ACL reconstruction in right knee 6 weeks back. And I am experiencing a sharp pain at the scar as well as stiffness..
I am scared whether i can return back to the normal activity.. Can anyone suggest a better way to come of this pain

Feb 06, 2011
ACL surgery almost 8 years ago.
by: pawan


sharing my happenings for the guys who had surgery. My doctor informed me that he coudnt do an endoscope surgery so i ended with 3 scars. 2 for the screw & 1 for removing a nerve or something to replace my torn acl. After almost 1.5 years of surgery i coudnt make my knee 180 degree straight , i was not much excersisng than so guess it took time. But now i can sit , squat and also fell quite times coz of slippery floors. The pain after fall was for an hour and its gone.i can feel my below screw under my scar reminding me to have it removed. 2years back i visited a new doc & he informed to have the screws untill it isnt harming you had MRI scan 2 check the screw is in proper place, & it was but i have started 2 workouts from the past 1.5 years & i have started to have pain in my ankle & every nite ifeel the leg doesnt belong 2 me in the nite & takes time for me to forget the pain in my ankle before i can sleep. Sometimes it takes me almost 2 hours of self message on my ankle.

Wanted to know if anybody share the same kind of pain and also will it improve for better if i have this screws removed. Kindly let me know. And thx to this blog as we share our experience & veiws.

Best of luck guys.

Feb 14, 2011
Knee pain
by: Anonymous

I did not know the screw could be the cause of my knee hurting like it is. Wow. I had torn my acl in Aug 2004 before school started then had the surgery Oct 22, 2004. Which this year would be 7 years I had two screws placed in there. I had fallen hard last year in July and it I never thought it was them. That they could pop out or move but it explains the pain. My pain is on the inner side of my left knee where they are at. When they took the xray they let me see it too so I saw my screws but none of them were a specialist in knees and acl. So I think this is something I really need to get checked. Good grif. So much has happened in my life. What's one more. sigh.

Feb 14, 2011
Knee pain
by: Karen1

I am the same one just posted with the text up above this one. It also hurts to go down on that knee. I cant do it. The doctor said he stretched the tissue from one side to the other and put the screws there to keep it in place. So after almost 7 years you think I would beable to get them out, right? I am not sure on this. It scares me to tare it again. GOD, i dont ever want to go over that again. If it is taken out do you still have problems with it and so on? Please let me know all the info on this as you can. thanks.

Apr 16, 2011
1 year after surgery
by: Anonymous

I guess I should have done more research before my surgery but my doctor used the biodegradeable screws and now one is coming out. Why would you use bio vs. Titanium? Common sense tells me don't use bio because the threads of the screw will dissolve first then of course it will push out like a stripped nail.

Apr 24, 2011
ACL/Screws - Coming out - Maybe?
by: Kelly

Hi Everyone,
I am so happy I found this post because I think my screw is coming out. I cannot figure out what the source of the pain is, but it is pretty bad, I have a little swelling and it is very tender in the "screw" area.

I had my ACL surgery in Feb 2010 - Rehabbed and in good condition by June - kickboxing by September and recently I started a fitness bootcamp - did the squat test on Monday, ran a mile Tuesday and by Wednesday the pain was so bad I couldnt head to camp. I have been icing and taking alieve since then, but still in pain. Its weird - I don't feel like my knee hurts, but the pain is radiating around and near the scar area and under my knee - so who knows. I am definitely calling the doctor tomorrow.

I had a problem with a screw in my foot and I had to get it removed as well, but my doc told me these would stay in for life.

Apr 25, 2011
Loose screw
by: Ragnhild

Wow, sounds like the exact pain when my screw was coming out... The pain end swelling under and around my scar.. and redness too. My scar in fact opened up by itself and I could see the screw. Yuck!! But that was only 1 months after the main operation. Hope you will avoid this happening :S uurgh.

Apr 25, 2011
No Screw - Bursitis
by: Kelly

Hi Everyone,
I went to the doc today and it was not the screw - thank goodness. Screw is tender, but my pain is coming from the Bursitis. Some topical anti-inflammatory and R&R and ICE and I should be good to go in a week. Thanks!!!

May 14, 2011
Screw Broke in knee
by: Cecil

I had an ACL replacement (cadaver) about 15 months ago. I workout every day and I just finished a sprint workout about 3 weeks ago and my joint was grinding really bad. It didn't hurt but it was a very unnatural feeling. Then all the sudden my knee hurt more than anything I've ever experienced in my life. I couldn't bend it and it was very hard to move around. I lipmed around the rest of the day, and I put a knee brace on in, and iced it as much as possible. I got an MRI and the results came back and my screw broke in half and its lodged in my joint. I've got an appt on Monday and I'm hoping to get it out this week. This has been extremely painful. Has anyone else had this happen?

May 23, 2011
ACL-Possible Screw Never dissolved?
by: Ani- Tulsa

Okay, here's my scenario....
* ACL Reconstruction 1/2008
* Approximately 2 - 3 mos ago started experiencing sharp pains (more than usual) but this time the pain was radiating up the side of my leg....I was having a hard time walking around.
* Hot to the touch around my incision area.
* Then I seemed to forget the pain for about one week.
* All of a sudden a mass/cyst/tumor appeared where my incision is...
Is that what a 'screw coming out' looks like?
That has been there for about 3-4 weeks now. I went to my surgeon today and he has setup for an MRI....Says he has never seen this?!?
He says the screws usually back out at about 6 mos post-op and here we are 3+ years post op....
My knee is now stiffening up, etc......
what do you think?

May 25, 2011
hip screw surgery
by: chelsea

Hello. im in grade 11 now, and in grade 8 i got screws put in my hips cause my bone was growing the wrong was i have one in each hip, and now and then it starts to hurt, when i sit for a long time etc, it also limits me to cross my legs, if i were to get them removed do you think i would be able to walk or is their another procedure i could get done that would work . thanks email me .

Jun 01, 2011
how long will i be out of work?
by: Anonymous

I'm having my ACL and Mcl repaired (autograft) anyway I work as a cashier so I am on my feet about 7hrs a day... My doctor is saying I'll be out for about 8 weeks? I was just wondering if anyone else with a standing job knows if that's about right or can I get back to work earlier?

Jun 15, 2011
ACL screw
by: Anonymous

I had an acl reconstruction in feb 10 my doctor slipped with the screwdriver during the operation and has left me with a 2 inch scar on my thigh. also on my first visit to the doctor after surgery i questioned him about my tibia screw, it was already noticable and protruding a fair bit, i asked for xrays to make sure everything was ok, he told me it was unnecessary. As the scar tissue around the screw decreased months after the operation the screw became more amd more noticable. in april this year i hurt it my knee again, re-ruptured the graft and now need surgery, i had xrays on my knee and the screw was being held into the bone by the tiny tip of the screw. i have now seen a different doctor who tells me that both screws were placed in the wrong position and it was only a matter of time before it snapped again. i now have to go through it all again and have lost the last 2 years of my life (21-22) basically because this doctor did his job wrong.goodluck everyone!!

Jul 24, 2011
ACL Reconstruction
by: Anonymous

Thank goodness for this page, Iam 5 months post op having had the ACL reconstruction using part of the Hamstring.Two weeks ago I developed a golf ball sized swelling under my scar which filled up with fluid and was very sore.After chatting with my consultant following an MRI I thought I was the only person ever to suffer this. I have been worried sick.They say the screw has moved but on the other hand I was told the screw should dissolve in the body. Can anybody advise if this info is right?

Sep 10, 2011
22 years later....
by: Rachel

I tore my ACL when I was 16 and had the reconstruction done in 1989 (maybe 90- I was young and cant remember) Anyway, the Dr used part of the Patellar tendon as my "new ACL", and I went about my life. Several years later it was really bothering me, and a new surgeon went in to look, and found the remnants of my torn ACL still flapping around in my knee (the original surgeon did not remove the torn parts, only added a repair) The 2nd surgery was actually filmed by my surgeon with the arthroscopic camera and I got to see the ligament.He removed it, and most of my pain went away.

Having had 3 knee surgeries at that point, I was already over the whole thing. The popping never stopped, and I still could not kneel on that leg. A few years ago, my knee started to "give out" on me randomly. I had read somewhere that the ACL repair usually lasts about 18 years- and that was about where I was with mine.
Last year in Sept (2010) I stepped off a small ramp wrong, and only had half my foot on the ramp- so my foot rolled to the side, and I heard a pop. Turned out, I had broken my foot, and the dr said I had twisted my knee very badly. He ended up doing surgery on my knee to remove some "post traumatic arthritis" by debriding and repair my meniscus from where I had torn it during the foot accident. He said the ACL repair was "holding" but not much else. Now a year later, i have a very hard bump protruding from one of my scars (on the outside of my knee) and it hurts like I am being stabbed from the inside. It has gotten progressively larger over the last week or so, and more painful. When I bend my knee it hurts, and when I put pressure on a bended knee (such as squatting or crossing my legs) It feel like whatever it is will just POP out of my skin, and the pain is almost unbearable.

I was wondering if it could be a screw, or possibly a piece of bone that may have been released when the last surgeon debrided the bone. All I know is that it hurts, and if I sit for long periods I can't bear it.

Any ideas or suggestions? I am going to contact my last surgeon, and probably another one as well.... 22 years is a long time to have dealt with this, and I know it will be a lifelong situation, but this new problem has to have an answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and for offering opinions.

Sep 30, 2011
had a screw removed
by: Danielle

Hi! I had my ACL replaced about 10 months ago. 2 months ago I started getting a ton of pain where the screw was. I met with the doctor and he says it happens a lot. The screw just doesn't agree with the bone. He said they do dissolve but it may take up to 4 years. I had the screw removed two days ago and feel great. I walked out of the hospital feeling a little sore, but nothing like ACL sugery. I took one pain killer after, and haven't needed it since. Tomorrow I get to take the dressing off and go back to normal. Just no swimming to baths for 2 weeks due to the stitches! The skin around the stitches looks really bruised, but that's the only issue. I'm walking with no pain what so ever!c

Sep 30, 2011
acl , mcl meniscus surgery, 2009, screw removal 2010
by: soccer star

well its been over 2 years since my injury. 4 surgeries later and I,m finally back to playing soccer in college. I was a redshirt last September due to acute infectious mono and tonsillitis. What a bummer. Worked 5days a week for 1 1/2 years to rehab back to play college soccer,think i wore out my body and my immune system trying to get back. Anyway I'm playing this fall and my leg feels good.
Not afraid to go to the ball and get hit.The only thing I would tell everyone that plays sports with an acl/mcl injury make sure you do hip strengthening to support your injured leg. My hip bothered me for about a year off & on because I favored my injured leg. Feels better after doing hip exersises.

Sep 30, 2011
No screw out, but better!
by: Katherine Carroll

Hi Everyone, I posted awhile ago, wanting to know who had success with screw removal. I have had 3 ACL reconstructions, and at the moment, have a torn meniscus, as well as an abnormal one. All in the same knee. Anyway, I went to my pre-op over a year and half ago in order to have my screw out, as well as having my menisci repaired. They asked me if I could be pregnant. I said no way. Found out that day I was pregnant with our 2nd. They wouldn't do the surgery obviously. Long story shorter, I am now in the best shape since high school, and knock on wood, my knee is feeling GREAT!!!! Even without the screw removed. Even without the menisci fixed. Getting muscle has helped me, and the screw hasn't posed a problem. Weird, but great!

Oct 15, 2011
Protruding screw?
by: Anonymous

I crushed my tibia plateau 27th march. Reconstruction done and screws, bone filler used. Have110 degree bend but told may never be full bend. Now have cruel pain and cracking when I walk. Pain front and back leg. Surgeon says might be screws and need come out but not sure if too soon, only 8 months since op. Can anyone tell me if they had this? Bone like crushed boiled egg before surgery. Also have plate and screws as broke tibia and fibia. Fall backwards from attic ladder.

Oct 16, 2011
Screw pain? ACL 10yrs ago MCL 18mths ago
by: Sarah

Hi there,
I had my ACL reconstructed (left knee) around 10 years ago now and although it felt more stable after the op, it was quite sore below my knee pad and very sensitive around my inner knee. Turns out that in rupturing my ACL, I had also badly strained my MCL. Long story short - my MCL went on me 2 years ago and 18 mths ago now I had it replaced (we tried physio etc for a long time but it would still 'give' on me). Since my MCL reconstruction, I have had to go back in to have my knee manipulated (bent) as I was not able to bend it past 90deg. Great, it was bending fully after this however, I then was aware of a sharp pain (where I believe there is a screw, top left of my left kneecap) whenever I extend my leg - moreso when weight bearing, so lunges/ climbing stairs/ cycling etc. but also just lying in bed at night. I went back to my surgeon and despite everything I have read on the Internet about screw removal, he is suggesting he needs to 'advance' the screw? I have not been able to return to full physical sports since my original ACL injury and reconstruction and am really hoping this upcoming op (on Tuesday 18th Oct) will make a difference... Any thoughts or similar situations to give me hope or any advice on things to bring up with my surgeon? Do I need to worry about the use of Calaxo screws?? Also worried about what other damage could have been caused by this protruding screw? I just want them to get it right this dream is to surf again but I can't even pop up!! If you've got this far, thanks for reading! Please help!!

Oct 31, 2011
Tore both my ACLs & had trouble with the dissolving screws.
by: Kelsey

I tore my acl in my right knee in November of 2008, got surgery to replace it and an year after surgery i had extreme pain in the area of my scar while i was playing sports. Made an appt with my doc to get an MRI and he told me an screw had not dissolve (not sure what the name of the screw was called) and said it was uncommon for one to not dissolve, so i needed to get it removed. Got it removed and it helped alot because my knee felt great after. Then in December 2010 i tore my acl in my left knee, got the surgery in jan 2011 and im now 8 months after surgery and im having the same pain in my scar area like my right knee. when im home from college during winter break i have to make an appt to get it checked out but im 100% certain its the screw not dissolving again and ill have to get surgery to remove it:(

Nov 03, 2011
My screw is loose too..
by: Brittney

I tore my ACL when I was 14 in January of 2010 had surgery in June of 2010 for the past couple of months my top of my insision has been hurting and I went to my doctor and it is my screw but I guess it's suppose to dissolve? It's been getting worse since basketball started..I really want to be done with the pain..should I get it removed?

Nov 13, 2011
Screw problem 2 years later?
by: Anonymous

I had my third replacement of my ACL two years ago. Last week I developed a large, painful lump near top of incision scar, where there is a screw in my tibia. It seems odd since there was not any such protrusion before. Cannot afford to see my surgeon since my insurance was dropped by my employer. I can live with it as long as it is not going to get worse. Could the screw come dislodged after 2 years?! Could it be serious?

Dec 01, 2011
Knee pain from screw... NEW
by: Anonymous


I had knee surgery about two years ago back in october. I woke up today with a sharp pain on the inside of my right knee just above the scar. I couldnt go to school today cuz i couldn't put pressure on it nor bend it without suffecient pain. I'm most likely going to schedule a doctors appointment withing the week, also the screw looks as if its buldging out. my scar is swollen from the screw... i was wondering if i should get it removed or try and wait it out??

Dec 10, 2011
Radial reduction plate/pins pop out of place NEW
by: Kayleigh

Two years ago I was involved in a car accident where the driver's side airbag deployed and caused a complete fracture, the back of my hand literally touching the skin of my forearm on impact. Surgeons put in 3 screws in my wrist which are fine, excluding long trips on my sport bike where I have to hold the throttle for long periods of time. However, when I try to carry more than about 75lbs, I feel a pop, sharp pain, and then a bump forms near the end of the plate closest to my wrist. If I jam the pin back into the bone, it goes back to normal. This is excrutiating pain and happens often because of my job. Anyone else dealt with this?

Dec 19, 2011
Biodegradable screw 'pain' NEW
by: Katie

I too am suffering the generlaised diagnosis of 'probably the screws' pain! Im 8 1/2 months post op using the hamstring graft in my left knee. Having gone through physio for the past 6 months i was referred back to the surgeon due to my pain levels on the inside edge below my knee cap. Having been sent for an mri with suspected medial mesiscus tear i saw the consultant friday for the results. Annoyingly my consultant was away so i had another consultant i had never seen before. He claimed the mri cam back fine with no damage and the graft looking well. He had to quickly find out what screws were used and then suggested they were causing irritation to the knee. And that to go back next June in the hope time would have solved the issues as the screws start to disappear. So that is all i was told and that i could return to training for football! Have no idea how i will cope trying to return to sport as walking and everyday life can be painful enough. I am going to give it a try in the new year and hope it doesn't cause more damage to the joint and the pain starts to subside! Just wish my consultant had have been available since he knows the situation and could have at least given advice and a more in depth consultation!

Dec 19, 2011
Knee pain after ACL repair NEW
by: Anonymous

This is starting to sound very common amoungst ACL reconstruction patients. I am 6 years post op and I too have pain in the upper tibia location it's tender to pressure and I sometimes get a "burning/pulling sensation when flexing my knee )especially under load. I had a MRI about 2 years ago and it showed that the screw that was supposed to dissovle hasn't and in now starting to potrude out of the bone. I can feel the threads of the screw with my finger tip's. I'm reluctant to go under the knife again but I think it's the only way to get rid of this horrible sensation. Companies that manufacture these screws should be compensating all these people!

Jun 12, 2012
Screw Pain and Weighing the Options NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Everyone -

I am 11 months post op allograf ACL reconstruction surgery. I had an a-typical recovery, at 3 months post op I was diagnosed with low bone density (which it was later attributed to complex regional pain syndrome- CRPS or RSD - an auto-immune, nervous system response potentially caused from the trauma of surgery). This meant I had to immediately offload back to crutches for another 2 months. Then at 6 months post op, I lost the crutches and started the quad set, stationary bicyle, leg shuttle rehab all over again. Throught rehab I have had upper knee cap pain and medial tibia pain, which was thought to be caused by the low bone density.

Yesterday a sought a second opinion on my latest MRI and he immediately said my tibia screw was on its way out through my scar. He didn't impress upon me urgancy to remove it, only that it was an option. The other option being the screw will dissolve in a few years and the pain will subside. With the screw protruding, I was only limited by my pain (which is significant) and the risk being that the pain will cause me to alter mechanics which would lead to injury down the road. So the options are work through the pain for a few years without allowing it to alter my mechanics or lose the screw.

Someone above wrote that they did not remove their screw and simply gained more muscle and managed the situation. I have noticed that as my muscle strengthened and increased, my pain went away. And I have a feeling a lot of that is due to mechanics. More muscle, more stability, better mechanics.

Bottom line, I am meeting with my original surgeon next week to discuss options but am not ruling out the importance of muscle in this equation. I do believe muscle strength is a major factor in hiding any injuries in our joints. As an athlete for nearly 20 years and going through this rehab where not only my legs but hips, shoulder and back lost tremendous amount of muscle, many injuries I did not realize existed, were suddenly apparant, masked by my muscle tone.

So honestly, I have a feeling that as long as my screw doesn't pierce the skin and cause infection, I will likely not do anything with it. My mosst immediate worry is the strength of the graft after the screw is removed, which is another question for my surgeon.

Good luck to everyone and never give up!

Jun 12, 2012
Ways to Gain Muscle and Reduce Pain NEW
by: Anonymous

To the person who was having patellar pain on the top, I had Active Release Techniques (ART) done to stretch my "knee capsule" and that pain immediately went away. It is not usually covered by insurance but there are more and more professionals trained in the technique.
For those suffering from screw pain and weiging the options of whether to remove it..

...dove tailing my note above about the impact of building muscle...

I have also found amazing and immediate patellar pain reduction with the use UV Light treatment in Santa Cruz, Ca. Again, not covered by insurance, I am paying $40 a session out of pocket.

My last piece of advice to any rehabbing patients is to try aqua belt training. It's a foam belt that floats your head and neck above water, allowing you to actively run in the pool without any impact (like you are doggie paddling). It has allowed me to straighten and flex my leg without harm, while building fine muscle movement against the water resistance.

Jun 14, 2012
My pin in my hand! NEW
by: Anonymous

I broke my hand acouple weeks ago catching, I had surgery and got 2 screws put in and a pin. The doctor told me the pin will just fall put on it's own. Is that true? I thought they had to pull them out. And is there any way I can make this process go by sooner? Help!

Jun 22, 2012
Sudden Pain NEW
by: Michelle

My knee surgery wasn't ACL but a 'lateral release, tibial tubercal transfer.' But they tell me it's similar to ACL surgery.
I have never had any trouble whatsoever with feeling screws or anything but this morning when I put my foot on the floor I had excruciating pain in my knee that continued and worsened as I walked.
Has anyone else experienced sudden pain, or is it usually gradual?

Jun 26, 2012
Acl reconstruction and meniscus on both sides NEW
by: Becca

Hey guys I had acl reconstruction and meniscus on both sides repaired and it's been a little over two months since sugery.... I haven't been to pt in over two weeks bc I was on vacation in Aruba and I was walking through sand and snorkeling..but on the way outta the resort I stepped on the board walk wrong and my knee bent too far inward and now I'm having terrible pain on the inside of my left knee I don't know what to do...someone give me some advise :(

Jul 23, 2012
ACL screw NEW
by: Becky

I have bilateral ACL reconstruction. One in 1995 and again in 1997. I have always been able to actually feel the screws, but a few months ago, the left one started hurting. Went to the Doctor this week and mine has backed it's way out about halfway. My Doc told me this is not common, in fact the only one he has ever seen do this. I had no trauma to it, so he's not sure why it happened. I am scheduled to have it out on Friday. The data shows that it's not necessary to have the hardware removed unless its bothering you and causing problems with your usual activities. Mine is to the point that he told me not to even shave over it or bend the knee because I could develop osteomyelitis if I cut it!! I'm ready to get it out because osteomyelitis is not a good option!!

Sep 19, 2012
Anchor Screw Could Cause Tibial Plateau Fracture and Pain Even After Removal NEW
by: Pat

Yes People, It's the Screws!

Stop doubting yourselves and get them to take that screw out (where indicated). After a 2007 ACL, the screw that anchored the ACL to the tibia protruded and caused internal and external brusing at the scar site and irritation when I walked, rendering me at times disabled. My doctors at Hospital for Special Surgery were nonetheless "skeptical" of my post-surgical complaints until I went to the Medical Records Department, ordered and reviewed the post-operative report to find out exactly WHAT went on during surgery and WHAT kind of techinque and hardware they implemented. Well, Lo and Behold: medical transcription on the exact location (tibial) of (my pain), the screw, what type, centimeter, and so on. Armed with that info I went back to the doctor, made him look at the x-ray and pointed out the screw. I dare say, they were embarrased (or, should have been). People: order your medical records, keep lifetime copies, update the after any procedures and READ the reports (especially any post-surgicals). But it didn't stop there: I believe "over-drilling" affixation of the screw during the ACL repair caused a mild tibial plateau stress fracture they've been avoiding discussion on, now after I strongly insisted the screw be (and was) removed. They keep 'speculating' on "pes anserine bursitis" but then indicating it shouldn't hurt when I walk, thereby concluding I'm probably just making this whole thing up as a "dissatisfied" customer. Perhaps they want to avoid the stress fracture issue because they may know they're implicated in it. I have never had any complications with other ACL surgeries where they didn't use an anchor screw (or it biodegraded properly). Go ahead, you KNOW what you are experiencing and talking about so "physician heal thyself, "get your chart" and have a good old-fashioned reckoning with these folks. All the best. PS. Anyone have any issues with the knee clinic at HSS? Email me at

Dec 09, 2013
Screw removal in 10 days NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone,
I've had 2x ACL surgeries (allografts) on the rt knee, in '99 then in '01. After the 01 surgery, pretty early on the screw near the incision backed out a little, and even then the doc mentioned removal as an option. He did not use biodegradable screws which seemed to be quite popular at the time but was a team doc for a local pro team so I trusted his experience. Over time the screw has backed out further and slowly made my knee more achy as well as less tolerant of high activity. It sticks out very prominently, so much that I can feel the entire head and washer thing underneath it. It
makes people creeped out when they see it! So here 12 years later I'm about to get it out finally with a new doc. I'm hoping it will go smoothly and not be harmful to the bone but believe my body really wants it out... Aside from that I've been having some medial pain at the inside of the knee, with no specific trauma or cause other than lots of running.... But that is the next problem to figure out. I hope to come back and update post screw removed....

Mar 08, 2014
both knees but only one screw loose? NEW
by: Anonymous

After 9 mos of rehab from double MPFL surgery and being continually in pain with swelling in both knees, I developed a very localized swelling on the inside of my right knee. A trip back to the surgeon confirmed that the absorbing sceww was in fact rejected and just bouncing around in my femur. Even though I don't have the bizarro superball looking swelling in the left knee, I think the chances are good the left screw has not absorbed properly either. The doc only ordered an MRI for the right and wants to take out the right screw. I think an MRI on the left is also warranted to make sure I don't, have the same problem. Am I right to want a look at the left side too and get it taken care of if need be? Should I insist so I don't have to go through this again and can maybe start to really heal? Please advise. Thanks

Nov 12, 2014
bruising. NEW
by: Anonymous

hi i had surgery 2 years ago. and i have started basketball again. just today i gotten a bruise around my scars. it turn purple and a few hours later. it turn a brown color darker then my skin. am i pushing to far(note: never physical therapy but muscles and extension is the same as the other knee)

Nov 12, 2014
bruising. NEW
by: Anonymous

hi i had surgery 2 years ago. and i have started basketball again. just today i gotten a bruise around my scars. it turn purple and a few hours later. it turn a brown color darker then my skin. am i pushing to far(note: never physical therapy but muscles and extension is the same as the other knee)

Nov 12, 2014
bruising. NEW
by: Anonymous

hi i had surgery 2 years ago. and i have started basketball again. just today i gotten a bruise around my scars. it turn purple and a few hours later. it turn a brown color darker then my skin. am i pushing to far(note: never physical therapy but muscles and extension is the same as the other knee)

Nov 12, 2014
bruising. NEW
by: Anonymous

hi i had surgery 2 years ago. and i have started basketball again. just today i gotten a bruise around my scars. it turn purple and a few hours later. it turn a brown color darker then my skin. am i pushing to far(note: never physical therapy but muscles and extension is the same as the other knee)

Nov 25, 2014
10 months post=op NEW
by: Anonymous

i went back training when i was 7 months post op, and i too was experiencing the same pain as you have described. i done all my physic therapy, with my football club and my knee felt as good as it did before my injury! my knee started jarring a lot and swelling up which i was conceded about, so stopped training and just started light training in the gym. last week i was walking down my stairs, and stepped from the bottom step onto a vinyl floor which my foot slightly slipped, causing my knee to go again! my x-ray showed that the plate in my knee was not sitting correctly in my knee, causing a weak spot and the reason for my knee to keep jarring. so i advise you don't have any underlined problems before you go back training.

Dec 21, 2014
ACL - reconstruction NEW
by: Gilesy13

I had an ACL reconstruction in 2000, i was told that my bone would be the plugs for the new ligament. It wasn't until i injured the same knee this May and after having an x-ray it showed i had two screws in it. I was then fouled badly in hockey again in October, the astroturf is so unforgiving as i kneecapped the floor. I had an MRI two weeks ago but now im experiencing a sharp lateral knee pain when it is against something like the sofa or cushion. Is there any chance the screws could have dislodged ect theyve been a part of me for 14 years. Fingers crossed all is ok.

Mar 04, 2015
csnic NEW
by: Signet

If something like this is found, I would advise you to take immediate steps as soon as possible and prevent from further damage that could be much painful and even lead to further problems as well. Do with it asap. Electronic Medical Record

Apr 25, 2015
loose screw protruding from knee after 5 months NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a loose screw protruding from beneath my incision site following ACL reconstruction 5 months ago. I noticed the hard lump about a week ago, had an Xray at my PCP's office, which confirmed it is the screw. I have had new swelling, and numbness in my foot off and on with this. My orthopedist's office has had several nurses tell me this week I need to wait until my previously scheduled 6 month visit with the DR on May 15th. EVEN after I got the Xray, and told them it is the screw! This lump and swelling has been going on since april 15th. I first called the DR's office on april 21, after realizing there is a problem and it isn't going away on it's own. Should I just wait until the 15th for a DR visit, or should I find another orthopedist right away?

Jun 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am also victim of ACL. In fact I was operated twice, once for wrong surgery and second time for correction. I found lot of good information regarding ACL on So many other complications may arise and proper training and hard work, you can restart training of your favorite sport.

Jun 29, 2015
Anyone else been recalled for dodgy LARS? NEW
by: Sarah

Hi all,
I wrote on here way back as I had my ACL repaired (hamstring) about 14 years ago and found everyone's comments very interesting! Well, just as I was starting to get into running again (4 years ago), I snapped my MCL! Had that repaired (LARS) but it has never settled. I couldn't bend past 90deg to start with so they put me under and bent it for me. Then I had excruciating pain when I bent through 90deg and it turned out a screw head was poking out! So they put me under AGAIN to put that in further. It's never settled to allow me to return to anywhere near the level of sport I used to enjoy. Then, I had a letter just last week to recall me for a check up on the LARS and they sent over a big questionnaire as they have reason to believe it may be causing inflammatory problems for some people and could snap too. Questionnaire was asking things like can I sit cross-legged? (no), can I do lunges? (no), can I do directional stuff at speed? (no), can I kneel? (no), do I hurt and experience swelling after walking just 1-3? (yes)!! Has anybody else had this? Appointment this afternoon so I'm very interested to see what they say. If I had a penny for every time I've told someone I wish I never had the damn thing repaired.....!!

Jun 29, 2015
Anyone else been recalled for dodgy LARS? NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi all,
I wrote on here way back as I had my ACL repaired (hamstring) about 14 years ago and found everyone's comments very interesting! Well, just as I was starting to get into running again (4 years ago), I snapped my MCL! Had that repaired (LARS) but it has never settled. I couldn't bend past 90deg to start with so they put me under and bent it for me. Then I had excruciating pain when I bent through 90deg and it turned out a screw head was poking out! So they put me under AGAIN to put that in further. It's never settled to allow me to return to anywhere near the level of sport I used to enjoy. Then, I had a letter just last week to recall me for a check up on the LARS and they sent over a big questionnaire as they have reason to believe it may be causing inflammatory problems for some people and could snap too. Questionnaire was asking things like can I sit cross-legged? (no), can I do lunges? (no), can I do directional stuff at speed? (no), can I kneel? (no), do I hurt and experience swelling after walking just 1-3? (yes)!! Has anybody else had this? Appointment this afternoon so I'm very interested to see what they say. If I had a penny for every time I've told someone I wish I never had the damn thing repaired.....!!

Jul 16, 2015
Many Moons NEW
by: Anonymous

I had surgery in 1996 indoor soccer total knee blow out i was 16 .A year later approx the tibial screw started backing out I had it removed wasn't in a ton of pain but slowly each day became more and more intense with pain.ultimately i have had two more clean out surgeries. i went on a hike nothing huge 1.5 mi so here i am today saying my scar tissue and nerve damage is not improving totaly laid up i have tried everything no wonderful cure in a bottle just ask the surgeon. i am now 34 have a wife and kids just want to live a full life run around with the kids but the pain is way to intense.tired of pushing through the pain. so post a miracle remedy for me like stem cell research. sorry i did not have better news. my advise is not to let the docs take out tomuch material it will never never be the same.

Jul 16, 2015
Many Moons NEW
by: Anonymous

I had surgery in 1996 indoor soccer total knee blow out i was 16 .A year later approx the tibial screw started backing out I had it removed wasn't in a ton of pain but slowly each day became more and more intense with pain.ultimately i have had two more clean out surgeries. i went on a hike nothing huge 1.5 mi so here i am today saying my scar tissue and nerve damage is not improving totaly laid up i have tried everything no wonderful cure in a bottle just ask the surgeon. i am now 34 have a wife and kids just want to live a full life run around with the kids but the pain is way to intense.tired of pushing through the pain. so post a miracle remedy for me like stem cell research. sorry i did not have better news. my advise is not to let the docs take out tomuch material it will never never be the same.

Jul 21, 2015
broken screws NEW
by: Anonymous

My son has had 3 surgeries on his knee. The last surgery was to remove the screws to see if would slow his pain down some when in fact it has made it worse. 2 of the screws had to be left in because they kept breaking off at the end. Doctor even said bad screws. He is going back tomorrow for a checkup to find out why is pain is always between 8 and 10.


Aug 19, 2015
help NEW
by: Anonymous

Im kind of scared now. 5 mo since surgery and im feeling the same pain.. Near the scar and some tinginess.. Could it be a loose screw? Im scared that it's going to be something about the screw

Oct 08, 2015
Loose screws or pins REALLY hurt NEW
by: Anonymous

The pain i'm feeling right now is severe, a screw got lose and penetrated my skin (there's a hole in it) It feels like someone is continuously stabbing me with a knife but from the inside, ITS HORRIBLE.

Oct 08, 2015
LARS ligament removal! NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow so 5 years after having a LARS ligament fitted to replace my MCL and I am having the damn thing out on Sunday! It' given me nothing but pain and swelling so hopefully, although I'll be less stable, I will be able to get back to full exercise. Anybody else had a LARS/ manmade ligament removed? Is it a straight forward healing process? Finger crossed because I'm excited at the thought of less pain!! :-)

Oct 31, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Nov 04, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Dec 27, 2015
knee still swollen 4 months after surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

Ok I had screws and bolts put in my knees my left knee was good at 3 months after surgery now with my right it's still swollen and I'm still going to PT not sure why it's taking so long now but I wish the pain and swelling would stop my 2 surgeries were 9 months apart

Dec 27, 2015
re message above... NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey there, what were the screws and bolts in your knees for? ACL or MCL?

Dec 30, 2015
patellar tendon from tibia/acl NEW
by: Anonymous

I have surgery of rigth knee since 1999 up to now it 2015, I saw it on the internet the one had been broken on my knee is called the pattela tendon from tibia. The doctor put stainless screw and plate maybe but I could not see on the xray if it has plate or whatever, now I feel pain on the joint when making excercise or squat up down. What causes pain is it rhiumatism or need to remove the screw? Somebody help,,, thanks

Jan 25, 2016
Excrutiating Pain Since Day1 NEW
by: Anonymous

A large woman fell on my knee while I was working in a hospital. I had the total knee surgery after two years of useless injections and one day surgery useless cleaning out of the knee.....Since the surgery , I went to physical therapy, which never showed up at my home like they were supposed to , got their wires crosses. then finally a pt asst came and spread a cool jell on my leg and left and never returned. I could not drive, I could not walk, luckily i had my daughter here and family to help at times. I used the machine they just dropped of on the porch and how was I supposed to get the machine in the house, so had to wait for someone to help put it on the bed....My knee has never felt right but I tried to convince myself it did not matter. My dr cleared me after 8 weeks to return to work, I was not ready. I could barely walk for 15 minutes. I was ordered to go to outpatient pt so had to get a ride because pt home health would not come .

My long term disability dropped me because the dr said I was ok, but the medicaid said I was not , it was the the Hartford. I to this day cannot bend , my leg feels like it is going to blow up and , I dont know what it feels like to be normal or what it feels like when the hardware is broken inside but I have bone scan scheduled for the next week I hope.

The pain is excrutiating, I have crepitus and when my primary dr had the pain do the maneuver to seif the meniscus may be torn , I thought I would faint from the pain. what is going on, what should I do. The surgery was a nightmare, I lost my job, the company I worked for said they couldnt find any report in the computer about the incident because there were three incidents going on at the same time so I was the only one that typed a report. I m dragging the leg around trying to find a job, I have lost my income from nursing, I had two witness of the pt falling on my leg and the hospital sad they only keep the films from the psych ward for three days and erase them.

Does anyone think I have bad hardware, some of my friends who had the knee replacement said they were measured for the knee replacement with laser technology, I was not, I dont remember being measured at all,what do you think they just shove a spare knee in,my whole foot was black and blue after surgery,s was my entire leg, I have pics not too pretty.

I went to PT, It always hurt, I tried to be tough and then one day the pt assistant came and pressed a ball so hard on my knee that, I could not walk for two days when I finally id get home.
risk management laughed when they asked if I have arthritis and said forget it you will never win and hung up.

I cant play with my grandchildren when they are little sitting on the floor, I cant get up, I am in so much pain daily. nothing works, I just keep hoping it will go away, but I cannot stop living or should I? What would you do if you were injured at work and then again injured by your surgeon who could careless and then now never able to recuperate. I still have to walk down the stair one at a time and hold onto the rail like my life depends on it.

one think I will ever get normal again? Please>

Apr 13, 2016
Screw remobal NEW
by: Hockeymo.

My son had BTB Patellar ACL reconstruction. Recovery has been great but he is a high level athlete so his rehab involved 3 hours gym work per day. At about 12 weeks he started to get a mysterious hard lump where the tibial interference screw goes. Bump got progressively worse and painful doing cutting and jumping drills. Saw our surgeon. He said no problem. The bone graft had healed and we had what remained of the screw removed. The surgeon also removed lots of soft tissue that had assembled deposited around the interference screw. Screw removed at 5 months.No restrictions; he can go straight back to his training...though some swelling from surgery needs to go down a bit. He has taken no pain meds and is out and about afyernoon of surgery!

Jun 07, 2016
useful info NEW
by: Anonymous

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