Unable to bend knee

by Katie Marshall

I have been unable to bend my knee for 3 months and i have a limp.

I have seen an orthapedic knee consultant who cannot find anything wroung and now i am seeing a neurologist.
I have had an mri and am due to have eeg nerve test soon.

My calf is swollen and so is my knee and it is a reddish colour.
I have tried bending it but i cannot move it.
The neurologist thinks it may be either rheumatoid arthritis or nerve entrapement.

Your opinion on this would be much appreciated.

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Oct 07, 2008
knee pain
by: Bart - SII

I would also lean toward rheumatoid arthritis or some type of nerve involvement. If the MRI didn't show anything, it could very well be a systemic type of problem.

good luck!


Oct 10, 2008
Unable to Bend Knee
by: Katie

Thanks for your comments Bart

I too think it is Rheaumatoid arthritis.

I also have been experiencing headaches,tingling in right hand and burning sensations.Could this all be related.

Is it safe to leave someone with suspected rheumatoid arthritis for such a long time?


Oct 10, 2008
follow up
by: Bart - SII

I have very little knowledge about Rhuematoid arthritis other than recognizing the symptoms and knowing when to refer to a specialist. I wish I could give you a little more information.


Dec 28, 2008
cannot bend knee
by: Anonymous

After leg lenghtening of 2 inches and total knee replacement i cannot bend my knee past 45 degrees can anyone help me email is ceccola@hotmail.com thank you

Apr 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

I did limb lenghtening of 6.5 cm on my femurs, and knee stiffness is noraml. However, there is something like mold which grows around the knee joints. This makes it very hard for the joint to move and the range of motion becomes limited. Therapy, Stretching the knees back, then holding in the stretched position for 30 seconds and then releasing slowly is the best way. Also heat up your knees and quads so they can move better. Therapy is the best option to regain the motion. Also, if you have a fixator still in your leg, it is also uncomfortable and when it is removed therapy will get much easier.

Oct 25, 2009
MRI may not show everything
by: Anonymous

I had a similar issue, I could not straighen my knee and had to limp. The MRI did not show anything because of the position of the MRI. My cartilage had bent in half behind my knee cap making me not be able to straighten my leg. I went through arthroscopic knee surgery and it helped greatly. However years later my knee still hurts some as there is no cartilage remaining.

Jun 05, 2010
Can't bend my knee.
by: Anonymous

I just twisted my right during playing badminton two weeks ago. Now I can't bend my knee only 45deg. why???

Jun 25, 2010

deep venous thrombosis

Mar 02, 2014
cant bend knee after knee replacement NEW
by: Anonymous

I was told that most knee replacement "hardware" limits full flexion. You will not be able to flex it fully. I would like to find yoga poses that take this limitation into consideration.

Jun 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

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