Question - Reconstructed ACL (clicking 8 months post op)

by Dennis
(South Africa )

I had surgery December 2007 (ACL Reconstruction). I am about 8 months post-op. Everything went well until last month. I went to the gym and did a nice leg work out. Day after that session I experienced a clicking sound in my leg and a deep ache in the knee, area. Do you think that the reconstructed ACL is torn again?



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Aug 06, 2008
by: Anonymous


Thanks you for your comments. I went to my biokinetist to check it out, and they said that they don't touch examine injured knee's, i made an appointment with my surgeon however he can only see me next month.

Clicking sound is slowly going away, however i still experience a deep ache in the knee, some times is less and sometimes it more.

I will just have to wait until i see the surgeon to make sure.

Many Thanks,

Aug 05, 2008
Probably not...
by: Bart - SII

Clicking and aching, like the previous poster noted, are fairly common after an ACL reconstruction. This is especially true at about the point where you are in your recovery.

As noted above, the knee is getting used to being used again, so some soreness after a good workout is normal. Ice is a good idea after activities.

You can also develop some scar tissue and small adhesions between the different layers of tissues which can then cause some clicking in the knee.

I would recommend getting it looked at just to be sure if this continues for more than a week or so. But the likelihood that you tore your graft is small.


Aug 05, 2008
thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous

hey there. Congrats on working hard to recover.
I too know how hard it can be to come back from an acl. I had surgery for my acl/meniscus back in september. doing great now!
But I would really recomend getting it looked at. If you think somthings wrong, it wouldn't be a bad Idea. If you cant get into your doctor, At least the triainer at the gym or something. better safe than sorry!

Now, I'm not a professional, but when I was about 7 and a half months out I started noticing some clicking, and aching as well. It scared me to death. things went through my mind of what i could have done. I recalled slipping on some ice, although nothing hurt when i did it...I was also at a point in my rehab where i was working more intensly. So i thought the same thing. What if I did somthing to retear my acl??

I saw my pt the next day, and with one push pull motion, he said he could tell my acl was still firmly in tact. But this whole thing was new to me, and I really wanted to make sure nothing was wrong, so I made an appointment with my surgen anyways. I felt a little silly when he did the same thing and said everything was fine.

He did tell me though, that some times calluses can build up in the knee, causing clicking. Also just the knee getting back to working can cause it.

7/8 months is when i started lightly getting back into soccer and heavier leg work he said that would definatly cause the aching. he told me to ice.

so even though nothing was wrong...I slept so much better after I got it really checked out.

lastly, when your surgen redid you acl, He most likely made it alot thicker. So much so, that unless you did somthing with alot of force, reinjury isin't to likly.

anyways I'm doing great now. No pain at all.
after awhile the aching went away.

I wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

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