Sharp ankle pain, no known injury

by J. Freyberg
(Seattle, WAshington)

I am getting a sharp shooting pain, more and more frequently, that seems to start from the inside ankle bone, the medial malleolus and goes upward a few inches. It doesn't last long but it is so bad that I have to immediately take the weight off it. It only happens when I walk/put weight on it, but not every time. There was not injury (that I know of). I do have flat arches, but I've worn good (fitted) orthodics for many years. My main exercise is walking several times a week. I am a 55 year old woman, overall in pretty good shape. I can't "make" it happen. There is no bruise or swelling, but just an inch and two inches above that inside bony knob, it's sore when I press it, just to the inside of the front of the long bone of my leg. Thank you for any help you can give.

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May 06, 2015
Ankle pains NEW
by: Anonymous

I vex been having sharp ankle pains in the left for the past 6 month I have no injury or play sports but my ankle gives out with sharp pains from my foot to my ankle and it sometimes numb where I can't walk and sometimes switches to right ankle what is happening to me ! I started taking calcium thinking it will help strengthening my bones but no somebody help

Apr 22, 2015
Left ankle NEW
by: Anonymous

I am actually twelve, and have been suffering from random shoots of pain through my left, and occasionally right, ankle all my life. I do roll or skate, which likely does nothing to help it, but have been suffering from it since before I undertook skating. My mother and her brother, my uncle Alex, have both had this and Alex had to wear corrective shoes to align his feet, but I am unsure as to whether this is the same a my ankle pain. Never the less, you may want to ask relatives about any previous ailments, though considering your age (no offence intended) it seems unlikely. Occasionally a previous injury can cause your ankle to heal incorrectly so look into that as well. If this is the case, then applying pressure to certain spots can help relax and heal it. Over all, if your internet trawl does no benefit to you, I simply suggest that you visit a walk in clinic.

Feb 17, 2015
One possible cause and solution NEW
by: Anonymous

EXACTLY! I've been getting this since my mid-20s: no injury/markings--just out of the blue, I'll start getting *sharp* pains in one ankle (usually inside) whenever I put weight on it. It feels like something is about to snap. No pain otherwise. Pain killers don't help--it just goes away on its own after a few days.

After reading other posts and reflecting on my activities, I think mine is caused by sitting in a certain position (esp cross-legged or in a W) for too long.

Possible solution: someone on another board suggested a chiropractic technique that was very helpful. It didn't eliminate the problem entirely (seems like rest is the only complete fix), but it made walking *much* easier.

Just google "mysterious foot pain + freeing nerve entrapment" and watch the tutorial(he starts getting into it around 3:30)

Not sure I buy the explanation, but it worked, so I'm happy:)

Sep 19, 2014
Switching ankle pain NEW
by: Anonymous

It started on my left ankle. For no apparent reason I started to experience pain on the outside of my left ankle. No sprain twist. By the end of that night I could not put any weight on it at all. After 3 days it subsided and all was good. Until on the 5th night the right ankle started to hurt in the same exact place. Is this coinsadence or is there something wrong. I also have a bad back with disc injuries. Already had 3 surgeries not going for any more. Any idea what could be causing this pain from left to right foot?

Apr 04, 2014
Left and Right ankle pain no injury NEW
by: Tabby

Hello All, Here in the last year I have been dealing with severe left and right ankle pain, causing me not to walk and wanting to grab a seat real fast. The pain is disturbing, It's on the outer and inner ankle. The ankle bones tend to pop and crackle, very painful. What could be causing this with no injury?

Nov 02, 2013
Out of the blue, my left ankle bone is killing me. NEW
by: hope

I feel jinxed because I have no idea what it causing it and it comes and goes. I have had no injuries, not a jogger, wear my sneakers with orthotic inserts. It feels like shocks when it really hurts and I want to know what is causing it. I can't imagine it's broken or sprained b/c the pain would be constant plus there is no swelling and I can bend my ankle back and forth with no issues.
I'd rather not go back to my ortho guy who did my bone spur surgery almost two years ago on my left big toe.

Any thoughts appeciated, also, 49 year old female.

May 21, 2013
Kelvin response NEW
by: Anonymous

Kelvin I would go see a Dr. ASAP. As soon as I started reading your comment I thought cancer. Way better if they catch it early. Ignorance is not bliss, check it out!

May 21, 2013
Only 24 and feel 50 NEW
by: Kelvin

For the last 4 years since I was 19, i have have severe pain that starts in my ankles moves up as far as the thigh region... It feels like bone pain sometimes dull then other times sharp.when excising I sleep without pain . Most of the time in the house I have to use a Cane. I'm 6"12 ,slightly muscular and have had no injuries although I do have 2 ankle bone in each ankle but some times I even crawl it's so painful .I have a bad history of cancer in my family including bone cancer . I'm so scared .do you think this is because of my ankles ? Or should I go to the doctor? Is it normal for pain to move up the leg if it is my ankles ? Please help

Apr 30, 2013
Shooting pain in ankle NEW
by: Anonymous

Just came across this page and the Jan 2013 query read as if I'd just written it! My pain is new and I've had to hold my breath every time it occurs, about 10 times today, to avoid screaming!
I do believe I know what causes mine - I've had really bad plantar fasciitis for 4 months and I've begun to alter the way I walk, thus now affecting a nerve near the tarsal tunnel.
I was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome 13 years ago, after breaking both feet, but over time and wearing orthotics it went away about 8 years ago.

Feb 28, 2013
Ankle pain NEW
by: Anony

I have had severe pain on the inside of my left ankle for a month and a half with. Swelling. And throbbing pain like a tooth ache , it make it slmost impossible to walk on it if stand with out hurting, I'm st my wits end I don't know what to do. It just started all of s sudden no injury or anything. Can some one please help me?

Feb 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

I've had this EXACT issue for the last couple of years. I'm in my early 30's with flat feet and it started one day while I was sitting down in my office. I've gone to 3 separate ankle orthopedist who have run xrays, MRI's and nerve blocks and came up empty. They have NO idea what it is. I went through physical therapy and the therapist says it is most likely a nerve impingement. This makes the most amount of sense to me, however the nerve block should have pointed this out. The problem is I still felt pain after the nerve block. Very frustrating, If anyone figures out how to beat this thing let me know

Jan 08, 2013
ankle pain. NEW
by: Anonymous

i got injured at a footie match 5months ago and hospital told me it was only a wee sprain.the past couple of wks ive been getn very bad shootin pains in and around it and tightness up the calf to the back of my knee.dnt have a clue wat it could be.

Oct 10, 2012
Ankle pain NEW
by: Anonymous

Out of nowhere both of my ankles start to hurt waking me from sleep. There is no swelling as of yet. I tried to stand up and was unable to. It took more than 10 minutes to be able to stand. I'm freaked out about this. The kicker is I take oxycodone 30mg! Morphine sulfate 15 mg ( time release) and nothing helps at all. Last month both ankles swelled up but there was no pain at all but it looked like my calv never stopped and had the same diameter from the knee to the foot. I'm also having a hard time going pee. It can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 25 to get complete emptying. Please help me, please

Aug 19, 2012
SAme with me NEW
by: Anonymous

This happened to me too!! I am a tennis player and I don't know why I sudden pain shot up my leg.

Apr 29, 2012
Recreational walker NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had pain in that location above my ankle on the inside for about a month. It is most painful in the morning when I first walk on it or after I have been sitting for a while. Does anyone else have pain that varies? Could it just be arthritis? I am only 41.

Apr 29, 2012
Recreational walker NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had pain in that location above my ankle on the inside for about a month. It is most painful in the morning when I first walk on it or after I have been sitting for a while. Does anyone else have pain that varies? Could it just be arthritis? I am only 41.

Mar 26, 2012
same pain NEW
by: J W

You described my pain exactly! Have you found out anything more about it? It is so frustrating and combined with my current bout of tennis elbow is really hurting my workouts!

Jan 06, 2012
Sharp ankle pain on the inside of the inside bone. NEW
by: M.A.

I have the same pain on my left ankle but it came after a severe ankle sprain 4 years ago. The outside of that heel also has a bruised tenderness so bad I can not rest my heel weight on the bed when I am trying to go to sleep. It has to be off with a pillow supporting the calf. I understand it is possibly caused by a nerve impingement. I really noticed it regularly after having an ankle replacement on the other (left)ankle and then had to depend on the old sprained ankle, and the sharpness became constant. Sometimes only an MRI will show why there is pain. My ankle surgeon said he would look into it after I heal from the replacement.

Aug 09, 2011
Ankle Pain, No bruise, no swelling
by: Anonymous

I recommend getting it x-rayed. Your primary physician can request a "wet reading" which means that the Radiologist will call your doctor with their initial assessment. Your physician will then tell you if you need to see an orthopedist or not. My 9 year old was doing football drills, and hurt his ankle somehow. It turns out he has a small fracture, there was NO SWELLING, NO BRUISE. Get it checked asap!

Jul 01, 2011
Ankle pain
by: Anonymous

I have had a problem with a stabbing pain shooting through my ankle for as long as I remember. I was always a mystery as to what caused it. A assumed it was due to my active life style. It is an acute pain lasting a mere second but I see to lose control of my foot. Sometimes I have a single pain and sometimes it have several in succession. One evening while using a hand held back massager on my calf I ran in over my ankle. The vibration stimulated the exact pain.At first I was startled but began to experiment. I held the massager in one place and it stimulated a rapid firing of unbearable pain. I continued to hold the massager in place and the pain subsided. I did not feel the pain for at least four years.

Nov 16, 2009
ankle pain
by: Bart - SII

I would recommend getting this looked at by your doctor. It may not be anything to be concerned about, however, without an evaluation you can't be sure. Because it is a sharp pain that significantly limits your ability to bear weight, even for a short time, it is worth getting it checked out.


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