Third tear of the left ACL and only 22!

by Mark Callaway
(Savoy, IL, US)

I recently just tore my left ACL for the third time, twice this year (first happened in April and this one happened last week). I've also had cartilage removed in the past, part of my lateral meniscus removed, and I think my PCL might have torn this time as well.

I was 5 months Post op and stepped onto a bball court for the first time just to shoot around w/ my brother, and I was rebounding for him, and a couple of balls went through the hoop at the same time and one kicked out and hit me in the knee before i could react. stupid of me to even be near a basketball hoop, but i can't change that now.

My question is how successful are ACL recons for a third time? I do not even want to play sports if I get the surgery again, i just want to walk comfortably and do daily living tasks. Will having a PCL tear complicate things further? My first ACL was done with a cadaver graft and the second with my patellar tendon. I think a cadaver is the only option now. Please help me as I am desperate for answers and my doctor is not available right now.


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Jul 13, 2009
Third ACL tear 24
by: Anonymous

I live in Columbus, Oh and I am 24 years old and I believe that I have torn my ACL in my left for a third time. My first was when I was 14 in 2000. Second was at 21 in 2006. And third is now in July of 2009 at 24. I have had an osteotomy on both legs one in 2006 and another in March 2009. I devastated when I know what the possibilities were but I had to be mentally tough to not dwell on the negativity and have it affect on other aspects of my life. There are other illness and diseases in the world that are much worst than I ACL tear. With that mentality it helps me keep my future for the rest of my life optimistic. I have realized at a young age that life is not all about sports and there are other aspects in life that being the same amount of enjoyment that sports brings. The main thing that I can take with having a 3rd ACL torn is I know the work and time that it takes to come back. Therefore that battle is half way over.

Columbus, OH

Nov 19, 2008
third ACL
by: Bart - SII

A third ACL reconstruction is something that takes a bit of skill on the part of the surgeon. The bone tunnels are often larger, and the revision has to be done well in order to make sure the graft is stable. An allograft would be the best option.

Sports after a third ACL reconstruction should be significantly limited - not much more than weight lifting and maybe light jogging. But, if you are most interested in being able to do normal daily activities and prolonging the health of the knee, a third surgery would be a consideration.


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