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Jun 30, 2010
same here too..
by: Anonymous

I have had the same thing done on my right shoulder. and with the same problems afterwards.. they did a decompression, rotory cuff scrape, remove large bone spurs, reattached my tendons an ligiments, an cut my collor bone.. and its been 6 months and still in tons of pain..still have no idea whats going on....

Jul 16, 2010
shoulder surgery
by: Anonymous

I had a bone spur removed in my right shoulder back in April 2010 and I still have pain around the rotator cuff area. I was told by my surgeon that it could take up to 1 year to fully heal even without a tare in the cuff area. I rented a cool water therapy system that I use nightly and take advil as needed. I never went to PT after surgery but used the gym my work offers. I also never work the sling, I was told by my Dr. to just let the pain be my guide and excersize to stregthen the cuff area. I hope this helps you.

Dec 05, 2010
by: Anonymous


Dec 05, 2010
by: Anonymous


Jan 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

physical therapists ask if i have low tolerance for pain as climbing the wall steps with my "repaired" arm painful. Turns out, surgery had failed. After second surgery, therapists take no responsibility for not picking up on pain associated with unrepaired shoulder. Insensitive to pain as stretching my shoulder. Hurts pretty sharply in same place over and over. Grit teeth as she moves arm to that same spot. Told her it hurts. "Thought u didn't need stretching, huh?"

Pissed now.


Can't lift arm straight up and forward, at all. Not painful, just cannot do it. Second surgery 5 weeks ago.

Jan 16, 2011
trust phyical therapy
by: Anonymous

I've gone though physical therapy for 3 months before my surgery was done and now according to them I'm actually progressing pretty quickly on my healing presses and yes it does hurt allot in physical therapy but trust me you will heal allot faster by doing so and if you choose not to then i hope your okay with limited movement for a long time because they know when they stretch you it hurts but its for your own well being. so just do as i do, take some pain pills before you pt and suck it up and remember no pain no gain

May 08, 2011
Had the same surgery November 1, 2010
by: Anonymous

Im still in alot of pain shoulder area and left arm. Three different Drs. tell me its my neck the neck Dr tells me its my arm. I did pt and all but still in the same amount of pain as before. I dont think it will ever end., Its been a year ago that I got hurt. And it sucks

Jul 06, 2011
Can't say any different than the rest
by: Anonymous

I have had my left shoulder done in June of this year. Torn cuff, displaced ligament,with two others torn, one from my breast muscle causing inflammation in my upper left lung. It has been five weeks and I still have too much pain and sleepless nights.
I do some minor P/T at home, the doctor was furious with me telling me it would rip out the screws he had attached in order to put back the ligament and the cuff. I can't understand by it hurts just to lay still on my side, or better yet when I walk the arm feels like it is separated at the shoulder and elbow. I have trouble moving my fingers and lifting is out of the question. Oh but I can bend the elbow. Make any scenes? I am tired of take pain remedies and not able to do for myself.
What is next on this?

Jul 19, 2011
After shoulder surgery bone spur
by: Anonymous

Hi! I just recently had my shoulder surgery from bone spurs in my left shoulder. Yes, it is very painful, and no I don't get any sleep at night from hurting. I am not big on pain pills at all, but I just pray to god, and take it one day at a time. Good luck to all!

Sep 15, 2011
shoulder replacement
by: susan

traumatic injury. had no choice; broken shoulder. this is not good choice for those who have one. two years later 'much pain, limited mobility. cant even type with arm. dont go here.

Apr 06, 2012
it takes time NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm female, very sports minded, super active, and 56 yrs. young. had my left shoulder repaired in January, 2011 and my right shoulder repaired 2 1/2 weeks ago. left shoulder was a full open surgery and took months to heal....but it did heal and I did all the work needed to regain full use of that shoulder. and yep it did hurt alot and took longer to heal than I wanted it too! doesn't hurt much anymore (unless I really overuse it, then it's still not too bad). the right shoulder was done with arthroscopic surgery on March 20, 2012, still not sleeping much and I am still in the recliner at night. but I am doing all the exercises I was told to do and using alieve, bc powders, etc. and lots of ice packs. I know if I just suck it up (pain wise) keep doing what I'm doing...this shoulder will heal too in time. so be patient, exercise the shoulder as instructed by your P.T. and/or doctor, and you should get better. after all, you did have surgery...healing isn't an overnight thing. healing takes time. stay'll get better.

May 14, 2012
right shoulder pain 1 year NEW
by: Anonymous

1 year still having pain used pt 3 days a week for a year, dent in right arm from surgery sharp pain?

May 14, 2012
right shoulder pain 1 year NEW
by: Anonymous

1 year still having pain used pt 3 days a week for a year, dent in right arm from surgery sharp pain?

May 21, 2012
Still really hurts NEW
by: Anonymous

Fell down 16 stairs, broke 4 bones, clavicle and seperated all the tenons, ligaments muscles at shoulder. Had surgery, large plate, six screws in collarbone. Still hurts constantly with sharp pain in various areas. Sick of hurting. Any ideas. Take too much ibuprofen now.

May 25, 2012
my shoulder replacement surgery did not work. NEW
by: Anonymous

I can not lift my right arm over my head with out help,and i can not hold it up for more than a few minutes before it gets very heavy and falls to my side,this has been going on for five years,

May 30, 2012
2 surgeries later!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Injured shoulder back in Sept. '09 and had first surgery in March '10 and never got complete motion back and was always in pain. They say it could take up to a year after surgery to be pain free. Finally, after not being able to stand the pain anymore, went back to dr. in Fall '11 and had another surgery in Jan.'12 and still in constant pain!!

Jun 04, 2012
Elbow pain after shoulder partial replacement surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

Had a partial shoulder replacement Mar. 2012. Have been in therapy for 3 mos. and shoulder is doing fine. I almost have total movement back and the pain level is really dropping off. However, the day after my surgery, my elbow was very sore, and it is still causing me some problems today. It hurts as bad as my shoulder ever did, but only with some movements. It is not a constant pain, but when I move the wrong way, or the therapist moves it the wrong way, it hurts really bad. I have an MRI scheduled this week. I wonder what it is going to show?

Jun 24, 2012
Surgery or not? NEW
by: Anonymous

I teach and a student came through the wrong door at a very fast pace. The steel door hit me in my back, shoulder, neck area. It pitched me forward ad I saw stars. Immediately my voice was crazy and to make a long story short I have 2 bulging discs and a tear in my labrum. I have extreme pain in my arm when I move it certain ways and down to my elbow and sometimes wrist. I have had 3 weeks of physical therapy and still pain. I've had 2 injections in my neck with no help there. I'm tired of feeling miserable. It has been now over 7 months! My weekends consist of recouping to go back to work on Monday. The doctor said he would decide on surgery July 13th. Should I contact the doctor & tell him how I am feeling now or just wait? If I wait until July 13th I may not be ready to start school. HELP!!!

Oct 24, 2012
shoulder surgery NEW
by: Discouraged

Had shoulder surgery for frozen shoulder and bone spurs. Am doing PT but they are really killing me everytime. The pain if terrible. Been 2 weeks since surgery. Got 28 % first week and 44 % this week but thought that I was going to come off of the PT table. Should I continue PT? This is terrible and I cannot raise my left arm at all now.

Jan 07, 2013
Still in Pain NEW
by: Mary

I went in for left rotator cuff surgery when i woke up the dr said he couldnt do it, too much scar tissue and inflammation, so he did a debridement. Physical therapy kills me. I still cant drive or sleep. I cant shower without extreme pain. I cant lift anything like gallon milg jugs. Live on pain meds which dont seem to help anymore. Pain is worse than before surgery and now my right side shoulder is starting to hurt as well my neck. To top that off my breasts are different sizes now, the left is bigger since the surgery and although it went down some it is still bigger. I have to go back and actually have surgery for the tear but am scared. I am depressed and hate being stuck in a house all day long. Does any of this sound normal? Can anyone give me any suggestions?

Feb 01, 2013
Post Shoulder Surgery NEW
by: rmguzman

I had torn ligaments repaired and two screws put in my left shoulder on December 31, 2012. NO ONE prepared me for what I would experience...the PAIN, all the Physical Therapy.

I was on pain killers for two weeks and got off them. I've even returned to work, although typing hurts. I do my PT religiously and have regained a good range of motion. Still a lot of pain. SLEEP IN A RECLINER....I have for four weeks.

My surgeon DID say I wouldn't feel normal again for months. I have another round of PT to go. You are NOT SUPPOSED TO LIFT YOUR ARM after shoulder surgery until PT tells you to!!! All my PT is very passive just to regain range of motion.

After a lot of research, discovered shoulder surgery is about THE most painful surgery to have and the longest rehab. But I needed it.
Yes, PT hurts...but I'm determined to recover.

Mar 04, 2013
Left Rotator cuff NEW
by: Mary

was supposed to have left rotator cuff tear fixed but dr said there was too much infflimation so he did debridment and clean up to left shoulder in december.I now have a frozen shoulder. Workmans comp (Sheakly)denied my drs request for more pt and manipulation. Sooooo frustrated. I am in constant pain, driving hurts, cant sleep, cant shower, dress, cook, fold clothes or without pain. Now my neck and right shoukder hurt. I am depressed and just sick of the whole ordeal. My FMLA is up soon and appeals take forever. Any ideas would help.

Mar 16, 2013
Dec 13 2012 surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

Had torn bicep,torn rotator cuff, debri removal and two large bone spurs ground down. It's been over 3 months and countless hours of pt. of I move the wrong way it brings me nearly to tears, do not have full range of motion, constant dull ache in shoulder. Stopped prescription pain meds day 2, still ice daily. Worst now than before surgery still trying to get cleared to return to work

Mar 16, 2013
Dec 13 2012 surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

Had torn bicep,torn rotator cuff, debri removal and two large bone spurs ground down. It's been over 3 months and countless hours of pt. of I move the wrong way it brings me nearly to tears, do not have full range of motion, constant dull ache in shoulder. Stopped prescription pain meds day 2, still ice daily. Worst now than before surgery still trying to get cleared to return to work

May 08, 2013
by: 760 MOWIE


May 21, 2013
Pain med duration? NEW
by: 15yrsof dislocations

I had surgery on my shoulder four weeks ago. Painis stii intense. I have had over 500 soulder dislocations. I had tons ofscartissue, stretched rotator cuff , severely streched ligament in back of shoulder, torn ligament on side of shoulder and most of my catalidge was torn. I am still taking pain killers every four hrs. Some days bing worse thanothers. I was wondering how much longer onthese pills. My father committed suicide by taking pils id like to stop takingbthem but cant for the pain. He was also addicteded to pain killers and muscle relaxors.

Sep 11, 2013
bone spur surgery on May 21 NEW
by: Anonymous

Read everyone's comments with interest. I am also in pain. I had a series of physical therapy sessions after surgery but,after going back to work, do not have the time to go back to PT. I was starting to feel better with the physical therapy. I do take over-the-counter pain killers at night and during the day. Sometimes the pain does wake me up during the night and I cannot sleep on my side either.

Sep 11, 2013
Over a year and still in pain. NEW
by: Mary

It has been 1 year and 6 days since my injury. 2 debridement's and manipulations countless hours of PT and have been taking pain meds the whole time. I did stop the vicodin because I don't like the way it makes me feel. I am taking Tramadol now. I still do not sleep in my own bed. I sleep in a recliner or my big couch with tons of pillows to help keep my shoulder from moving. I am better than I was after the 1st procedure but the pain is constant. It is a dull pain 24/7 but spasms and sharp pains after activities like PT, driving, doing laundry or dishes. I am getting depressed because I have never been injured before and have never taken anything but over the counter meds for a headache. I was hurt at work and was told last week I have 30 days to come back or I lose my job. I worked both times until the day before surgery and went back after the first one. I had the 2nd procedure on June 19th and have not been back. I start some kind of work conditioning program hopefully next week. Its been approved but I have to meet with a case manager to come up with my plan? I just want to feel better and get back to my normal life. It seems like everyone on here has done better than me and I still have not repaired the torn rotator cuff. Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine :)

Oct 11, 2013
Questions?? NEW
by: Desiree

I had bone spurs and bursitis removed and a tendon cut and moved to another area. Its been a little over a week three days after my surgery my surgeon told me to stop wearing the sling and start physical therapy. I can barley move my arm still Im worried about therapy. Any advice? email me

Oct 27, 2013
" no restrictions" NEW
by: Anonymous

I was hit from behind back in July. Oct, 2nd I had surgery to remove inflammation that was causing my shoulder to drop, and what felt like dislocate. It's been 3.5 weeks, and still find that the pain brings me to a place where I can't breathe- and just tears till it subsides. Then left with a dull ache. I have meds, I hate taking meds. I use ice, I never sleep. Have not had a full night since July. the pain will keep me up or wake me out of sleep if I turn over on it wrong. Any suggestions..?

Nov 21, 2013
Shoulder Arthoscopy - Bone Spur removal NEW
by: Roomi

had sugery about 5 weeks ago, i have regained almost full range of motion, however do feel sharp pains triggered on certain movements like when removing a t-shirt, and also when i touch the AC joint, i can feel the pain.

I do all the possible movements daily at the gym and ice at night. I was told i would be able to go back to sports after about 4 weeks, but with this pain i'm now beginning to suspect whether the surgery was done propertly.

Has anyone experienced this?, how long since full recovery. How can i know if the surgery was successful?

Nov 27, 2013
shoulder surgery with full replacement of crushed roto cuff NEW
by: Anonymous

had surgery Sept 3rd and I can say...I feel all the above pain and I even have pain in my left arm that wasn't hurt. I'm tired of sleepless nights, drs. that ways pain meds won't help any quicker, etc. Now both arms feel the pinching sensation when moving a certain way and typing is a pain...any suggestions thanks

Jan 16, 2014
It's all in your head NEW
by: Rick

Thursday 9:30am, Jan. 2, 20114, Had impingement surgery, left shoulder bone spurs, rotator frayed and arthritis at 43. Arthroscopic suregery of course!!! I Read the blogs, watched you tube for details. Nerve block lasted 12 hours, sucks, Iced and slept in recliner first 48 hrs. Used 5 mg oxicodone, ibuprofen and wine or beer when needed. Took sling off and never put back on Saturday Let gravity work it by hanging off the bed, wax on wax off at kitchen table, just pushed myself through spearing pain, bone seemed to throb, pressure sensitive top of shoulder, chronic throb after any excessive exercise. Iced after pain, heat after icing, slept after heating, Saturday and Sunday all day while drinking and napping. Took bandage off Sunday night, excerciseed arm, iced then showered hot as could take it. Slept in bed on extra pillows at neck and knees supported. Monday worked at shipyard, drove truck all day, came home slept with medication and wine, woke up stiff all these mornings like no gain was made. Worked all week at the yard, stairs, ladders, pushing and pulling. Pain stayed the same. Felt like no gains were made. 5 days into healing, steri strips are off, holes are closed but tender, showers hot help, ice after for 20 after work. Never missed a beat. Week later same thing, more flexibility, better dexterity, but pain is same. I said it all week, pain is the same, movement got better, still needed help all week to lift arm but less than horizontal I could do under my own power. Flexing impossible, always need help raising and lowering arm through week one! Week 2 power is getting better, raising arm under own strength. Pain the same, itching and throbbing is now dominating at scars, pain only comes during movements of stress. Lifting 5 lbs is possible but hurts, ice and heat after. Only take 200mg ibuprofen and 5 mg oxicodone once during work. During home time take oxicodone at bedtime with glass of wine after excersise, always pain then, throbbing several minutes after working all angles. Crawling on hands and knees know, jumping lightly letting gravity pull arm suddenly, reaching high rapidly to stretch and pull back, pain is the same. Friday, January 17th, 2014., Week 3 starts, pain is not the same now, only after hard, heavy use, ie... Push-ups on knees, fast paced jumping jacks, wax on wax off against walls specially vertical. Never missed work except day of surgery and day after. Pain is not the same. Throbs only for 5 minutes before complete resting. Only ibuprofen during work now, pains not the same. Work through the pain, cry through the pain, cringe through the pain, breath heavy, grit teeth and curse but don't stop moving it. Don't stop still hurts only less and less. Stiffness is less and less. No piercing now pain, no shooting pains, just throbbing after excerciseed and lifting things. Don't stop even when It hurts. It can't hurt worse then the day before. Eat protein, vegatbles.

Feb 15, 2014
shoulder surgery..been there, now there again NEW
by: Anonymous

I had shoulder repair in 06, and probably because I over compensated with my left, and did not continue those exercises...i have recently had surgery for my left shoulder. Both were no picnics. I have read the comments everyone has left and i do feel for each. This is a difficult recovery phase and there is no speeding it up. Take positive advice, keep going to PT, yes it is tender, stiff, painful, etc., but find a way to manage the pain without the addictive meds. Do the exercises, warm ups and plan for this to be a part of you LONGTERM! Practice sitting correctly, standing correctly, do it all. Exercises will help lift your mood if you do others for total body. Go back to work if you have a job that allows and get your mind on something else. Cry when you need to, talk to that confidante, and keep plugging. I have my range of motion after the first took a long time, and i plan on it with this recent surgery. PT is not the enemy. Educate yourself, make a pact,... "if this works, will you try this?" and so until you find something that works for you. Good luck, if it were not for my hubby, I would sound and be so negative about this, no one wants a long drawn out recovery. It is what it is. Blessed.

May 26, 2014
rick's a stupid man NEW
by: jack

what else could you say, ship yard wouldn't or should not even let him on there property .

Oct 01, 2014
latent pain after my sx. NEW
by: AY

I have had 4 shoulder surgeries, the original issue was a Bankart(sp?)lesion, second was a debridement a year later, third was a partial replacement, and the fourth was a capsular release and debridement witch was a little over 3 months ago. I did great right after the surgery. only needed pain meds a couple of times after PT, which started the day after Surgery. I used the CPM machine at my house and went to PT every week day for two weeks with pretty much NO pain. I was able to do all regular chores as in clothing, driving, hair, even dishes and such with very mild discomfort. Physical therapist was very encouraged and excited about the progress. then about two weeks ago (2and 1/2 months post surgery I started noticing increased pain, it has been steadily progressing to the point that I hurt WAY more than before this surgery. I can hardly lift my arm, and sleep is a joke. I am in tears a lot with the regular chores before mentioned. I have not injured my arm in any way and I am really confused and frustrated. Any one else have these similar type of scenario and what was the outcome?

Jul 24, 2015
in alot of pain. NEW
by: hanan

i had surgery on my right shoulder for tended tear almost 8 months ago and im still in alot of pain,im taking all kind of medicine that the doctor gives me and its not helping,when i sleep my shoulder throps with pain ,dont know what to do .any suggestion any one can telll what i can do , for it ,thanks

Jul 24, 2015
in alot of pain. NEW
by: hanan

i had surgery on my right shoulder for tended tear almost 8 months ago and im still in a lot of pain,im taking all kind of medicine that the doctor gives me and its not helping,when i sleep my shoulder throbs with pain ,don't know what to do .any suggestion any one can tell what i can do , for it ,thanks

Aug 02, 2015
Does anyone ACTUALLY have advice? NEW
by: Gwen

As a previous commenter had, I had my arthroscopic decompression and debridement and spur removal 3 months ago. Was doing really well with range of movement and strength getting there. Then the last 2 days, I have a white hot searing pain in my shoulder and down to my thumb when I move my arm. It's like being stabbed with a hot knife. The pain lasts about 5 minutes and then the arm is left weakened for a good hour or two. If anyone has been through similar and can suggest how to make it stop, please do? PLEASE?

Nov 08, 2015
I had right shoulder surgery NEW
by: Nicole

It's been six months since I had my rotor cuff surgery I am still in pain

Nov 08, 2015
Still in pain NEW
by: Hanan

I had 3 surgery son my shoulder and the last one they has to put a anchor in my bone and that was a month ago and I'm still in pain and I can't sleep at nigh ,my doctor say it's going to take time ,but you have to go to therapy ,for it in order to heal right,I had torn tendentious and he shaved my bone ,it was hell.

Dec 26, 2015
Still taking oxy NEW
by: Anonymous

It has been 16 days since my shoulder surgery , had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder. Had rotator cuff Repair with anchors, subacromial decompression, acromioplasty, extensive debridement and anteriorlyvspdular release. It is hard to function without prescription meds. I feel like I should be off of them. Been doing physical therapy at their office and follow plan at home. Used to be super active and feel like a couch potatoe now. Everything hurts. Lost motivation for anything. Even getting ready to leave the house is a chore. Is this normal?

Dec 30, 2015
Rotator cuff surgery NEW
by: Allie

I am 6 weeks post op. I had open and arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery on my right dominant shoulder. My surgeon forgot to order my ice machine so I never had one. He didn't give me enough Percocet for my 4 week follow up. I had to go to a pain Management Dr. I didn't get to see my surgeon 1st post op visit, had to see the PA and he couldn't explain the pictures to me. The only time I saw the surgeon is I ran into him in the hall and he just pulled my shirt sleeve down to see the incision. Real nice. I am still on Percocet and Meloxicam. I have to go back to work the 1st of February or I will loose my job. I'm scared he's not going to let me go back. I'm not even sure I could be off the narcotics by then. I am miserable, can't get comfortable, my neck hurts and everything else. I was a very active person and yes, everything is a huge chore now.
Praying for brighter days to come soon. Thanks Doc for making me feel like you really don't give a crap.

Feb 03, 2016
3 1/2 Months and Still Painful NEW
by: Jan

I had an almost identical surgery to the original posting but in addition they dug out arthritis. The surgery was done on October 13, 2015 so it has been about 3 1/2 months. I was in PT 3x a week until yesterday. I have most movements except the internal rotation which allows movement up the back. I still have pain and find it difficult to sleep on my right shoulder. I get big knots on the muscles surrounding my shoulder and get massages to ease the pain. My surgeon said it could take a year or more to feel normal. I am surprised that I have this much pain so many weeks after surgery.

Feb 03, 2016
,light at the end of the tunnel! NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 10 weeks post op and doing so so much better! Only take a Percocet before therapy now! Went back to work on Monday and I doing pretty darned good! Hang in there cause I had to works done on my dominant shoulder!

Feb 03, 2016
Still in pain NEW
by: Hanan

Iim still in pain after 2 surgery and that's been almost 3 months ago and I go to theropy and it's not hurts more with theropy.

Feb 03, 2016
Still in pain NEW
by: Hanan

I had surgery 4 months ago and I'm still in pain ,I go to theropy and it hurts more with theropy

Feb 16, 2016
Pain NEW
by: Al,montebello

Had surgery done January 13th 2016 for a repair on a rotator, tendon tearand a bone graft left shoulder after two weeks after surgery took off swing started moving arm I'm surprised spend four weeks I can fully extend my arm forward sideways put arm behind back little pain but I say in about a week or two I'll be lift in a little bit and I'll be ready to go back to work physical therapist is amazed of my progress hopefully I take care of this matter like to say no pain no gain..... good luck

Apr 17, 2016
Lesser tuberosity fracture NEW
by: Anonymous

Has anyone had a displaced lesser tuberosity fracture? I'm told its rare, and it's proving to be a surgical challenge for the doctors I have seen. I had surgery twice in one week to reduce the two part fracture, repair the torn rotator cuff, labrum and another tendon down the outside of my arm. It has been two weeks since my second surgery and I still cannot sleep more than a couple of hours at a time before pain wakes me, I can't get my arm into a neutral position, it is stuck at an internally rotated position which worries me that it is still dislocated

Anyone else go through something similar? I am frustrated but trying not to lose hope.

Apr 25, 2016
I wish I had a doctor that would listen to me. NEW
by: Betsy

I am 16 months out from the debridement surgery to clean out arthritis in my left shoulder. I have been steadily declining since then. I have been back to the surgeon three or four times and have tried to tell him that this doesn't feel right that I feel that something else is wrong but he seems to have lost patience with me. "It's the arthritis" he'll say. My left arm seems filled with fluid and squishy. It is terribly painful - just taking off a tee shirt, for example, is enough to make me cry. I can feel the crunching munching sensation in my shoulder. I try to do normal things but can't. The pain seems to be spreading down my arm - it is in the muscles or tendons or something. I used to be a muscular woman and have never minded hard work but this situation is breaking my body, my spirit, and my hope. The thought of starting over with another doctor is enough to make me scream. I take no medication except ibuprofen and can talk a river about suffering. My doctor doesn't LISTEN to me. Do you guys think that what I'm experiencing is arthritis? I know that the crunching sensation in my shoulder is but what is this pain in my arm? What should I do?

May 07, 2016
There is hope NEW

Shoulder Surgery 4 weeks ago. Supranatis tendon (Rotator cuff), torn bicep at labrum repaired as well. Bone spur also removed was the root cause. Overuse injury at the Gym. (57 YO).
Blessed, most pain went away right after surgery. Bicep is still tender. Sling will be gone in 10 days. Had an outstanding Surgeon. Do your homework and pray alot.
There is hope.

Jun 22, 2016
It's all starting again !!! NEW
by: Anonymous

1st subcrominal decompression due to bone spurs in August 2014, religiously did PT exercises but still limited movement & pain, surgeon thought it was frozen shoulder so taken to theatre for manipulation in December 2014 to find not enough bone had been removed 1st time round.
Now in agony again with the same shoulder,same pain & limited movement !!! But can't find anything on the internet about repeated surgeries and how many the surgeon will do.
Also can they not put a metal plate under acromian to stop Spurs regrowing??

Jul 07, 2016
Had torn Labrum surgery NEW
by: Chris

I had tore my labrum in an at work activity and through the surgery they had to repair the labrum, relocate the bicep, and repair minor damage to rotator back on April 27th. Been through 2 1/2 months of physical therapy and shoulder feels like it will pop out of place with pain and I can push on back of shoulder and physically watch it pop back into place and hear it crack followed by numbness and pain in exterior part of shoulder.
3 months after surgery I am still dealing with a great deal of pain in shoulder surgeon says it will take a year for the shoulder to fully heal and that's probably a given. However there are days that there still feels like something is off in shoulder regardless of the Physical therapy I have days that feel like something is wrong still dealing with similar pain in shoulder, have a weak shoulder have problems lifting the simplest of things, struggle lifting hands above head to shower, and have difficulties doing basic things around the house.

Jul 31, 2016
Endless Shoulder pain NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had rotator cup surgery in Dec.2015 it is now almost 8mths. Since my surgery I did my PT it was painful, I iced it heated hot tub it still at a pain level of 8 to 9. I take 10 12 extra strength Tylenol every day since surgery. Very few Norco's even tho they work the best just don't want to get hooked. Surgery was removal bone spurs, detach and reattach bicep muscle, repair inner tear, pUT a eye screw in to tie all together. I get a twitch down my arm now once in a while. Never had before, where ever the screw is placed it feels like the aim starts from there and radiates out up to my neck. I wake up twice every night since. What could be wrong ? Will it ever feel painless ? Thxs

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