Question - Quad Injury

We live in rural East Texas. My son is an exceptional 200 & 400 meter sprinter. He pulled/strained his quad 10 days ago. We followed the trainers advice and iced, compressed, elevated, etc. for the first 48 - 72 hours.

The trainer has him jogging (lightly) and doing stretches but... He says that it does not feel any better and may be getting worse??

What type of rehab workout do you suggest?

More info you may or may not need. My son has just turned 15, is 5'8" and 152 pounds, very muscular on a thin boned frame.

We are new to this area and not real comfortable with the level of medical care - for athletic injuries and considering going to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area if needed to have his leg looked at.

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May 20, 2008
Gentle stretching and very light activity...
by: Bart - SII

At 10 days out from injury, jogging may be a little bit too much. Obviously I cannot comment on your specific injury because I haven't seen it, so let me offer my opinion based on my epxeriences with my own patients.

10 days after injury the body is still in an inflammatory phase - it is preparing the area to there hasn't been a lot of healing yet - some but not a lot. It varies depending on how severe the injury was, but at this time I would be doing gentle stretching and some very light strengthening with a quad injury patient.

After about 14 days, the body really begins to start healing, and it is during this time that you can begin stressing the injured tissues - more aggressive strengthening, stretching, balance activities, etc.

My quad injury patients would be able to start light jogging only if they were pain free with strengthening and stretching exercises, and if they had no pain with normal daily activities. Then the jogging would be very short in duration and low in intensity.

Is your son working towards a big competition in the very near future? This would be the only reason I would push rehab - and even with that, at 15 he has some more time in school to compete - I would rather be safe and allow a good recovery than push it.

The thing to remember with any injury...if you are having pain or feel like it isn't getting better, you are probably doing too much.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.

Apr 08, 2015
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