Taylors ACL Surgery

by Taylor

My names Taylor, I'm 16, going to be a jr in high school. Last summer I hurt my knee playing soccer. When I got the MRI I found out I had torn the meniscus and acl in my right knee. I had the surgery early september (on my birthday...ahg.) Quad graft, and removal of a right piece of my meniscus.

I'll tell you what ever I expected my recovery to be like, that first week of PT quickly changed my mind. I remember being close to tears trying to get my leg stright, and I'm not usually one to cry!

Anyway, phisically emotionally and mentally my rehab pushed me past all my limits as an athlete. But it made me so much stronger. I recieved a completely new take on things. I've honestly never worked harder at anything else...ever!!

I sat out last years high school seaon, and club soccer season. I started playing soccer again a couple months ago, not compettivly because high school seaon doesnt start up again until august, but I was stunned how quickly everything came back to me. It felt so good to play again.

The reason I'm here is I'm wondering if anyone out there has suffered another injury on top of the on you already had. You see, it really sucks. I was running, and i tripped over this dog that came running out. I didn't here it coming because i had my ipod in and was really in the zone.

Anyways, i tripped and rollled my ankle. i got home and it started swelling so we went to the doctor and it ended up being that i fractured my foot! A jones fracture they called it.

I had surgery on it last week and there telling 8+ weeks recovery. ahh 8 weeks on crutches. This is such a HUGE setback in my entire recovery. I was just about to start competitive soccer for the first time in a year (first time since my acl) , and now i'm going to have to sit out again.

I guess my question is how do you get past the negitivitly??? How do you get through it??? I'm in such a funk right now, I feel like i worked so hard for 9 months, it isn't fair i should have to be out another 8+ weeks due to a freak accedent. I fell like theres no way ill ever get to play soccer again. its really got me down.

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Nov 03, 2009
by: Lou

Hi Taylor,

I see a lot of time has passed and I just wanted an update to know how everything worked-out for you.
I'm headed to a specialist tomorrow to look at my knee which had a partial tear 15 years ago and just "popped" and went out during a football this past sunday.

Aug 08, 2008
by: Anonymous

and also, for the comment above mine, I wish you the best of luck in your recovery. sounds to me like your a great player, that can get through anything, and will recover well.
hang in there.

Jul 31, 2008
by: taylor

thank you both so much for your words of wisdom and encouragment. It means so much!! I got my cast off a few days ago, so now I'm in an air cast. I started pt. I'm spending this week doing various movement excercises,(still on crutches) but get to start putting more weight on next week. (some wierd thing where there going to weigh me, so I only get to put like 20% of my weight down at a time. ?) So as much as I've been convinced that this injury is the single most annoying ingury on the face of the planet...not to mention way worse than my acl...my pt is telling me that I'm only saying that because it happened in the summer when all you want to do is run jump swim and play. ahg. anyways thanks again! heres to taking it slow. oh so very slow. and returning to soccer!

Jul 07, 2008
Thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous

I basically had the same inuries, just in different order. the summer before my sophomore year of high school i got a fracture in my right foot from playing soccer. the doctors said to immobilize the foot, and that maybe it would heal itself, but of course that didn't happen. so about four months after the initial injury i got surgery to fix it, but unfortunately had to miss the school soccer season. after having crutches for 6 weeks and doing rehab for 3 months i was able to play again. played 3 months with my summer team and then made my school's varsity team. now nearly a year later i found myself in the situation you had before, except for the mensicus injury. just last week i tore my ACL and will be getting surgery within the next few weeks, which also meant i'd be missing my senior year of school soccer. at first i didn't know what to think, the fact that i may never be playing soccer competitively again, and that i may lose scholarships for collegiate soccer makes me really mad and sad. it's hard to stay positive because i wondered why i was the one always getting injured and no one else around me was. but i realized that if i rehab quickly and stay focused, i might still have a shot at playing in college. and if i don't, well then i also realize that although soccer is a big part of my life, there are so many other things in life i'll be getting a chance to do because soccer won't be such a focus.

the scare of not being able to play soccer again is huge. life truly throws curveballs that are at times unfair. but stay strong and have a positive outlook. the best things in life are still yet to come. if you don't think you'll play again, you're wrong, just throw that idea out the window. you'll for sure play again. theirs still your senior year to really show people who you are.

you sound like your the type of person who is determined to succeed. hope all goes well, and you return to soccer very soon.

p.s. thanks for sharing your story

Jul 01, 2008
I know it is hard...
by: Bart - SII

You are absolutely right - it isn't fair that after you worked so hard (and I know how hard you have to work to come back from an ACL reconstruction!) that you now have to wait another 8 weeks to get back to playing.

There isn't anything that I can say that makes it any easier to deal with not being able to be in your sport. But, you are only going to be a Junior - so that means that you still have two more years of sports left in highschool, and many many more years of sports in your life. 8 weeks will go by fast, and you will be playing before you know it.

I had a patient who was 3 months out from her ACL reconstruction, slipped on a wet spot on the floor, and fractured her patella - she had another surgery, then was on crutches for another 8 weeks. ..I got a text message today from her - she is doing great and is all recovered and playing basketball again. So, there is hope - you will get through it - just hang in there and remember, you have lots of life left to live!


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