Question - ACL Reconstruction

by Barbara

Hey Bart how r u??

Well about 3-4 weeks ago I got my ACL reconstruction on my left knee and I am walking fine limping a little still is that normal??? Anyways I am yet not doing therapy but I will be starting on January is that too late? Also I am a bit scared bcz I still cannot extend my knee straight and I have a bit of pain in my left quadricep.


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May 30, 2009
Post injury healing
by: Anonymous

It also could be the patellar tendon on the front of your knee is still weak.The exercise bike should help with that eventually.
After I tore my ACL & MCL and had a minor tear to meniscus last year, the pain went away in about 4 days and the stiffness went in 3 weeks. I continued to have some instability for a couple months until the MCL healed up and my muscles got stronger and adjusted.I never went to the doctor or had any tests done, but I figured it out by reading alot online.
Also,I kinda think that maybe I have always had a broken ACL since I was in my teens (18 years ago). I can remember a few incidents back then when my knee seemed to bend inward and made me fall down.I didn't know about ACL's back then and just thought that a person is born with a knee like that. I figure that since I went for almost 20 years without an ACL in that knee, then why do I need to get it repaired now?

Dec 14, 2008
by: Bart - SII

Hi Barb! Hope you are doing well!

Limping at this time is still pretty normal, although it should be getting better as you go.

Are you having problems with passive knee extension? Meaning, when you relax your knee completely, does it straighten all the way out? That is what is important right now - to be able to get it fully straight when it is relaxed. You can work on this by propping it up at the heel when you are resting.

Active extension, so being able to straighten it all the way out with the muscles will take a little time. Working on quad sets and leg lifts will help.

Starting therapy in January is not too late, but you need to be doing some things at home so you don't fall behind. Did your surgeon give you some exercises to work on? If not, post here and I will give you some suggestions.


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