Question - Hip Flexor Pain

by Jamie

I have had psoas problems for a couple of years now. I just finished playing college soccer and it seems that the pain is even more frequent.

I stretch every day whether I am working out/playing soccer or not. Stretching alleviates it, but only temporary.

My two questions for you are:

1. Do you have any other suggestions for alleviating or eliminating this pain?

2. I could be way off with this, but I feel like the elliptical machine at the gym is not good for my hip flexors...I watch others, and myself, and it seems that our hips do not get to fully flex or extend while working out.

It reminds me of when I see people riding their bikes with the seat too low and they aren't fully extending at their knees when pedaling.

I made that mistake once on a long bike trip and I hurt for a few days. Could the elliptical, over time, be shortening our hip flexor muscles?

Could that machine aggravate my existing problem?

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