Swollen ankle...one year..7 months..

Over a year ago I sprained my ankle. I went to the hospital got the xrays and they said it was a sprain. They said to do the normal ice it, keep elevated etc. If its not better come back.

A year later I went back to the hospital and they told me the same thing once again.

It will be 2 years in October and its is still hugely swollen and I can't even seen the veins along the side of my foot. What do I need to do to get rid of the swelling permanently!?

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Jul 09, 2008
Are you having any pain?
by: Bart - SII

Swelling after an ankle sprain can sometimes remain for many months, or even years, after the injury. Sometimes it comes and goes with activities, other times it looks swollen because of scar tissue buildup around the injury site. So, the fact that your ankle is still swollen is pretty normal and fairly common.

If you are still having pain and problems with your ankle, then you probably need to try some rehabilitation to get things back to normal. Your doctor can help set you up with this. If you aren't having pain, then the swelling is not something to worry about too much - and unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done to make it go away, especially if it has been there as long as yours has.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.


Sep 08, 2008
Swollen ankles - HELP
by: Anonymous

I also suffer from swollen ankles after tearing and injuring my ankles numerous times playing netball. I am so ashamed of my ankles because they look so gross. I have been told it is scar tissue because it is quite solid, but soft and swollen after each game or if I stand for too long. I have been told i need an operation but have also been warned against it by many victims of the operation. I was told that regular massaging can reduce the scar tissue, is this true?

Sep 09, 2008
Massage can help
by: Bart - SII

Massage may help to reduce scar tissue, however, it may not completely go away. Surgery to remove the scar tissue may also help, but then there is the recovery from the surgery, and the possibility of more scaring.


Jun 13, 2009
Me too.
by: Nan

I have the same problem. Been undergoing Physical therapy right now to remove scar tissues. Its been 3 months already, but the ankle still swells when I stand up long.

Its really frustrating. I will consult other doctors if the PT doesnt work.

Jul 07, 2009
Ankle Torn Ligament
by: Concern Ankle Man

I had an ankle injury at a basketball game. Doctor told me after xray that i have a torn ligament. Had a short rehab but no result. It has been a year and half since the incident. My ankle still swells when stand for too long(5-8 hrs) or after a 5k or 8k run, also have burning pain at times. I have witnessed scars, it a'nt pretty, dry and reddish.I still applys ice and elevate but thinking of visiting Doc again.

Jul 16, 2009
suffering almost two years of pain
by: Anonymous


Aug 13, 2009
Nice to meet you.
by: Frenchi La.

Its so relieving to hear of other sporty people having this problem... i did a lot of running from a very young age, training with the british cross coutry team, and at 15 my left ankle was swollen after a training run, i was put on crutched for six weeks while they investigated and found no cause... im 26 now its still swollen! 11 years on!! its fine in the morning and swollen when i get home from work were im on my feet all day....i find it embarrassing too.. especially when i want to wear nice shoes dainty... i think its arthritic from the pounding road and track running when my body was developing fro 14 to 19 years when i stopped. CHIN UP FOLKS!!! at least its not our faces that are swollen. xxx

Aug 13, 2009
Nice to meet you.
by: Frenchi La.

Its so relieving to hear of other sporty people having this problem... i did a lot of running from a very young age, training with the british cross coutry team, and at 15 my left ankle was swollen after a training run, i was put on crutched for six weeks while they investigated and found no cause... im 26 now its still swollen! 11 years on!! its fine in the morning and swollen when i get home from work were im on my feet all day....i find it embarrassing too.. especially when i want to wear nice shoes dainty... i think its arthritic from the pounding road and track running when my body was developing fro 14 to 19 years when i stopped. CHIN UP FOLKS!!! at least its not our faces that are swollen. xxx

Sep 19, 2009
My ankle wont heal...Its already been 7 month!! PLZ HELP YALL!!
by: Anonymous

I broke my ankle 2 times over the past 4 years, and after my ankle healed , everything went back to normal, but 7 months ago i sprained it and I've been going through hell ever since, when ever i walk more than 20 minutes i start getting sharp pains near my ankle and up and down my leg !! i did everything from therapy to cortisone injections in the ankle , and i did all kind of X-rays and MRIs on my ankle but all the doctors seem to belive that there is nothing wrong with me, I'm confused and scared as hell and just want my leg back!! does any one have any advice for me ?? i would really appreciate it any sort of advice and thanks in advance...

p.s. Why has my leg kinda shrunk??

Sep 27, 2009
Ankle pain
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you may have scar tissue in the ankle...I had some problems with a strange pulling feeling in my leg that caused pain all the way to the hip..when the dr operated last feb to relieve what he thought would only be a chronic compartment syndrome of the lateral calf muscle, he found scar tissue in my ankle that was impinging the peroneal nerve possibly....I am doing PT right now to break up the scar tissue, since surgery...he removed it surgically but scar tissue creates another scar, so that is what I am working on now...I am feeling more relief in my ankle and calf as this therapy progresses, however, because of 6 yrs of this pulling, it has created problems in the back of the knee as well...it is a process of working the entire leg apparently....the scar tissue in the ankle did not show up on an MRI I had, so if the dr had not operated, he wouldn't have found it....I know that doctors can under anesthesia break up scar tissue that is stubborn....check it out with an ankle and foot reconstruction specialist or a good massage therapist if no one wants to do exploratory type surgery.....give it a few months to try the massage, see if it helps...I know it is frustrating..hang in there

Nov 03, 2009
by: im a broken man!

i first broke my left ankle back in 2006 and it has never recoverd, constant swelling and pain when walking or standing for to long, and to add insult to serious injury! i only went and fractured my right ankle 6 months ago and have the same problem! i was in line to make my debut for england under 19s and scored 87 goals in 3 seasons and was dubbed the next owen.... all the doctors said is its scar tissue built up! im fed up with it! when will it go!!!

Jan 21, 2010
Another ankle issue
by: Mari

I missed the last two stairs in my house 7 weeks ago. It swelled up so much I went to the ER and was told it was just a bad sprain. 2 days later I went to another Dr for a follow up and was told I had a grade 3 sprain. I was given an aircast but 2 days later my cat brushed up against my ankle and I wanted to die. I called the Dr and he sent me for an MRI. I tore 1 ligament completely, partial tore another one. I was sent for rehab but the pain and swelling after was worse. I have a follow up Monday to possible discuss surgery but I am not sure what to do. I have moderate pain but the swelling is just out of control.

Feb 04, 2010
going on 3yrs with mine
by: danny

i have the same swelling and my foot is literally deformed turning sideways i have a dr appt in duke next week if they cant fix it i will get a shotgun out and wear a prosthetic leg the rest of my life so any help will be great i think a prosthetic will be better than limping all the time on a sore foot

Feb 11, 2010
2 years since injury...
by: stubbornhooper

I rolled my ankle in march 08. Landed on someones foot coming down from a jumpshot in basketball...it sounded like a 2x4 snapped in half. It didnt break but im sure there are bone spurs in there along with tearing at least 2 ligaments. I have pics of it and the outside of my foot was the size of a grapefruit. It was unreal. I have had numerous injuries of both of my ankles from college basketball but this one takes the cake. I couldnt walk on it for 6 months and was on crutches for 4 months. I still have pain on the outside of my left ankle and feels like someone is sticking needles in there when i step wrong. Its still swollen from the scar tissue and my achilles tendon is still not back to normal size. I didnt go to the doctor like i should have b/c i have done this many times before so i assumed the typical rehab would work....bad idea. Im 100% against surgery b/c i have not heard one good thing from anyone who had surgery to tighten up their ligaments from this injury. Its one of those things that you can just do all the rehab to make the muscles stronger and try to make your ankle as stable as you can. Im stubborn and can NOT stop playing basketball. I tape it and wear a brace when i play now and that helps a lot. I always ice it immediately after and do 2 hours of rehab stuff at home daily to keep it strong. Im going to a sports medicine dr and he is doing things to break up the scar tissue and its starting to make a difference. I also HIGHLY recommend acupuncture!!!!! It helps a TON with the pain and helps get the muscles around the foot back to working properly. With a severe sprain like this, nerve damage is also a factor. So if any of you havent tried it, I would give it a shot! Its helped me and i never thought i would do something like that. Good luck to us all!

Apr 14, 2010
2 torn ligaments right ankle
by: TxTrash

I was skateboarding 6 weeks ago landed a trick wrong. Front foot landed half on the nose of the board and rolled off. I heard a snap and thought I had broken it from how much it swelled up. Went to ER and they said I had torn some ligaments. I got an air cast and a boot so I've been off my ankle the whole time just using crutches putting no pressure on the ankle. Its still swollen about 1/3 of how big it was initially. I've done a session of electromyopulse therapy but am yet to see results. I keep it wrapped and ice it everyday n soak in warm water. I've broken bones before but this is way worse. I just want to be able to walk again but am afraid to try b/c of the swelling. I have another pt session soon, and will be trying the acupuncture and massaging, same day. I'm just hoping and praying. Good luck to everyone, trust me I know its a hard road. I just want to be able to walk it. From a sports fanatic keep your heads up, it could be worse.

Jun 16, 2010
same prob...for almost 20 years
by: Anonymous

i was born with my feet inverted because my tendents were to short my ancles are so imbarising i never wear high heels because then the sweeling really shows but im getting married in 6 months and want to be able to feel and look great in heals.

Jun 16, 2010
i got mine fixed
by: danny

i went to a local doctor and got my foot fixed i had to have a MBA implant and he had to rebuild my arch

Aug 14, 2010
Bikram Yoga can help
by: Rob

I've been told that Bikram Yoga can help remove scar tissue over time, however this is a yoga practice you will have to do on a regular, almost daily basis until you will find scar tissue going away. It helped me ankle a lot...strengthens it, stretches it, everything. Plus, it's a total body, stretching exercise...healthy for the heart, and you sweat a lot. You feel amazing afterwards, I'm sure your ankle will be amazing when you get in the swing of doing Bikram!

Aug 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

you should all try acupuncture!!!

Aug 26, 2010
sprained ankles
by: Anonymous

between age 12 and 16 i had sprained my right ankle 16 times and my left 19 times and to this day (i'm 45 now) have had pain off and on the entire time knew i had scarring but just recently been told about surgery not sure i want to try it but then again another 30 years off pain don't want to do that either

Sep 14, 2010
Pain, swelling normal? Massage?
by: Sue

I rolled my ankle late July and it seemed to me that I had a relatively mild sprain because I was still able to walk and put weight on it with moderate pain the same day. But I still have some pain and swelling 2 months later. Is it normal to still have pain and swelling (which occurs when I need to stand a lot or walk) a couple months after injury?

I see a lot of talk about massage to remove scar tissue. What kind of massage techniques should I be doing?

Oct 09, 2010
Ankle swelling on and off for 4 mths
by: Chris

I have similar problem like Sue. I Rolled my ankle while playin basketball. I did x-ray. I was told it is just a sprain. I was able to walk without much trouble after ten days of my injury. I Iced it once in a while. Now when I get up in the morning my ankle looks normal like the other one. As the day progress and I get to put pressure on it, it swells. I am really concerned now after reading all the above comments. Any suggestions on how to deal with my ankle now? Thanks

Oct 27, 2010
1 month after the injury, still a bit swollen
by: Ness

I injured my ankle while playing football - couldn't walk for a couple of days. My foot was quite swollen, it wouldn't fit into shoes. I went to the doctor and got the usual RICE treatment advice. One month later, the overall swelling is gone, but a small area is still swollen. I have to feel both my feet simultaneously to realize that one is swollen. There is no pain though, however hard I try to "squeeze" the swollen area.
I wonder if this will ever go away, but more importantly, if I will ever be able to to go hiking again. If my ankle gets injured again in the wild, I am screwed!
So, my problem is I do not know how much stress my injured ankle can take.

Nov 29, 2010
***Good news for some!***
by: Anonymous

Like everyone in this blog I too have had multiple ankle injures, I also have permanently swollen ankles. I read up on this and for some of you it may be fluid build up because your lymph nodes were damaged along with your ankles. This basically means the lymph nodes in that certain part of your ankle aren't able to drain fluids anymore. The fluid can be removed by massaging your ankles in the direction of nearby working lymph nodes to drain the fluid! (just need to find out where those nodes are!)

Jan 03, 2011
torn ligament
by: Tracy

as with most of you, I too am frustrated with the swelling in my ankle. About 4 months ago I slipped off the stairs and sprained my left ankle. The doctor told me to put it on ice and I'll be good in 1 week....it took me 3 MONTHS before I could walk again! It took lots of ice packs, and massaging and a lot of bed rest before I was up and about. I still have a small limp, but with time that will go.
So for those of you who keep getting the problem of the swollen ankles, be sure to not stress the injury, it will make it worst! Just take it one day at a time, a sprain is (in some cases) worst than a break, it's harder to mend. Just do a lot of massaging, you can learn how to rub your ankle yourself on-line, it's really easy, and be sure to exercise it so the muscles don't get stiff :)

Jan 19, 2011
I thought I had it bad.
by: Diego T.

About 5 months ago I decided to play a little soccer, first 20 seconds of playing I rolled my ankle like NEVER before, I clearly remember hearing/feeling the crunching of bones. I was sure I had broken a bone, I couldn't put any pressure on it (and i'm a firm believer of "walking it off") within minutes it swelled to the size of a tennis ball. I was living on my own and really never had an injury as bad as that; while also being uneducated on the subject, I did all the wrong things; i just laid in bed for about 3 days and was barley able to step on it on by the 4th day. I iced it on the 2nd day. Did not keep it elevated until the 5th or 6th day. I took sick days off but had to work after 9 days. It was painful and it would swell, but i had no other choice. After a month i'd say I was 60% recovered. It's been about 6 months now, I don't have any pain or swelling, maybe after hours and hours of sports or standing up i might feel slight discomfort on the ankle. But what gets to me is the fact that it's not perfect like the other ankle, I move and twist it and hear something "off" if i dangle the ankle up in the air I hear something "off" as if some joint weren't connected to the foot properly. and that drives me nuts! to the point where i mess with it too much and cause myself pain by trying to pop it in place. After reading everyone's testimonies on their ankle problems, i feel foolish and ashamed of what i'm doing. It seems to me that i'm very lucky to have a nearly fully recovered sprained ankle. I will stop what i'm doing because i know i'm damaging my ankle even worse, and i wish everyone here the best of luck and a speedy recovery with their ankle problems.

Feb 17, 2011
I was told it was a sprain
by: Anonymous

I fell on my ankle a few months ago went to the hospital to have xrays the doctor wasnt sure if I had cracked a bone or not because of all the swelling she said and told me it was probably a bad sprain..2 months later I still cant move it to much walk on it and its always swollen I was told to ice it elavate it do some therapy and still nothing do u think I could have a hair line fracture

Feb 24, 2011
This is getting old....
by: Anonymous

Today marks 6 weeks, from when I rolled and sprained my ankle. I walked on it while my leg was asleep (I know, I Know, not a bright idea)and heard a very loud POP and it rolled inward. I have had two set of X-ray and they do not show any breaks. It still swells up twice the size of my non-jacked up other up foot, and is painful if twisted wrong. I can put weight on it is not unstable just continues to have pain, and swelling.

I play football for the (IWFL) and our season starts in one month, I was told by my doctor I would be ready and able to play. With the swelling I'm not if I should, I don't want to make it worse, but the doctor made it sound like its just wanna those things you gotta suck up and keep going. That being said I have no idea what to do!!

Any thoughts? Thank you!!

Mar 09, 2011
bad luck
by: Anonymous

I play soccer and every time I get close to doing something big i mess up my ankle(s). 3 years ago i wuda made the national team but i broke my ankle in a pointless middle school soccer game now ive been injury strickened ever since but im still young. should i start wearing nike ankle braces on both ankles when i play even when theyre not hurt?

Mar 09, 2011
Ankle swollen for 7 yrs
by: Anonymous

I too suffered the swollen ankle for 7 yrs. Went to several Drs. And had 3 MRI's one even told me to lose weight. I am not huge but could lose about 20lbs. Finally had enough I was going crazy I went to a podiatrist and he found the bottom of my foot was broken had surgery he repaired the end that was shattered. Swelling is totally gone and am back to normal :)

Mar 11, 2011
Swollen foot...eight years now
by: Anonymous

I sprained my foot eight years ago. It was swollen then, and it still is. The sprain healed, there is no pain, but the foot is all puffy and looks horrible in sandals. My doctor is no help. I wish I had a clue about what to do to get rid of the swelling.

Mar 12, 2011
ankle injury
by: Anonymous

I did not seek a doctor after i injured my ankle. I was in some pain after i awoke and stumbeled to my front door being opened. sorry not a sport. Then i layed back down to show my husband and he grabbed it to look and i screamed in pain. The next morning I cried in pain just hovering my foot downward to the carpet. I could not walk for sometime. It is still swollen after many months. Almost a year now. Is it too late to fix? Guessing is was sprained and then torn.

Mar 15, 2011
Re: suffering almost two years of pain by: Anonymous
by: Anonymous

When you have foot surgery, for example on an achilies, swelling will remain in excess of about a year. If you continue physical activity during this period it will hurt, and get damaged again, and it will need more surgery, and get swollen again.

Apr 18, 2011
swelling with moderate pain..
by: Anonymous

I fell down off my scooty on 31st March 2010, its 19 days from the incident and my swelling has not gone completely...The moment I fell down I decided that I won't stop any of my activities for such an event and went ahead with my scooty to office. After about 2 to 2 and a half hours my office colleagues applied ice on it. But as my fridge at home was not working no more application of ice on the area. Rest not taken properly. Usual activities done. Now its 19 days and my swelling comes and goes with not much of pain... I have not been to the Doc as I didn't feel much pain...Only applied ointments and tied Crepe bandage over the area... KIndly help....

May 27, 2011
by: Rebecca

Hi Everyone

It's good to hear everyones stories, I have had so many issues with my left ankle. Here's my story...

I sprainned my ankle heavily dancing when I was 11 (now 29) I needed to go in a cast for a few weeks. It was very week after that.

During Games/Sports at School I was trampolining and broke my ankle in 2 places - 3 months in Plaster as didn't heal quickly.

After coming out of plaster I had physo but realised I had no feeling in my left leg from knee downwards or movement in my foot, I had nerve damage too, 6 months in a splint and painful nerve treatment.

I had 1 year of physo after this and at phsyo went over on ankle again and fully tore one of my ligaments wit hthe other two being very damaged. Back in plaster again for 6 weeks. Came out the day after 18th birthday (Now 29)

Lot's of phsyo again and told I can never where heels, be careful and if have operation to help it's more than likly to give me a permanant limp - Great.

I have been careful for the last 11 years, never worn heals - permantly swollon ankle, painful at times - nothing helps!

All I would like is to be a normal female and able to wear heals like everyone else and not have messed up ankles.

May 30, 2011
by: Joy in Merced

My ankle injury began with Plantar Fiaciast. Then I recived a cortizone shot.. MOST PAINFUL EXPIERENCE OF MY LIFE... got better......then worse.. have had my ankle tapped, and now a removable cast. I've gained 20 pounds which makes it all worse. 30 years of wearing 5" heels are over......... I'm in Grandma shoes.. and I just make it through the day... SO much pain.

I am going to try Aqu puncture. Oh, had a Xray, I do have a torn tendon too.

God please help...


Jun 22, 2011
10 months on....and still swollen
by: Anonymous

I tore all the ligaments in my ankle after I slipped off a step. 10 months on, 2 xrays, physiotherapy, and numerous doctors visits later; the ankle still swells all the time. I can't wear heels anymore and am finding it difficult to do any kind of sport as it hurts and swells. I love sport and am so frustrated. Anyone got any suggestions on what to try next? MRI?

Aug 12, 2011
been 4 months, Dr.'s aren't doin anything
by: Anonymous

I hurt myself at work. I tore all the main stabilizing ligaments in my ankle 4 months ago, plus the sydemosis ligament above my ankle. The 1st day I got hurt they did x-ray & told me its just a sprain & it'll b bettr n a couple weeks, aftr that I could walk around fine wit a lite ankle brace, so go home stay off it, ice, & move it as soon as I could & sent me home in an aircast boot, said I could go back 2 work lite duty(I'm a nurse). A month aftr the injury he put me in PT, 2 months aftr when it still wasn't better and I can barely move my ankle or walk on it w/o crutches boot, he sent me for MRI, I finishd PT, then he saw the massive damage & sent me to a podiatrist. It's been 2 mos since I saw him the 1st time & he's mention injections but keeps sayin lets wait & c. He says just keep doin wut I'm doin. For the last 2 mos I had a lace-up brace & even tho they orderd more PT 4 me 3Xs, the workers comp has denied it, so i do wut exercise i can and walk on it as much as i can, but it still causes so much pain & still can barely move that i have 2 use 1 crutch wit a brace on & 2 crutches with no brace. It still swollen all the time, & i've had muscle atrophy, even when i was in PT & now doin exercises on my own & walking. The podiatrist has says i'm just not.doin enough & i need 2 lose the crutch cuz i'm slowin my own healin, but it is still so painful. Any tips on wut i can do to loosen it up 2 get the muscles workin again?

Aug 15, 2011
shotgun to the foot
by: captaincarlos

I feel your pain people. I did something during a run and my right ankle has been swollen for 9 months. I believe it was a peroneal tear/rupture because I do Underpronate(my right worse than left). I've tried everything from RICE to Custom Orthotics and Home Ultrasound Massager. The worst pain is rollerblading.
I did go to a clinic and they thought it was a sprain and gave me Rx "meloxicam". Nothing has worked so I'll be seeing a surgeon in a month. I know how you feel about the shotgun to the foot. I was thinking about that myself. At this point I'm going to tell the surgeon "Carve it up Doc!"
I'll let you know what he says.

Aug 29, 2011
severe sprain
by: Anonymous

about 2 years i sprained my ankle, with grade 3 symptoms, i also heard a loud cracking sound, but i never went to the hospital because i know all they would've said was to use ice and rest, but up to this day, I can't play basketball or sports anymore because when I jump, it feels like my ankle's going to separate from the leg, which is most likely the tendons. The swelling has went down but not away, what should I do???

Oct 28, 2011
much pain
by: Anonymous

I fell today an heard a loud pop. Went to hospital told me it was a spained ankle. I just know there is somthing more wrong with it. Should i try to seek more help.

Oct 28, 2011
injury to both ankles, pain and swelling
by: romy2005

about two years ago, I injured my right ankle, went to the podiatrist, had swelling and pain when using the ankle. she did MRI and said I had a stretched metatarsal ligament, and drecomended ice, therapy, wore a black boot, and elevated. None of it helped much, I had fallen arch, and continual pain for about a year, eventually, the pain became pretty much bearable, but the swelling still is a big problem.

Then, about six months ago, I twisted the right ankle to the inside. It was so bad I couldn't walk to get to the car to go to the Doctor. I did get there, the ankle was quite swollen. He did an X-ray and said it was a sprain, nothing broken. I have looked up exercises on the net and done those, but am still having pain in both ankles, primarily the right ankle. I feel as though I'm losing balance and that both ankles are giving out occasionally. If I walk very far, the ankles get very sore, particularly the right one.

I'm thinking I need to go see an orthopedic specialist and see what they way about it. I am overweight and have type two diabetes. Any suggestions? Any advice? Thanks.

Nov 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sprained ankle almost seven months ago. I can't wear n e of my heels. R there n e exercises that I could do to strengthen my ankle.

Dec 09, 2011
Re-occurring swelling NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been skateboarding for about 8 years. For about 4 years I've had ankle problems. This year in January I sprained my right ankle (my bad ankle) pretty bad. It was in-between a grade 2 and 3. I could walk on it fine, but it swelled up really bad. The worse it ever has, along with all the bruising. It has taken at least 5-6 months to get the swelling down to a "normal" amount. I then hurt it a further two times later this year. The last one was a weird sprain, a "hot pocket" as most skateboarders call it. My ankle went forwards rather than sideways. The swelling came back a little along with the pain on the inside of my ankle. The swelling is more on the lateral side though. I am now doing prolotherapy which is starting to make it feel like it's going to get back to normal (god I hope so). I've been to rehab all year for it and it hasn't had the same results as before. Basically the physio told me my ligaments are too loose. But, my ankle feels like it can't bend like my other ankle. I can still skate but whenever I do the swelling comes back a little, with a little bit of pain. So frustrating. I've tried massaging it aswell. Got insoles, too. I remember when I used to roll/sprain my ankle and there was hardly any swelling, there was pain but it all would go away. Even in a week/months. It would go away. Now it just comes back, this is pissing me off! Prolotherapy is my only hope.

Mar 26, 2012
Twisted Ankle in Car Accident NEW
by: Anonymous

About 5 or 6 years ago, I was involved in a car accident. Long story short, I twisted my ankle which caused the tear of some ligaments and permanent fluid buildup. After two MRI's and PT, the ligaments seemed to "heal" but my ankle still bothers me. I danced throughout junior high and high school after the injury, but I would have to ice it every night and heat it every morning. I cannot run or even walk fast for half a mile without my ankle cramping up. I am setting up an appointment with the doctor soon to discuss possible surgery.

Apr 10, 2012
here's what helped for me and probably for you NEW
by: Anonymous

I broke, tore & dislocated my ankle over a period of 20 years (from 16 till 36)

Playing amatuer sports now, I walk like an 80 year old the day after, very bad scene. The last couple of years, ankle swells up daily,walking hurts, Even driving became an issue. Hiking and city walking became painful as well, i am 39, just started a family and just want to be able to play with my kids...

Had a couple of surgeries in the past, took tonnes of anti-inflamatory drugs but scare tissue and previous trauma always will cause the ankle to swell up. I decided to opt out of the regular circuit. Surgery & drugs obviously did not do it for me nor do I need to be fit again in 6 weeks.

What did work for me where weekly acupuncture sessions, added with some electronic stimulation theraphy and icing it once or twice daily. y ankle pain went away slowly in about 3 months, I can walk pain-free & drive and can play some pick-up soccer a couple of times a week. Best of all, I was able to avoid invasive surgery & taking drugs. I also started to pay more attention to the type of shoes I wear (good support, good soles etc.)

Last person to believe in hippie-talk is me but this truly worked, acupuncture isn't painful at all.

Last tip:
I tried bikram yoga as well at various studios and suggest you avoid practising it in case you suffer from serious ligament damage / scar-tissue (might be ok for arthritis. It only messes you up more. I'd stick to a regular yoga practise, that works wonders in case you want to stengthen your ankle ligament. If you must stay active...try riding a bike.

Good luck, do take care of it though, I was practically a cripple before I started to think about how this would affect the next 50 years of my life and got really depressed by the though of yet another surgery.

Apr 19, 2012
Try it - NEW
by: Anonymous

Before you think about surgery, try a chiropractor that does Active Release Technique (ART). I know chiropractors have a bad rep, but these ART doctors are trained to handle all kinds of sports injuries. I'm a runner and had a stress fracture which caused a swollen ankle that I thought would never go away. My chiropractor had helped me with shin splints and IT band issues in the past, so I talked to him about my swollen ankle. Along with the treatments, he showed me the right exercises to do. It took a few weeks, but my ankle is back to normal. If it flares up again, which I don't expect, he's the first guy I will see. So much better than surgery or a shotgun.

Apr 23, 2012
sore ankle NEW
by: Anonymous

I have hurt my ankle a few years ago went to the hospital had exerays went home and iced it and still today it is swelling and sometimes i am in bad pain from it. What can I do?

May 07, 2012
Dislocated ankle and 3 broken bones NEW
by: Bets

Almost two years ago I had a biking accident. Dislocted my left ankle and broke 3 bones. The bones have been healed for a while now but I still have scar tissue in my ankle. Sometimes my foot hurts and I am very careful when I walk, hike, or ride my bicycle. I've had PT and am now having lymph drainage massage. I think this is helping, but I am also doing exercises for my ankle including the alphabet. The surgeon told me my ankle would be fine 2 years from the accident. I hope he was right.

May 11, 2012
High ankle sprain NEW
by: Anonymous

I fell and suffered a high ankle sprain a year ago. That's when you roll your ankle in rather than out and it's supposedly the worst kind there is. I heard a snap on the way down, but multiple xrays found no breaks. An MRI done 1.5 months later showed a partial tear of the deep deltoid ligament, in addition to syndesmotic scarring. I believe the bone pushed into that ligament. It took around 5 months until I could walk normally and to this day is still a little swollen and just feels weird - like something's not right. After heavy activity I get pain up the side of my calf which is most likely related to the peroneal nerve. After reading the above posts I feel SO much better knowing this isn't uncommon. Sounds like it's just scar tissue causing problems. PT helped in strengthening the ankle, but it still swells even aftering light activity like cleaning. I thought this might end up with surgery, but after hearing the horror stories will just work on it naturally. Despite the marvels of modern medicine, I guess it's unrealistic to think things will ever be 100% again. As someone pointed out above, there are worse things in life than this. Oh - and don't be pig headed about PT like I was. It helps.

Jun 07, 2012
Sprained Ankle a year ago still burning NEW
by: Hazel Mears

I am really fed up I love running and I haven't been able to doany for nearly a year now. I sprained my outer ankle by putting my foot down a huge pot hole. It swelled up and was bruised but I could walk on it so I didn't think it was too serious. I did ice it and take anti-inflamotories. The swelling and bruising went after 3 days and I had a an MRI scan about 6 months later which revealed I had a bruised talus bone (boney empidema?). Around the ankle looks a little swollen like fluid around it and it hurts to press but the constant burning I am getting goes from my little toe all the way up past my ankle it seems to hurt more when anything presses against it like a burning pins and needles feeling it is not mega painful but just uncomfortable. Any guesses on what is going on. I just want to start running again but don't want to make it worse.

Jul 06, 2012
Swollen ankle NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey guys,
I have been on crutches with a cast on for 8 whole weeks! When they took it off 5 or 6 days ago it felt fine.... But after that my ankle has started to swell when I walk, and Im putting ice on it as we speak. Im only 15 I dont want this to go on forever, I feel this may effect career choices ect.. Any help?

Jul 22, 2012
Sprain Ankle leading to other problems NEW
by: Anonymous

I sprained my ankle when I fell at work it was a severe sprain and was swollen. After seeing the doctor after two weeks he said i was fine however it was difficult to be on my feet for long periods of time, i insisted physical therapy after my last physical therapy the back of my knee was hurting so we did therapy on that too. the doctor suggested intense therapy then the pain went to both knees. The next thing that happened is now I can barely walk on both legs and i have excruciating pain in the back of both my knees. Its been 4 months I now insisted on a specialist but I am also seeing a chiroprator and massage therapist any suggestions.

Jul 22, 2012
Sprain Ankle leading to other problems NEW
by: Anonymous

I sprained my ankle when I fell at work it was a severe sprain and was swollen. After seeing the doctor after two weeks he said i was fine however it was difficult to be on my feet for long periods of time, i insisted physical therapy after my last physical therapy the back of my knee was hurting so we did therapy on that too. the doctor suggested intense therapy then the pain went to both knees. The next thing that happened is now I can barely walk on both legs and i have excruciating pain in the back of both my knees. Its been 4 months I now insisted on a specialist but I am also seeing a chiroprator and massage therapist any suggestions.

Jul 22, 2012
Sprain Ankle leading to other problems NEW
by: Anonymous

I sprained my ankle when I fell at work it was a severe sprain and was swollen. After seeing the doctor after two weeks he said i was fine however it was difficult to be on my feet for long periods of time, i insisted physical therapy after my last physical therapy the back of my knee was hurting so we did therapy on that too. the doctor suggested intense therapy then the pain went to both knees. The next thing that happened is now I can barely walk on both legs and i have excruciating pain in the back of both my knees. Its been 4 months I now insisted on a specialist but I am also seeing a chiroprator and massage therapist any suggestions.

Aug 18, 2012
sports injury therapist NEW
by: Anonymous

Sports injury therapists, I have found are more on the case with these conditions than regular physiotherapists. It might be worth consulting with one.

Aug 22, 2012
ankle ligament operation NEW
by: Anonymous

i had an operation that would have been a year ago next month.im getting extreme pain in my ankle day in day out sometimes getting numbness fuzzyness in lower leg im currently seeking medical attention for my problem, its getting a lot worse am im starting feel really ill with it and the doctors do not know what to problem is,im currently being referred but the process is very long and im probably going to have to wait another two months to see a doctor my job is making the situation worse and im really struggling and do not know what to do, anyone had the same problem?

Sep 02, 2012
jumping off the diving board NEW
by: young kid seeking help

I was doing some acrobatic tricks of the diving board my foot slipped off the diving board i broke my left foot talious bone I have to read most of these reviews and I'm just wondering if there is anybody out there that has some common knowledge about the bone that I describe

Sep 11, 2012
Help NEW
by: Mark still with ankle pain

Hi everyone I've posted a couple of stories about my nightmare ankle recovery is there anyone out there who could read my post it's headed with my name Mark as I'm going out of my mind. Many thanks

Jan 02, 2013
Has anyone had this happen NEW
by: Anonymous

I broke tibia low just above ankle twisted a tore it up , they put screws through leg and ankle i healed and then they removed hardware then three years past and started to get pain over the last two i finally got the answer that the scartissue turn into bone and that is causing the pain i see a doctor that specializes in bone growth in two weeks just want to know if anyone ever had this

Jan 02, 2013
Has anyone had this happen NEW
by: Anonymous

I broke tibia low just above ankle twisted a tore it up , they put screws through leg and ankle i healed and then they removed hardware then three years past and started to get pain over the last two i finally got the answer that the scartissue turn into bone and that is causing the pain i see a doctor that specializes in bone growth in two weeks just want to know if anyone ever had this

Feb 11, 2013
Painful, swollen ankle NEW
by: Bonnie

I tore ligaments in my ankle about 4 years ago. It is still swollen and tender to touch. Now I have lower back, hip and leg pain and no doctor can figure out why. Is it possibly, that this is a result of the ankle problem?

Mar 30, 2013
Severe Sprain NEW
by: Joslynn

I severely sprained my right ankle during cheerleading my Junior year in high school. It's been over 2 years now and when I entered college the fall of 2012, I started playing soccer again and one night after practice I got back to my dorm it was swollen and bruised bad. The athletic trainer looked at it and wrapped it for me. I've transferred since then and stopped playing sports. I also run a lot, I wear braces on both my ankles. My right ankle keeps giving out and I don't know what I should do?

Mar 31, 2013
Still ankle pain 2yrs later after breaking it NEW
by: Mark

Cheers Bart for your advice I've gone through pain management , physio,pain relief and 2lots of cortisone into the joint and still I'm in agony when walking
I've now been referred to adenbrooks to see a top specialist in orthapeadics regarding ankle surgery maybe once again

Apr 27, 2013
Do you need a cast after surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

do you ned to get a cast when you get sca tissue removed or wear a boot?

Apr 27, 2013
Do you need a cast after surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

do you ned to get a cast when you get sca tissue removed or wear a boot?

Apr 28, 2013
Ankle nightmare NEW
by: Mark

Hi Bart thanks for you're comments but I've still got big problems 2yrs down the line , I've had physio , pain medication , pain management , surgery and one cortisone into the ankle joint then another one but this was an x- ray guided cortisone injection into the bone again after having a 3 phase bone scan to which all wasn't very nice
After all that I still cannot squat due to the intense pain at the front of my ankle and also pain after aprox 15 mins of walking to which I get purple little veins come up around my ankle looking like a bruise
After all this I have now been referred to Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge to now see a top specialist ankle surgeon and this is on the 21st of May so hope fully I will come to an end of this nightmare and maybe get my life back
I will keep you posted ...... Mark

May 03, 2013
Stepped on baseball NEW
by: Anonymous

1 year ago I stepped on a baseball, heard a pop in my ankle, went to the hospital to get it checked out and they said it was a torn ligament on the outside of my right ankle. One year later almost to this day, it's still almost just as swollen. I still feel stiffness and minor pain after standing to long or doing any physical activity. also its keeping me up at bught being so tense. I'm just curious to what is going on inside of my ankle if anyone can help me out here.

May 03, 2013
Stepped on baseball NEW
by: Anonymous

One year ago I stepped on a baseball, heard a pop, ankle swelled up to about the size of the ball itself. So I went to the hospital and they said I tore a ligament and to ice it and stay off it, so I did. But now a year later, it is still swollen and I am feeling a lot of stiffness, tense and pain varying and the activity I do. It's very annoying and I just want it to be healed already. Also it keeps me up most nights when I am standing for hours or have been running. I hat want some info from anoyonw else who is experiencing this. Thanks.

May 31, 2013
Impact Injury NEW
by: Jake_murphy08@yahoo.com

I've also been experiencing constant swelling in my ankle. I fell off a deck of about 3 stories and I didn't take the time to let it heal, but I don't know if it would of even helped. It's going on three years now and I can't even play a pick up basketball game without stopping after 5 minutes or slowing down. Sports were my life and it sucks this has to happen. I've developed some bad identity loss and SA because of this as well. If anyone has found an answer or cure for the constant swelling from an impact or other injury please email me. I've been to numerous doctors and have got mri's and x-rays and all of them keep saying nothing is wrong. This sucks!

Jun 12, 2013
recent ankle sprain NEW
by: Anonymous

Sprained my ankle 5 days ago, my whole foot including half way up the toes severely bruised and swollen. is this normal? Also get sharp needle like feeling in the ankle. I have broken the ankle twice and the top of foot once ,the xray just taken show a chunk of ankle bone missing according to the Dr but said it is an old break can the old injuries cause this new injury to take longer to heal this new injury?

Sep 18, 2013
Ankle nightmare new by mark NEW
by: Anonymous

This answer is for mark.
I am not sure of all the symptoms you have but, RSD/CRPS fits with the swelling, pain and discoloration that you have. You may want to read up on this as many doctors are still not diagnosing it correctly.

Sep 18, 2013
2yrs + still in ankle pain NEW
by: Mark

Well here we still are it's funny how 5 consultants the 5th was meant to be a top surgeon in Addenbrookes said they couldn't see anything in the MRI and CT scans that stood out and said that surgery wouldnt be of any benefit when a 6th consultant to which I paid for a private consultation said he can see problems and I need surgery ! Well can anyone answer that ?
Well I'm now having surgery to remove the metal and screws to eliminate anything that could be causing me pain then open surgery at the front of my ankle to put right what is wrong
I have also been told by the consultant in London that after 2 months post surgery if there is not much improvement it could be ankle fusion
And all this is on the NHS book and choose scheme so it certainly is nothing to do with money ... Thank god I'm going to a private hospital ....... NHS never again its been nearly two and a half years and they have ruined my life

Oct 03, 2013
1year later NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been 1year fell down a step didn't go to hospital as everyone said it would get better 5 doctors and 2 specilist later I'm now seeing podiatrist it doesn't seem to be helping. My heel is still swelling and I'm still in lot of pain mainly after walking for awhile any. HELP

Nov 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

I severly spained my ankle 5 months ago. Had symptom similiar to what I read here. The Dr. referred me to Physical Therapy 2 months ago. I've found a great place, where they are so knowledgable. They have explained all my weird pain sensations (arch of foot, innner and outer ankle, hip pain). They explained why I was still having crazy swelling, explained all the popping. I go twice a week, and am slowing getting better. Every time I go, they ask what activity I've done, I explain the sensations I have, and where. They tell me when to lay off something or if the pain I'm feeling is normal recovery pain. They've taught me to isolate and strengthen muscles I didn't know I have (like the arch of my foot). Find a good therapist! If you go and it isn't working, try someone else.

Apr 21, 2014
Ankle injury NEW
by: Anonymous

I came down on my ankle in a basketball and about a week ago and there was a snap it swelled really big but after a week the swelling started to go down a little but now I have a small sensitive spot on my lower ankle that feels like it's burning. Any idea what it could be?

Jun 16, 2014
delayed pain after 5 weeks of swelling NEW

Probably my age has something to do with this - 71 years old female in good physical condition, and normally very active with walking and dancing. About 6 weeks ago I suddenly noticed a very swollen ankle around my ankle bones. I had absolutely no pain and certainly did not have an injury, since I was sitting at the computer at the time. I did the RICE treatment, had xrays, and continued to have no pain, but swelling stayed, and was particularly bad by the end of the day. I was tested for blood clots - none. Then, on about the 5th week of this, the pain in the ankle started and continues. Any ideas?

Jun 26, 2014
Still Hurting after 1.5 years NEW
by: Anonymous

It's been a year and a half since I sprained my ankle and also hairline fracture of Fibula still a lot of pain and some swelling, burning, stabbing, sometimes feels like someone is squeezing and pulling my foot starting to effect my other foot.Did 7 weeks in cast, 4 months in a boot, about 6 months of therapy still having pain now their talking about me having RSD

Aug 27, 2014
ankle swelling long time NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I am suffering from the same thing...mine was a year and a half ago and I have alot of swelling and at times the pain is soooo severe I sit and cry....Anyways I have red personally articles from Dr's of who had patients with the same problem and wen x-rayed it would show nothing and nd weeks, months even years latr to still have pain and swelling, Dr would order MRI and sure enough there was and nd break undetected by x-ray!!! Most Dr's r aware of this!! Just like my plan I would go back and demand an MRI AND MAKE IT VERY CLEAR YOUR SUFFERING...OTHERWISE THEY'LL CONTINUE 2 JUST BLOW IT OFF, EXSPECIALLY NOW WITH ALL THE DRUG SEAKERS!!

Jan 24, 2015
Sprained ankle NEW
by: Anonymous

I sprained my ankle at a stupid trampoline arena which I regreted so much. I was taken to hospital and got an x-Ray on my foot. The doctor said it had been severely sprained. I have my netball tryouts in 2 weeks and yesterday I tried running and it started hurting within a minute. It has been 3 months since the injury and still swollen and has a lot of black brusing. My dad tells me it's not going to heal for a very long time. I'm so unhappy with this because it stops me from doing the things I love, like netball and now that this has happened I won't even be able to play a full game anymore knowing that my foot can't bare the pain. I massage it daily to help with the pain but still nothing. I wish I never went there in the first place. My friend forced me to go on the trampoline and jump in the pit and what do you know from all the pressure of her saying go go go it got caught under this safety mat I tumbled into the pit. I couldn't get out all the staff had to help me and I was swearing because of the pain and how this would affect me long term. Everytime I go with that friend some injury happens. I guess she's bad luck.

Feb 08, 2015
Ankle sprain NEW
by: Anonymous

I sprained my ankle over a year ago. I tore two ligaments and partially tore a tendon. Doctor informed me it should heal on its own. I still have pain and it feels as if something is either shifting or pulling within my ankle. Any advice? Many thanks in advance.

Feb 23, 2015
6 Months on NEW
by: Brian

I knew as soon I was going down something was wrong. I felt a pop sensation in my right ankle when I rolled it during a Basketball Game (Which we won). Being a firm believer in being able to walk it off, I attempted that and knew for certain that this wasn't a simple roll.

After spending about AUD $1000.00 on Medical expenses such as X-Rays and MRI's the doctor told me I had torn 2 ligaments and had an acute bone fracture along with a ton of bruising and swelling.

Took a further 2 months to get into a specialist to see whether or not I needed surgery which at this stage is a negative as the outcomes are basically the same whether or not I need surgery.

I half heartedly committed to physio, which I did see quite a bit of improvement in my condition, including balance, strength and endurance, but the only thing that hasn't changed is the vast difference in size between my two ankles.

Even though the majority of the fluid is gone it still looks swollen and enlarged when compared to the left one. I hope that I do not require surgery and it returns to normal soon. The worry is killing me.

Mar 12, 2015
reply NEW
by: Jimm

I am wondering what would have happened to your knees. If it was a simple sprain it would have healed much before, but as it is not healing on its own, the problem should be bit more complex. Let us hope that it will cure quickly. microsoft support windows 8

Apr 07, 2015
ankle injuryand how it happened/howto avoid it NEW
by: Robert

Leaving a public shower running 3" drop down on cement, wearing flip flop shower shoes I sprained my ankle, grade 2. Did the RICE thing, now at 5 weeks, swollen in the morning, better during the day with ice. Bought CROC rubberized sandals for shower that have ankle guard. If I would have had these the accident wouldn't have happened. These shoes are not available in stores, I had to order them over the internet.

May 10, 2015
Same problem- need help -PLEASE NEW
by: Tired onf my ankle

Hi, I sprained my ankle a year and 3 months ago. I did not go to the doc back then, as it got better and worst in times. I thought of giving it the regular treatment, icing, massaging, and rest...

I started physio a month and a half ago, been told it is a mobilization issue and was told to tape the ankle and do some exc to bring back the mobilization. The diagnose of the therapist was that the fibula moved a little forward than it should be and we need to move it back a little.

After a month and a half, there is a little change for better, but nothing to say it is healed.

Still hurts, still sharp sensation radiant to the side of the sheen and can't say real improvement.

I stopped physio. Saw no point in spending so much money for no improvement.

My question- will it be healed any time soon or am I stuck with it for life?

Any suggestions as for what to do now?

I am so tired from it, it is so frustrating, and it makes my life miserable! I can't even continue running any more as I used to! Just sucks!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you

Jun 08, 2015
Swollen and paiful NEW
by: Anonymous

I am sure most of us here cringe when we here the description pop sound in the ankle. I rolled mine playing ball 25 years ago and then again last year. First time healed pretty good, not so much this time. I cant run in the yard with pain, and the end of everyday my ankle is swollen. So frustrating too, because I loved my walking, and kept in shape, now put on weight, which makes things worse for my ankle i am sure. Glad to know I am not alone on the slow recovery and am looking into some of your suggestions for therapy.

Jun 23, 2015
Too Long!! NEW
by: Barney Ross

It is really disturbing to see that you have not taken any care in treating it for the past one year. I think there might have original orkopina been some infection in your ankle by now. Try to get the dead cells out of your ankle as fast as possible.

Jul 29, 2015
Accident and vehicles NEW
by: Emily

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Jul 31, 2015
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Aug 01, 2015
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Aug 01, 2015
Deakin NEW
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Aug 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

My 1yr 5months baby she is suffering for swollen ankle she is in pain almost 2months,she cant walk anymore,i took her to the hospital she has been admited frm 13 august till now,the condition is getting worse,wht can i do to help her i cant stand this pain anymore

Sep 21, 2015
Ankel NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 22, 2015
ligament damage NEW
by: Anonymous

I ripped the ligaments in my foot 13 months ago and the pain is still there, the hospital said the pain would go away after 2 weeks but it hasn't so I have to go and see an ankle specialist, does anyone know if I will end up with crutches?

Oct 02, 2015
opinion NEW
by: laura

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Jan 16, 2016
Having pain after 1.5yrs NEW
by: Anonymous

I fractured my leg on 16 dec 2013. From last yr onwards my leg started paining while i run and while getting down fast from the stairs. What should i do???

Feb 07, 2016
swollen ankle for 8 months NEW
by: Anonymous

Last year around the middle of June I slipped in wet grass because I was barefoot, I heard a "pop" I couldn't get up for a few minutes because I thought I thought I broke my ankle. My ankle never was purple,it was just really swollen and could barely walk for several days. I went to a doc and he told,methat it was a grade 1 strain,and I did some pt,nothing has helped. Should I go to a foot and ankle specialist to find out why my ankle is still the size of a base ball?

Apr 05, 2016
Swollen ankle NEW
by: Aredhel

Never ever jump with wornout slippers on. That's how I got the worst ankle sprain I have ever had. A cracking sound followed and I was certain that I broke it. It swelled in 3 places, each was about the size of golf ball. Doctor said it was just a BAD sprain and I should be okay after 2-3 weeks.

The inflammatory medicine did nothing for the swelling so finally I tried tumeric mixed with coconut water. They helped reduce the swelling but the pain was still there. It was only after a month that I was able to walk without a cane. Another month for me to walk without pain. But there's always this feeling that something was off and the ankle swelled up whenever I am stationary for more than a few minutes. In addition, I experienced numbness and discomfort if I didn't move my foot for too long.

I went to see a chiropractor and he popped my ankle bones back in. He said something about them being out of alignment and putting pressure on some veins or something. Viola! It helped. The numbness stopped but not the swelling. The swelling comes and goes.

I am doing bikram yoga, it helps in strengthening the ankle but since I am not doing it religiously so I guess it'll take time to heal properly. But gah I want it gone. Sure there's no pain but the swelling is bothersome.

Apr 12, 2016
16Yo soccer player NEW
by: Anonymous

I sprained the outside of my right ankle around Christmas 2015. I was at a training session and blocked a cross leading to my foot being jerked ineards. I shouldn't have continued to play because now it's still swollen. I haven't gone to a physio doctor or anything like that but I feel pain after playing each football match. Is there a way to fix this quickly as the football season is still on.

May 14, 2016
Wow! NEW
by: Lori V

I am so glad I found this thread! 10 months ago, I lost my balance on the elliptical at the gym and made the very bad decision to jump off it vs fall off and when I landed POP! My jump resulted in a grade 3 ankle sprain. I completely tore 2 of the ligaments in my ankle and was in an air cast for 2 1/2 months. I won't have surgery, just can't bring myself to risk the chance at more function loss and more nerve damage. I deal with the swelling and pain, not a huge deal for me but the instability and nerve damage are the worst. At night I have trouble because I feel the joint separate from the socket and then the nerve damage creates a pain that shoots from the arch of my foot to my big toe! It's horrible. But after reading this, I think I'll try acupuncture. I have learned that applying heat is a big NO, it makes the swelling worse. I've tried TENS but because I have nerve damage, I'm afraid I won't feel the intensity and end up causing more damage. I've learned a huge lesson, just fall in front of everyone at the gym. It's easier to find a new gym than it is to recover from injury.

Jun 08, 2016
Useful info NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jul 10, 2016
Also injured ankle which won't heal NEW
by: Chris

Stepped on a tree root when running and rolled the foot outwards. Swelling was not too bad and the intense pain subdued after a few days. However, 4 months after I still have inflammatory type pain and can't go back to sports. I am doing mobilisations and massaging the damaged area but the pain keep coming back. The injury is in the front of the ankle just to the outside of the foot.

Jul 16, 2016
Swollen ankle a year past injury date NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I injured my ankle last June, I was playing volley ball and slipped in the wet grass. I didn't have much bruising but was and is still very swollen. I went to PT for maybe a month, but the thing is that I've sprained my ankle so many times when I was younger, I'm 24 now. When I step wrong my foot goes everted and it gets more swollen and tight. I've tried insoles and ankle braces,Epson salts,the RICE method and nothing has worked. I guess I need to go back to my doctor and get MRI of my ankle and see if I need surgery, it only hurts my ankle when I dorsiflex it,not when I plantar flex.

I hope I can get some answers?


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