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Whether you have hip questions about the hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings or any type of hip injury, you are in the right place. And don't forget about back questions. This page of sports injury questions is dedicated to everything about the hip and back.

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Hip Flexor Injury or Not 
Okay. I'm an athlete and I run ALOT! Just recently I have been experiencing severe pain in the hip area. It hurts to walk. I'm really not sure if its a …

How long should an injury to a hip take to heal? 
Two weeks ago, while running, I began to have hip pain. The pain was so intense I was barely able to bear weight on my left side. I continued to work …

Question - Recovery Time (hip flexor injury) 
My 14 yr old son has a hip flexor injury. Not severe, but enough to cause him to limp after he runs hard. His doctor told him to rest for a few days before …

Question - Quad Injury 
We live in rural East Texas. My son is an exceptional 200 & 400 meter sprinter. He pulled/strained his quad 10 days ago. We followed the trainers advice …

Question - IT band 
I have had problems with my hip and IT band, especially my right knee. I tend to have a throbbing pain at the side of the knee. Turning my hips will …

Question - Lunges and Pain 
Hi! I have just started a Russian Kettlebell class. Part of the routine (after extensive warm ups) include lunges. I am NOT using any weight at …

Question - Hip Flexor Pain 
I have had psoas problems for a couple of years now. I just finished playing college soccer and it seems that the pain is even more frequent. I stretch …

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