Knee Arthroscopy for Sports Injuries

Knee arthroscopy is a very common sports injury surgery. It is much less invasive than an ACL reconstruction, or other types of open surgical procedures. A knee "scope" is a relatively simple surgery, and the recovery time will vary depending on what type of procedure was actually performed.

An arthroscopic procedure allows your physician to actually enter the knee joint and look around. This gives you an absolute diagnosis. They can evaluate all of the structures within the knee joint, and then address any abnormalities or injuries.
Following a knee scope, you may have specific restrictions for weight bearing or range of motion, depending on what was actually done inside your knee. Make sure you talk with your surgeon about these restrictions.

A knee scope is usually less painful than an open procedure, and depending on the type of surgery performed, has a recovery time that ranges from 1-4 months.

The most common knee injuries that can be treated arthroscopically include meniscus tears, chondromalacia patella, some patella femoral compression syndromes, and articular cartilage injuries.

Below you will find information regarding the most common types of knee scopes for sports injuries.

Meniscus Tear Surgery
Many meniscus tears must be treated surgically. Learn more about this procedure, known as a meniscectomy.

Meniscus Repair
Unlike a meniscectomy, a meniscus repair actually saves the meniscus, attempting to repair the tissue, rather than remove it.

Lateral Release
This surgery is used to treat patella femoral syndrome. Learn more about this type of surgery.

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