swelling after knee surgery month ago (foot and ankle)

by Cathy
(Houston, Tx)

I had knee surgery a month ago and often my foot & ankle swells. Is that common?

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Oct 01, 2008
foot / ankle swelling
by: Bart - SII

Cathy, that is a very common thing. Your body is still healing on the inside - increases in activity can cause increased fluid, and gravity will pull this fluid to your ankle and foot if you are up on your feet a lot. It usually isn't something to be too concerned about, unless it is causing pain or inhibiting your normal activities.


Apr 22, 2009
swelling of lrg below knee
by: ingrid

hi i am 67 yrs.have swelling and hardness of lower leg and ankle.had double knee replacements in2001.tisted my right knee this winter,but swelling contius.

May 26, 2009
Ankle Pronation after Broken Patella knee surgery
by: Sambi

I had surgery 5months ago for a broken patella. Tranverse break 1/2 inch apart. The surgeon wired it together but now I have pain in my ankle after 5months of healing from knee surgery. It feels as though my arch is collapsing and pronating. I am wearing arch supports but it is not helping... what do I do now? My ankle swells and it is very tender to the touch.

Jul 06, 2009
Ankle pain after knee surgery
by: Anonymous

I am 9 weeks post op from an OATS procedure of my left knee. I was 7 weeks NWB on the left. Rehab is going well. About four days after I started walking, I developed severe left ankle pain and swelling which has worsened throughout my rehab. The knee is doing well, but my physician is so concerned about the ankle that he put PT on hold and an MRI of the ankle is pending. I have no other s/s of DVT and have been on aspirin therapy since surgery. Any ideas or suggestions? I had arthroscopy on the same knee last year and had mild swelling in the same ankle for months, but nothing to this extent. There was also no pain associated with the swelling oreviously whereas there is severe ankle pain now. Thank you.

Aug 03, 2009
oats and pain and swelling
by: Anonymous

I had the oats procedure done 3 months ago, right knee to right ankle, 21 mm. large lesion. I am still having swelling of the knee and ankle and it is still hard for me to weight bear. Going back to the drs Friday to get it checked again. I am trying to walk and do my exercises but just cant full weight on it. Any others with this much pain?

Sep 13, 2009
varicose veins and knee surgery
by: Anonymous

I had lazer surgery for vsricose veins before I had knee surgery. Could that have any bearing on why it is taking so lone foe my knee to heal?

Sep 15, 2009
Years of swelling and ankle pain
by: Sunryze

I am almost 4 years out from a total knee replacement and have never been free from swelling andankle pain. Many days I feel like I am walking on a bad sprain. I have to continously get the leg up or the swelling starts. I need the other knee done, but with the first outcome, I am determined to not have two legs like this. Any ideas?

Oct 24, 2009
foot and ankle pain after knee replacement
by: Anonymous

My knee replacement was three years ago. Immediately, I had pain in the arch of my foot on the same leg. The doctor told me that my arch was breaking down causing neuritis. Now I have a different doctor b/c of different insurance. The pain has moved to my ankle. Every morning and evening it is swollen and inflamed and I can hardly walk. Knee is great!! Had no idea my foot was going to bother me so badly afterwards. I've given up on doctors. (plus unemployed and without insurance for the last nine months).

Mar 20, 2011
Fourteen weeks later

My TKR was done in December last year and my lower leg and ankle are a permanent sauce of pain and swelling I also suffered a PE which has'nt helped the situation The hospital consultants don't seem to want to know. What can I do

Oct 09, 2011
New Knee '
by: Anonymous

i had a new knee but in 15 days agao holy why does it feel so numbl and still cant bend it that good im doing what they told me to do how long will it take for the numbing to go away?

Feb 10, 2012
swollen ankle after knee replacement NEW
by: Anonymous

I had my surgery September 15th. Severe pain in knee calf ankle and big toe (due to a fungus). Now the knee is almost free from pain (some numness) but the ankle is now swelling and painful. I have an appointment to see my medical doctor to see if this is normal and what I should do to relieve my pain. I put it up on pillows and apply ice, this does help but comes back the next day.

Feb 11, 2012
Will my foot ever be normal again NEW
by: Hurting for Certain

I had TKR on my right knee 6 weeks ago. My knee is doing great but my right foot is still swollen. It is very painful and I am having difficulty walking. I have tried a compression stocking, icing and elevation along with Ibuprofin. Any other suggestion.

May 21, 2012
Knee replacement/foot drop NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a rt.knee replacement 7 weeks ago and have foot drop on the right. Also have had Bakers Cyst behind right knee for over two years. My ortho Dr. doesn't think that a nerve conduction study would be of any benefit, but I am having it done this Wednesday, just so I will know if there is permanent nerve damage and where it is. The Bakers cyst is really hindering my progress with therapy because I am unable to flex my knee to greater than 100degrees. He keeps telling me that the cyst will go away, he was supposed to remove it during the total knee, he said he would have better visual field. Now he says that it should go away. Any one else have this problem. I am a fairly active Grandma who loves independence.

Sep 14, 2012
shackle the pain NEW
by: JD

Hi I had orthoscopy surgery four months ago,I have not had any knee pain but considering me having ankle pain I might have reconsidered the knee surgery because the pain is very sharp and vigorously out of control.

Nov 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

MY HUSBAND had a tkr and his foot and leg are very swollen its 4 weeks since op .

Aug 08, 2014
Help please NEW
by: Bea Russell

Had knee repl. In May expected ankle/knee to be swollen which they are but the knee that hasn't been done the ankle is bruised & swollen which is puzzling me...would massage help

Sep 13, 2014
Foot problems after knee surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

What is the reason for my both feet to be swollen when I only had the right knee replaced. It is now 21 days since the surgery. my knee is doing fine, but I'm puzzled over the foot problem. I plan to see a doctor soon.

May 26, 2015
foot and ankle swelling NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a total left knee replacement the end January this year. At first no swelling, but now my ankle and foot swells every day. I don't have pain with it. Is this normal after knee replacement?

Oct 11, 2015
Knee with ankle swelling NEW
by: Anonymous

Had a ganglion cyst taken out of my knee and into my calf which is very sore my ankle is really swollen and bruised and I can't put no pressure on it. I have no pain but I can't move my ankle much at all what can I do besides therapy which I'm doing to fix this

Mar 19, 2016
Swelling in leg and pain behind knee normal or not NEW
by: Anonymous

I recently just started walking after braking both bone in my ankle, I had swelling in my ankle, but now have swelling in my foot ankle and calf and have pain behind my knee is this normal?

Apr 29, 2016
My new knees are great, but my stays swollen and hurts! NEW
by: DonnaB

Had TKR on right knee Aug 4, 2015. Had TKR on left knee Dec 15, 2015. All was good. I had swelling in right ankle, but after 4 months it went away. It's been almost 5 months since my seconed surgery, and my left ankle stays swollen and hurts. So someone (preferably a medical professional) help me to know what in the world is going on!

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