Richard's upcoming surgery....or not?

by Richard
(North Texas)

I am a 44 yr old male, who has played both outdoor and indoor soccer for most of my life. More recently, I had surgery to repair/reconstruct a ruptured Achilles tendon a year ago - almost to the date, (I was playing indoor soccer when it happened).

For the past 12 mos, I have been recovering, rehabilitating, and just got to where I can run a slow jog for a short distance. It was a successful surgery, but very painful experience, (I don't recommend it to any of you older guys who are still playing!).

I doubt that I will step back on the field again, (at least not on a competitive level). But, about two weeks ago, I began noticing that my right knee was giving me some considerable pain. No swelling, but very sore and moderate pain when I walked.

Now, since I have played soccer most of my life, I have injured and/or strained every other muscle, tendon and ligament in both of my knees at some point in time...BUT never experienced this kind of knee pain before.

My trip to the ortho last week - turned into a kick in the pants, that I wasn't expecting. Based on the physical examination, I may have torn my ACL at some point since my Achilles tendon surgery last October. MRI done same day, but results not back yet.

The question now is, (if the ACL is torn - which my gut tells me - it is!).....should I have the surgery? (Apparently this is an option for "older guys my age").

I have always been very active playing & coaching soccer. I do work out, and I do like to scrimmage with my girl's team...and play co-ed for fun.

Will I still be able to retain this level of physical activity if I elect NOT to have the surgery?

Are there any ex-soccer players out there - who are in the same age range, that elected to have the surgery, or didn't, that give their recommendations/suggestions?

I only mention my Achilles surgery because - after what i've been thru with that - there is no hesitation on my part to have the ACL surgery, IF I need to have it in order to maintain my physical activities.

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Oct 11, 2015
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Aug 17, 2015
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Oct 30, 2009
Confirmed Surgery!!!
by: Richard

Well, my follow up visit w/my ortho to go over my MRI results - yesterday confirmed what we suspected.....a torn ACL, AND I got a bonus! I also have a torn meniscus. Not at all - what I was expecting.

Apparently, I did tear the ACL at some point in time - while I was still playing indoor soccer, and either mistook the injury for a strained MCL...? Never heard the popping sound during a game.

And, a visit to our state fair in Texas, a couple of weeks ago, where I spent 7 hours walking around is what aggravated the meniscus, and thus causing the sharp pain.

So, now - I am trying to decide between a cadaver graft or my patellar tendon.

Finding out about this injury and necessary surgery is almost - exactly 1 year to the date, of when I had my achilles tendon surgery, (Oct. 31, 2008).

Someone might be trying to send me a message, I think!

Regardless, I have decided to have my ACL repaired in addition to the meniscectomy, as I do still have plans to be active, and based on now - knowing I've been walking around with a torn ACL, should give me even more mobility, and less pain.

More to come - as I schedule my surgery. Gotta do it before year end - as I have already paid all of my out-of-pocket requirements for insurance this year, so the surgery should be covered 100%.

Oct 27, 2009
My recommendation
by: Allison

Hello Richard. I'm a 44 year old female firefighter and athlete (mountain biker, runner, and adventure racer) that had ACL reconstruction in April. Although I am having a lot of problems regarding complications due to scar tissue formation, I fully recommend ACL reconstructive surgery if you want to get back to an active lifestyle. Apparently arthrofibrosis (excess scar tissue formation) is not common. My ACL feels great- very stable. If it wasn't for my scar tissue I think I'd be as good as new. I used my patellar tendon to reconstruct my ACL. If you reconstruct using a cadaver tendon your recovery will be much faster, however, there is a very small chance of infection or rejection. Discuss the options with your doctor.
Good luck to you. I say go for it.

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