Third time is a charm!...hopefully

by Brendan
(New York)

My story starts as a freshman in high school. I had just finished my season as an offensive lineman on my High School football team. I had just come off of a great year in which i was a starter. In March of 2010, i was playing european handball in gym. I jumped up for a ball and was knocked down by another student when I fell awkwardly, and felt the infamous "pop."

I had surgery six weeks later using a hamstring graft. Six months later, my doctor said i was able to play football again. I came back and was better than ever. Except, my knee would buckle every once in a while with no pain. A month after returning, i was cheap-shotted by a teammate. 2 weeks later i was back in the O.R with the same doctor. This was november 5,2010. In a seven month span i had two reconstructions, this time using a patella graft. The rehab was harder and longer, but i was able to return for my junior year of football.

On sept 22,2011, my knee was hit from the side, resulting in immediate pain. I went to the trainer and he said there was laxity. I e-mailed my doctor who said i needed an MRI. The radiology report included degenerative chronic tearing of the acl and a torn medial and lateral meniscus. My doctor said however, that it was an mcl sprain and that i was "not elligible" for this. He said i would be better in a week. It's safe to say i got worse. I then saw another doctor who said that the screws had been improperly placed causing deterioration of the graft. In another 6 months it would be completely torn. I just found this out today and now am heading in for a third reconstruction on the same acl next week.

I am writing this because if anyone who is reading this is in a similar position, do not feel that you're the only one. Times may seem tough now, but we will get through them.

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Oct 21, 2015
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May 30, 2012
by: MFJ

Hi you said your second reconstruction was worse and took longer to heal using the partella tendon i was under the impression it would heal quicker as it is bone to bone healing as it is not when using the hamstring, this is what i have been told as i am currently waiting for my second ACL surgery, i was also told that i would get pain at the front of the knee were thy have taken part of the partella tendon away to use for graft , is this the case ? did u get this pain , and can i ask how long was your recovery to been able to walk without the aid of crutches ?
And can i ask what are they going to use for your graft this time ?

Dec 01, 2011
How did it go?
by: Bart - Sports Injury Info

How did the surgery go? Are you healing well? It is probably not as big of a deal as the first time through, but still tough to have to go through the rehab and all of the hard work after the reconstruction.

Post an update on how you're doing if you have time...there are lots of people here for support if you need it.


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