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Your Athletic Trainers Corner, November 2007 - Don't Ignore Your Pain
November 03, 2007

In This Issue...

- What's New at Sports Injury Info
- Feature Article - "Don't Ignore Your Pain"
- Coming Soon to SII

- Submit your sports injury story

Whats new at Sports Injury Info

New Pages
Football is in the playoffs, and basketball practice has started. I have been so busy adding to the website and the day job, I completely missed out on October. Rehab was the major area for content in the last month. Below you will find links to the newest additions to Sports Injury Info...

Sports Injury Rehab - New Section!

Sports Injury Rehab
Hamstring Stretches
Hip Stretches
Piriformis Stretches
Calf Stretches
Foam Roller Exercises for Mobility
Core Exercises
Lower Abdominal Exercises
Perfect Push Ups
Abdominal Planks
Fitness Ball Exercises
Foam Roller Exercises: Core Strength

Ask a Question - New Section!

Got a sports injury question? Get an answer. Or, browse through others questions and give them your two cents worth.

Sports Injury Treatment

Ice Massage

Sports Injury Prevention

Sports Nutrition

Feature Article - Don't Ignore Your Pain

This one is a little serious, but very very important

Everyday I see patients in my clinic. Some are there for acute injuries, others have had pain for weeks or months. 99% of the time I can make them better. I take pride in being good at my job.

About six weeks ago, I started treating a patient who had hip pain. It was a very common presentation, with all of the normal signs that pointed towards mobility and strength deficiencies, which over time created an inflammation of the hip. I had seen this type of presentation before, and so I was confident that I could help.

I took her through the exercises, the joint mobilizations, the stretching. Everything that I knew should make her better. We saw a little progress, but then would have setbacks. Good days and bad.

I am a bit of a perfectionist, and so I was racking my brain trying to figure out why she wasn't responding like all of the others I had successfully treated. I talked with co-workers for ideas, and we tried different approaches. Some success, some set backs. She would improve, she would get worse. Finally, the time came when I started to think that maybe something else was going on. So, I sent her back to the physician for his take on the situation.

I got a call a couple days later from her doctor. She had an MRI which revealed a very aggressive osteosarcoma in her hip. It was eating away at her bone, and invading the surrounding muscle. X-rays had shown nothing.

Osteosarcoma is nasty. It carries with it a 29% survival rate 5 years after treatment. And that is if it is caught early, and with aggressive chemotherapy, radiation, and often surgery. She is 23 years old.

The reason I write about this today, and why it has devastated me over the last week, is the thought that perhaps if she had sought medical treatment after a couple weeks of pain, this could have been caught earlier. It may not have made a difference, but it would have given her the best possible chance. No one expects to have a life threatening condition. She didn't ignore her pain because she was stubborn, or because she doesn't like doctors. It was because she didn't have guidance, and the kept hoping it would go away.

I get so many questions on the website, asking for advice about injuries. Every time I hear "I have had this pain for 6 months", I shudder.

If you have pain, or know someone who is having pain from a sports injury, or any type of injury, please see a medical professional for evaluation and treatment. Chances are, it isn't anything life threatening...but you never know. One visit to the doctor can make sure that you give yourself every possible chance to get better.

Coming Soon To SII

It is about time to fire up the video camera again. In the works are a series of short videos demonstrating some of the essential treatment techniques for common sports injuries - how to apply a compression wrap, how to use an ice cup for ice massage, some simple stretches, and several other topics.

Also, more pages on sports injury surgeries, rehab, treatment, prevention, and even more sports injuries.

A little further down the road, The Complete Guide to Ankle Sprains - an e-book that will answer all of your ankle sprain questions and give you exactly what you need to get off the sidelines as quickly and safely as possible.

Share Your Sports Injury Story

Sports injuries are filled with frustrations and questions. Sometimes, just hearing about how someone else dealt with the same problem you have makes things seem a little less scary.

If you have suffered from a sports injury - from ACL tears to sprained ankles - share your story with all of the visitors at SII. Tell us about your worries, your experiences, and how you dealt with your sports injury. Help brighten others day by sharing your experiences.

Or just stop by and read about others sports injury stories. You might learn how to prevent or deal with your own sports injury. Please share your story now!

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Stay off the Sidelines!

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