Question - Post Ankle Surgery Tendonitis

I had a bimalleolar fracture 8 months ago which required ORIF (Open Reduction Internal Fixation) with 6 screws and plate. I had very limited dorsiflexion of the ankle after physical therapy for months and the plate/screws were very superficial (causing discomfort).

It was thought that I had an anterior bone spur on the tibia limited the dorsiflexion (by xray)therefore repeat surgery was performed last week to have the plate and 5 screws removed as well as the bone spur (which was unable to be found). Note was made of alot of scar tissue which was removed.

Presently one week after surgery I have exquisite pain in my foot and tenderness with swollen and extremely tender extensor tendons of my foot. Is this to be expected or what should I expect. I feel like I have went from one problem to another. I do have increased dorsiflexion from O to 10 degrees.

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Feb 27, 2011
Limited Movement
by: Anonymous

I am in the Army Infantry. I had an accident March of 2010, almost a year ago. I had surgical pins, plates and a metal rod inserted into my leg. My tibia was broken in 2 places, and fibula broken in one. The doctors had told me several times i was to have a full recovery, however a year after the surgery I am still having limited movement. I was not allowed any recovery time after my 1st surgery. The day after i got released from the hospital I was on my crutches at work. My physical therapy was postponed about 2 months due to training. I am sure that is a reason i haven't fully recovered. I had 7 months of physical therapy and was finally released due to reaching a plateau. I am wondering if having a second surgery to have the hardware taken out and the scar tissue removed will help my movement and help me be able to run again. Any info will help.

Aug 26, 2008
Pain is normal...
by: Bart - SII

The pain is normal - I would expect you to have quite a bit of pain after this procedure - mostly because they were probably probing around a lot to try to find the bone spur, and removing all of the scar tissue. Not to mention the fact that your muscles are not used to the new motion.

One week after surgery, you are still in the very early stages - your ankle is actively inflammed, and your body is getting ready to start the healing process - so you will probably continue to have some pain for the next few weeks, although it should improve as you go.

Make sure you are doing lots of range of motion activities to prevent scar tissue buildup and loss of the newly gained motion.


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