Question - Pain After Shoulder Surgery

I had shoulder surgery in November for 2 tears of the labrum, partial bursectomy, and partial release of coracoacromial ligament. On the report it also showed I had a small avulson tear at the biceps tendon anterior junction but that was not repaired.

My question is what would have been the reason not to repair that? I am still having pain in my bicep if I lift my arm, or extend my arm out. I have had 3 cortisone shots since my surgery, but nothing seems to help,its not like i am in alot of pain, its just very annoying, Ive tried every exercise, stretching, but that annoying pain is always there.

Thanks for your time.


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Jul 20, 2008
Hard to say...
by: Bart - SII

It is hard to say why the biceps wasn't repaired during your surgery. It could be that your physician felt like it didn't need repairing, or that it could heal on its own. Repairing the biceps tendon attachment at the shoulder also significantly complicates the surgery - this is usually done as a mini-open procedure and is a fairly significant surgery.

If you are still having a lot of shoulder pain, it could be coming from your biceps tendon. I would discuss this with your doctor - it could be that you actually do need some type of surgical intervention to fix this problem.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.

Jul 21, 2008
pain after shoulder surgery
by: Anonymous

Thanks for answering my question. I have gone back a couple of times after the surgery, but when he referred me to a neurologist, and he wanted to do a mri of my neck, I said no thankyou. The pain is coming from my bicep. Until the pain gets unbearable ill just deal with it. Should I still be trying strengthening exercises? Or is there anything else I should try? Thanks for your time, Kim

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